AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament Begins October 9th

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We’ve known for a while now that an AEW tag team title tournament is on the horizon. AEW Owner Tony Khan initially revealed this on his Steve Austin Show appearance back in June. He also let us know that it would be a heavily promoted part of the early month’s of AEW’s run on TNT when it began in October. There’s been plenty announced already for their debut episode, but now we know that this very tournament will begin on Week 2.

Last night, The Young Bucks wrestled their final match at an independent show ahead of All Elite Wrestling’s charge towards the fall. They did so against none other than AEW’s Private Party, a tandem they’ve all but taken on as official proteges. The match received rave reviews from those in attendance, but that’s not all. Many afterwards took to twitter to reveal a special announcement the Bucks made afterwards.

On October 9th, in Boston, The Young Bucks and Private Party will square off in the opening match of the tag team title tournament.

Private Party is an exciting new tandem that’s already begun wowing audiences with their high flying antics. It seems the easy comparison to make, but they really are a lot like the Young Bucks. Except, yannow, they throw private parties moreso than superkick parties. Regardless, their performance in the pre-show at Fyter Fest was enough to earn them a contract offer on the spot. Of course, how much of a shoot that is is up for debate. Knowing the Bucks they probably intended on handling it that way well in advance, just to sell the moment. But the fact that it feels at all legitimate speaks to the breakout potential these guys have.

It would appear that this match is also set to open the show when they come to Boston, putting it in prime position to set the tone for not only the episode but the tournament itself. It’s a big responsibility in a way, a test for the youngsters. But one I’m anxious to see them pass.

The Bucks are of course going to be busy week 1, teaming with Kenny Omega against Chris Jericho and two mystery partners.

These partners, I suspect, will be a major tag team of some sort. They’d be coming in to join the tournament as a bit of a last-minute entry. Myself, I’ve already speculated that it could be rising tag team LAX. Someone near and dear to me has also guessed that it could perhaps be the debuting Marty Scurll, the only member of the Elite left at the altar, aligning with PAC who in his few AEW appearances has made it clear he doesn’t care one bit for the Elite. Marty’s contract with New Japan is thought to be up fairly soon, and theoretically PAC should be able to clear up the issues that prevented him from coming onboard earlier in the year. So it’s not entirely impossible.

Either way, they’ll wanna build anticipation towards this tournament. So I’d expect to see the first appearance of a tag team or two on week one one way or another. Perhaps a bracket reveal? I’m a tournament junkie so you can expect me to follow this closely!

Credit to 411mania for bringing this to my attention and assembling the below tweets:

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