24/7 – Jumping the Shark?

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Wrestling has given us highs and lows when it comes to our favorite wrestlers and their gimmicks.

One of the latest that’s tested our patience has been the new 24/7 championship.

To be honest, they should’ve just brought back the Hardcore championship as that’s exactly what this is, but McMahon probably wanted to distance it from the Attitude Era cause the PG has been so awesome (Yeah, that’s major sarcasm).

Pretty much everyone’s won the 24/7 title at some point, including Fox Sports Host, Rob Stone. There have been laughable champions like aged Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, who were awesome in their day, or the “first pregnant woman” in Maria Kanellis, but Rob Stone?

Forget jumping the shark, they spiked the shark.

While not in the same league as the old WCW heavyweight championship, this brought back memories of David Arquette winning the WCW championship. While his was a slap in the face of the history of the title and other wrestlers, Stone’s victory was the latest is an off the wall, anyone-can-win methodology behind the title.

The sole reason this title has worked is because of the awesomeness of R-Truth’s efforts. He’s made these segments fun and has us on the edge of our seats. Even better is his and Drake Maverick’s quests to get the title back as the two of them have played off each other wonderfully.

How long can they keep this up?

This is probably the one question WWE creative asks on a regular basis, second only to what to do next.

It’s not an easy one as judging fans’ reactions is always the hard part. So many times, there has been the perfect character, storyline, and planning only to not have us connect with it and the entire thing gets scrapped.

It honestly looks like as long as R-Truth and Maverick are game, the title will live to spike many more sharks and irk the fans that want the Hardcore title back.

Time will tell.

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