Jimmy Uso Arrested For Second DUI

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Per TMZ, Jimmy Uso has been arrested for driving under the influence and is currently being detained in jail with a $1,000 bond. This incident occurred in the wee hours of the morning in Pensacola, Florida. WWE was in Florida this week for Raw and SmackDown tapings. He was brought in at 3:04 AM after an officer driving behind him noticed he was speeding and swerving on the road. After being pulled over, he was said to smell of alcohol and refused to take DUI tests. Jimmy Uso was given a speeding citation as well as being arrested.

At the time it isn’t known what his BAC (blood alcohol content) consisted of at the time of his arrest but due to his refusal to take the tests, it may not have been found out in the first place.

This is the second DUI for Jimmy Uso, with his first coming in February.

He was involved in a similar disorderly conduct situation earlier this year. He and his wife Naomi were pulled over after driving the wrong way down a one way street.

Ironically, Jimmy Uso’s second arrest comes days after John Cena mocked his first. During the Raw Reunion episode, Cena had a rap battle with the Usos where he teased him for his mugshot. His exact quote was, “Respect for calling me out, but ain’t no way I’m getting bested. Y’all look just like your mug shots, how was it getting arrested?”

Perhaps making light of the situation wasn’t the best idea. His laughing along with the jostling made it clear he didn’t feel too bad about what happened. So maybe it’s not the biggest shock that it occurred again. Hopefully he can clean up his act going forward, as you don’t want to let a pattern like this continue.

WWE have since sent out a press release with a brief statement on the matter. It simply read, “Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions.”

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