AEW Fyter Fest Preview & Predictions: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Laredo Kid & Lucha Bros

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This… will be absolutely insane. It’s also probably gonna be the main event, though I haven’t heard them say as much. But considering a six-man headlined All In, the Young Bucks have made it clear that they believe tag matches can main event, and this match will see the Best Bout Machine and one of AAA’s hottest rising names added onto this rematch of Double or Nothing’s stellar semi-main, I think it’s a safe enough bet.

The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega vs. The Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid

Omega and the Bucks are the team that originated the ‘Elite’ moniker and they did with a series of trios matches through both ROH and New Japan, in the process putting on some of the best six-man tag bouts ever. Every time, no matter who they were against, it was an unforgettable show stealer, and this period notably gave rise to the Terminator stomp that precedes Omega’s dives to this day. I can only imagine they’re itching to show a wider audience than ever exactly how good a trios match can be.

The Lucha Bros were lights out at Double or Nothing, and in my opinion outshined the Bucks in spite of losing that match, which is… pretty staggering when you think about it. Generally speaking, nobody ever even comes close to outdoing the Young Bucks at their own game but that’s certainly how the match came off to me. Granted that was part of the story of it, with the Bucks being a bit rusty and not being able to hit their best stuff, but it’s still noteworthy to me that Penta and Fenix easily got the bigger portion of high spots. That just, doesn’t happen in a Bucks match, and says a lot about how they feel about them as a tandem.

Laredo Kid is an interesting wildcard to throw into this.

Originally this spot was meant to go to PAC, they’d gone as far as announcing it and making graphics for it, but when he pulled out from Double or Nothing, this match too ended up getting changed. Obviously, they wanted a man who could keep up with the wild pace this match promises and even threaten to steal the show, and they weren’t looking to change that when PAC had to be taken off the card. When you think about it like that, Laredo Kid certainly has some big shoes to fill.

But he’s got a lot of buzz around him. While I haven’t seen much of him I can tell you that he was recently endorsed by Dave Meltzer, who was so impressed by his recent match with El Hijo Del Vikingo that he recommended AEW bring them both on and book them against each other. He compared the chemistry to the likes of Hiromu Takahashi and Dragon Lee, which to those the know is some staggeringly high praise. I saw the match myself, and it was definitely some incredible stuff.

So they certainly struck while the iron was hot on this one, and Laredo Kid will have a hellacious platform to show off his skills. Odds are good this match will boil down to everyone competing to see who can get the viral high spot. Not to imply it’ll just be a spotfest but hey, nobody makes spotfests look as seamless and well structured as the Bucks.

This will be some must-see action.

But there’s really only one result I’m suspecting, and that’s Kenny Omega getting the win for his team. This is largely because he’s coming off a major loss to Chris Jericho and, since wins and losses matter in AEW, it seems important for him to get his momentum back and pick up a couple of wins heading into his showdown with Moxley at All Out. He’d most likely pin Laredo Kid, who may or may not simply be here as a one-off.

AEW Fyter Fest takes place on June 29th, and will be streamed for free for US viewers on B/R Live for all those who sign up. The rest of the world will be able to purchase the event on

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