Dream Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Kanyon

The Innovator of Violence Takes On The Innovator of Offense

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Dream Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Kanyon

Have you checked CP Bialois’ dream match for King Kong Bundy vs. Big Van Vader? He matched the two up in WWE and it’s a showdown I’m surprised hasn’t happened. I mean, both of those guys were around since the 1980s and their paths never crossed. They never even teamed. It’s wild. 

So, CP will have to forgive me if I snag his segment for a dream match of my own: Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Kanyon. The “Innovator of Violence” against the “Innovator of Offense.” While both were never near the top in WWE, there was a period during the Invasion and bit afterward where they could’ve faced off.  

Tale of Tape 

Even after Dreamer and Kanyon left WWE, they never had a match. It’s weird because both of them were based in the same part of the U.S. If they would’ve had a match anywhere it would’ve likely been Jersey All Pro-Wrestling or USA Pro. Alas, it never happened. Kanyon and Dreamer are two wrestlers known for being extremely solid in the ring and shining when placed in a situation where they get to be creative with the violence they dole out.  

Both are familiar with extreme matches with Tommy Dreamer being the stronger of the two in this area. Kanyon’s athleticism was underrated and he was able to pull off some incredible maneuvers in almost any situation. I could easily see Kanyon being a fixture and a star in ECW’s later years going toe to toe with Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino, and Justin Credible.  

Hands down, those would’ve been some of the company’s best matches. 

A Battle of Innovators: Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Kanyon 

Fantasy booking is a hobby of mine. I play Total Extreme Wrestling 2015 religiously, so booking whole promotions and building superstars is something I do thanks to games. 

In an ECW setting, Kanyon would’ve come in high off his exposure in WCW. After all, he was in the second hottest promotion in the U.S. at that point—even if it died weeks prior. He rubbed elbows with former World Champion DDP and was in programs with Dreamer’s greatest rival, Raven. In ECW, he would’ve been an instant main eventer based on exposure and status alone. 

Being brought in by Cyrus, a cocky Kanyon would belittle the ECW faithful by doing the usual. Calling the ECW Arena a dump, telling them Heyman ran off with the guy’s money and paid him to pull the plug on the company and trash the boys in the back. 

Dreamer would be on commentary with Styles, Cyrus and Gertner. Cyrus would hype Kanyon up and harass Styles and Gertner with his guy’s achievements and abilities. Styles would acknowledge all this in a bid to shut Cyrus up before he, Gertner and Dreamer would come to ECW’s defense. Dreamer actually threatens Cyrus who vows to get the higher-ups at the new Network to can Dreamer if he did it again. 

In the ring, Kanyon suggests a display of his ability for the ECW fans. You know, because these flat-faced Philadelphia fart knockers—that was my best Rick Rude insult, you’re welcome—can’t afford TBS or TNT and have never seen WCW. Kanyon defeats another ECW innovator, Nova, in convincing fashion with the Death Valley Driver. 

This draws the ire of Tommy Dreamer who also uses the Death Valley Driver. Kanyon says that he defeated the best ECW had to offer and he is not impressed. While he continues to run down ECW, “Man in A Box” hits as Dreamer makes his way down to challenge Kanyon. 

The Victor

I’m not going to say who wins but since ECW would’ve been closing in a few weeks, it most likely would’ve been best to have Dreamer win. Of course, this wasn’t something the fans would know and Kanyon could’ve defeated Dreamer in a strong, violent match and set up what could’ve been ECW’s hottest feud of 2001. 

How would you have booked Dreamer vs. Kanyon with the time allowed? What’s your dream match? Also, be sure to check out CP’s dream match with Vader against King Kong Bundy. 

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