Smackdown Live Recap: SummerSlam Aftermath

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Victory Lap Interrupted

Kevin Owens came out fresh off his win against Shane McMahon and keeping his career alive.

To an arena full of “Kevin Owens!” chants, Owens recounted how he’d signed his WWE contract and was able to join people he looked up to for years, and how his parents and kids got to see “me kick Shane McMahon’s ass!”

He put the feud with Shane behind him with, “With that done, I set my sights on something else: The King of the Ring Tournament.”

He explained how it’s be awesome to have his name added to the list of winners like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, and Owen Hart.

Of course, Shane couldn’t go away quietly.

Owens sat down in the ring and asked, “Why? Why? Why?”

Shane pulled up an image of Owens kicking him below the belt at SummerSlam and questioned his manhood.

After Owens pointed out being a man is standing up for what he believes in, like he’s been doing, Shane informed him he would be facing competition later in the night.

Shane also brought up the video of Owens beating up Elias in referee garb, and Elias was so traumatized Shane gave him the night off and suspended the 24/7 rules. Of course, this is a lie as anytime someone’s off they show up, like say as a special enforcer referee. More on this later. He then fined Owens $100,000.

When Owens challenged him, Shane refused and walked away, leaving Owens dejected and pissed in the ring.

Backstage, Owens burst into Shane’s office to confront him, but Shane threatened to sue him if he attacked.

After getting lectured, Owens said, “You know what, let’s make it a $105,000,” and threw a trash can into the TV before storming out.

Later in the show, when Shane was approached about who would face Owens, Samoa Joe just happened to be in Shane’s office and Shane picked him to teach Owens to respect authority.

Samoa Joe beat Kevin Owens by pinfall

Before the match started, it was announced that Shane had selected Elias (night off, huh, Shane?) as special guest “enforcer” referee.

A good match with Joe and Owens meshing their styles well ended when Elias pulled the referee out of the ring following Owens hitting with a pop up powerbomb to keep Joe from losing. Elias then counted the fastest three count in history when Joe rolled up Owens for the win.

Anticlimactic considering this storyline opened the show, but it’s no surprise as they need to keep Shane as a thorn in Owens’ side for whatever reason.

The Revival and New Day cut Some Promos

They explained their reason for issuing their challenge to the New Day was having their match ruined on Raw when the 24/7 crowd ran into the ring. They cited how the New Day are ruining the Smackdown Tag Team Championship through their antics. Sounds more like they want to work out some frustration.

The New Day’s Response?

Big E and Xavier Woods responded as one would expect, citing various goofy things they’ve ruined, but said they’ve been taking care of business, like Kofi Kingston.

In response, Kingston responded that his overreaction came because of the way Orton looked at his family. Orton crossed the line, so he did what he had to do.

Orton’s Challenge

Before the New Day’s tag team match, Orton came out and challenged Kingston for running away at SummerSlam (meaning double countout?) in front of his wife and sons, and that someday, his kids will ask him why, and Kingston would say, “Because you can’t beat Randy Orton.”

Orton then issued a challenge for them to join in for a six man tag match.

6 Man Tag Team Match: Randy Orton and the Revival beat the New Day by pinfall

A definite contender for the night’s best match, it was exciting to see the Revival and New Day match holds and maneuvers with sped and precision.

Most of the action remained between the actual tag team components, with Kingston and Orton only getting involved early on and near the end.

The Revival focused mainly on Woods’ left arm, keeping him in the ring for a majority of the match, but eventually tagged in Big E, who cleaned house.

After a blind tag, the Revival hit Woods with the Shatter Machine for the win.

While Big E tended to Wood in the ring, the Revival attacked him, but Kingston stepped in and saved Big E with a Trouble in Paradise. Orton grabbed Kingston from behind and hit with an RKO, leaving the Viper as the only one standing in the ring.

Orton picked up Woods and hit him with an RKO, and the Revival helped Big E up for his own RKO. Another RKO for Kingston.

Orton’s taken his character to a whole other level, setting this up for a great rivalry in the coming weeks.

Daniel Bryan and Rowen Seek the Truth

Bryan wasted no time to claim they had nothing to do with the attacks on Roman Reigns, even going so far to call Buddy Murphy a liar. But he doesn’t blame Murphey because everyone would cave if they were pressed against the wall by Reigns. “He had to give a name. The problem is, Buddy Murphy gave the wrong name.”

Bryan responded to chants by the fans claiming they did it by saying that’s what’s wrong with society as someone says a lie on social media and it spreads. He claimed they were going to prove their innocence.

Later in the show, the pair approach Murphy in the locker room after his match with Reigns.

After Bryan told Murphy he ruined their reputation and to tell everyone he lied a few times, Rowen threw him around and pinned him to the wall like Reigns had done.

With Bryan screaming in his face, Murphy admitted he lied.

Then, Rowen threw Murphy across the room after Bryan pointed out he hates liars.

After the commercial break, Reigns asked a technician where Rowen and Bryan’s dressing room was and headed there.

When Reigns entered their dressing room, Bryan demanded Reigns apologize since he’d done so to Samoa Joe last week.

When he didn’t, Bryan informed him they’ve been conducting their own investigation and would let him know next week who the culprit is.

The Rest of Smackdown

Charlotte Flair beat Ember Moon by submission

An entertaining match with Moon’s athleticism versus Flair’s grounded style had plenty of back and forths, including Moon surviving a Boston Crab. After a couple of pin attempts by Moon, Flair hit with a big boot then slapped on the figure eight for the win.

Aleister Black Needs a Knock

Black returned to his usual monologue about paying debts and how his shall be paid in self afflicted anguish. He’s also waiting for another knock. While these are pretty cool promos, one can’t help but wonder what’ll happen if he decides to go looking for a fight? Hope he keeps getting volunteers for the locker room’s sake.

Roman Reigns beat Buddy Murphy by pinfall

After exchanging blows in and out of the ring, Reigns hit Murphy with a Superman Punch, but Murphy kicked out.

Murphy then hit with a pair of knees and brainbuster for the near pin.

Reigns finally hit Murphy with a spear for the win.

In what was possibly the best match of the night, Murphy gave as good as he got as he had several pin attempts and really shined against one of the WWE’s top talents.

Reigns allowing him to show what he can do was textbook on how to put a guy over, and the future should be bright for Murphy.

Final Thoughts

Closing out their run in Toronto, the WWE fielded another quality show as they pushed ahead some storylines, elevated Murphey, and gave us something to look forward to with the King of the Ring tournament starting next week and Clash of Champions on the horizon.

Now, if they only figured out what to do with Samoa Joe instead of using him as a floating speed bump.


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