Rise of the New Shield

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At the end of Raw, Seth Rollins was about to suffer his umpteenth beating at the hands of an opponent. He’s made a point of going on his own following the breakup of the Shield and has made a pretty decent name for himself.

But when faced with three against one (The OC: Gallows, Anderson, and Styles), it was a time when having friends would’ve been ideal. Hence, when Ricochet ran out to help it appeared there was one person willing to help. The fact that Ricochet and Styles have been feuding over the United States Championship for a few weeks and having suffered numerous beatdowns himself probably played a part.

As is the case with being outnumbered, Ricochet was quickly dispatched to outside the ring, allowing the OC to corner Rollins and prepare to hand him to Styles on the top rope.

Cue the Monster. Braun Strowman ran out to one of the loudest pops of the night and ran over Gallows and Anderson before powerslamming Styles.

Once the dust cleared, it was the three biggest babyfaces on Raw standing in the ring triumphant.

Strowman retrieved Rollins’ championship belt and handed it to him, albeit after a brief hesitation, unifying them in their common cause.

What does this mean?

That’s a question that’s left many of us wondering going forward.

While Ricochet’s involvement makes sense given his history with Styles and the OC, Strowman remains the odd addition. With reports of Bobby Lashley out for a while due to injury, Strowman was left high and dry without anything to do in and out of character.

Maybe Strowman was bored, maybe the powers that be wanted to put him in front of the fans so we don’t forget about him (How that’s possible is a mystery, but it’s always possible.), but the main reason is probably that Rollins’ new stable needs some muscle, and who better than a fan favorite destroyer of men?

This doesn’t mean they’re forming a new Shield, but it stands to reason that’s the intent, at least for the short term, while Styles puts Rollins over as a babyface. What better way to push the company’s desired face than to surround him with some of the company’s best talent both with and against him?




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