Smackdown Live Recap: King of the Ring Begins

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The Viper got Vipered

Randy Orton continued accusing Kofi Kingston of being stupid for running away from a fight at SummerSlam, and that he gave him a chance last week, and he refused because he’s stupid. Even on Raw when Orton held him, forcing him to watch as they Mauled Woods was done because he’s stupid

Kingston’s music started, and while Orton waited for him to come out, Kingston hit him with Trouble in Paradise from behind, then berated Orton for being the stupid one.

Kingston put a steel chair on Orton’s ankle to get him back for Woods, but the Revival came down to stop him, and Kingston beat the two of them with a steel chair.

So, now Kingston’s back to being borderline unhinged. Not sure this was necessary, but so it should be interesting to see where it goes.

Reigns Attacker is…

Daniel Bryan and Rowan brought a person with their head under a black hood into a back room, sat him down, and said, “I know what you did; you know what you did, and tonight the whole world will know what you did.”

Reigns approached Buddy Murphy in the dressing room about whether he was sure or not if Rowan was behind the attacks. After a brief exchange, Reigns left but promised to be back if Murphy lied.

Ramping up the tension, Bryan and Rowan returned to the locked room after taking care of Buddy Murphy, and told the individual that he wasn’t going to feel good because Reigns was on his way.

When Reigns arrived, Bryan berated him for not listening, and when he pulled off the hood, the man was a Rowan look alike.

In other news, it was Rowan and this was a very poor attempt to divert it.

The Rest of Smackdown

Owens visits Shane

Owens arrived in a more reserved manner and asked Shane, as father to father, to reconsider his $100k for last week’s action, and Shane said he’d give it some consideration.

Before Owens’ KOTR match, Shane called him back to his office to ask for an apology, and Owens gave it to him. Shane said he reconsidered the fine and promised Owens that if he ever laid his hands on another official he would be fired.

When Owens offered his hand, Shane said they weren’t there yet.

King of the Ring – Round One: Andrade beat Apollo Crews by pinfall

This started out with a frenetic energy as both tried to end the match early, leading to some high impact moves between the two superstars. Several times, Crews caught Andrade in the air, but Andrade was able to counter each of Crews’ attempts to capitalize.

Crews gave as good as he got, giving us a good show of experience versus athleticism.

After Vega distracted Crews, Andrade hit with his hammerlock DDT for the pin.

24/7 Rules Suspended

Elias paused while walking and playing his guitar backstage when he spotted a referee dressed in a hoodie and hat, and asked, “Okay, where is he?” The referee pointed to an equipment bin.

When Elias opened it, Drake Maverick jumped up, shouting, “Surprise!” Elias grabbed him by the throat and lifted him out while a choking Maverick kept repeated, “I got you now.”

Elias handed him a paper and demanded Maverick read it. A depressed Maverick read it aloud, and it was a decree that the 24/7 Championship rules were suspended for the night so Elias could focus on his KOTR match against Kevin Owens.

Elias then roughly placed him back in the equipment bin.

A Moment of Bliss: Flair Gets Flipped

After saying her show would be for those unfortunate enough to not have a championship, she pointed out this one was different as Charlotte Flair requested to be on the chair.

When Bliss mentioned how her match against Trish Stratus at Summer Slam was passing the torch, Flair brushed it off, saying even Stratus admitted she’s the Queen of all Eras.

The topic turned to Bayley being champion, and Flair didn’t hesitate to point out Bayley and the division is an afterthought because of Bayley.

Of course, Bayley came out. “Because at the end of the day, I am the champion, which means, I am better than you.”

Flair challenged her for the title at Clash of Champions, and Bayley accepted. Then pushed Flair off her chair and laughed as she left.

Buddy Murphy beat Daniel Bryan by pinfall

Before the match started, Bryan called Murphy a liar and promised to reveal who had attacked Reigns.

Murphy attacked as soon as the bell rang, and the pair exchange blows and moves until Bryan slapped on the Labell lock, cross face, and rings of Saturn all while Murphy struggled to the ropes.

After Bryan broke a pin by getting his foot on the rope, Murphy hit him with Murphy’s Law for the pin.

Two great matches in two weeks, and both unique, has really shown us what Murphy’s about. It’s going to be fun to watch him continue growing in popularity.

Backstage, Murphy was attacked and beatdown by Rowan while Bryan called him a liar and “piece of trash” and telling him he didn’t deserve the spotlight and on and on. Poor guy didn’t get a chance to enjoy a great match two weeks in a row.

The Revival beat Heavy Machinery by pinfall

Before the match started, the Revival, sporting bandaged ribs, chastised the fans for cheering Kingston’s attack on them, and challenged them to a match for the tag team championship at Clash of Champions.

A pretty good match overall, Heavy Machinery were about to hit with the Compactor on Wilder when Dawson dropkicked Wilder, sending Ottis over. Tucker then jumped on Dawson, but Wilder rolled him over for the pin.


Gable was stopped to ask his opinion on being the underdog, and Gable cut his promo about always being the underdog. Benjamin stuck his head out of the dressing room door, and while Gable continued, he stuck a sign on the door that Gable saw when he turned around. It said:

Gable responded, “Funny.”

Miz TV featuring Sami Zayn

Zayn told Miz he didn’t care about him or his show, he just wanted the TV time. The Miz pointed out he must have a lot of time to think since he’s been spending so much time on his back.

Zayn then went on how he fell into the trap that the MIz and others have fallen in, and he needs to work to help people. When the Miz asked who, Shinsuke Nakamura came out.

Apparently, Zayne and Nakamura are two sides of the same coin, a pair or poets, artists. Zayn said to talk to Nakamura through him.

While Zayn distracted the Miz, Nakamura attacked him from behind and continued attacking while Zayn tried to restrain him.

Zayn then helped the Miz up so Nakamura could hit with a kinshasa.

Reminds me of Bobby Heenan and a couple of the members of the Heenan family. Wonder if Zayn’s taking on a managerial role? He’d be perfect for it while still getting involved in the action.

King of the Ring – Round One: Elias beat Kevin Owens by pinfall

A pretty good match was interrupted when Shane came out and took a seat next to the ring, but the match continued, with Elias eventually getting the upper hand.

Owens gained the advantage outside the ring, but Shane stopped him from continuing. Shane then removed his short to reveal he’s a special guest referee and tossed the other referee out. Distracted, Elias rolled him up for a super fast count by Shane.

Final Thoughts

While the matches weren’t on the same level as Raw’s, they were still entertaining and moved their respective storylines forward. The Reigns storyline is basically dead after the huge letdown with a look alike Rowan. Can we just have a match between Reigns and Rowan and call it a day? Please?

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