SmackDown Live Recap & Results 9/10/2019


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SmackDown Live Recap & Results 9/10/2019

More recap action going on now, not late this time around! SmackDown in MSG!

We open with the gong hitting for The Undertaker! And five minutes later, he’s in the ring with the mic.

He says he wanted to take a minute to absorb all this. For the past 30 years, he’s considered MSG to be his home. He doesn’t know how many times he’ll get to come home anymore, which gets a quiet boo. But there’s one thing he wants everyone to remember about this place. The titans that were born here. The legends that made their name here and the heroes that were created right here in Madison Square Garden. Shades of Mick Foley on that. Each and every one of those souls, he took a piece of them with him. But they will not be forgotten because the echoes of their memories will go through these hallways for all eternity. He’s about to talk about the new era of superstar when Sami Zayn’s music hits. His reaction to the song is kind of hilarious.

Out dances Sami, and a surprisingly large portion of the audience is singing along to his theme. He gives it up for the Undertaker, the Phenom, the Deadman. He says he doesn’t know much but if there’s one thing he knows about New York City, it’s they respect legends. He puts over Undertaker for selling out the Garden for 30 years and claims it is his yard. However he thinks even he can admit that tonight, it probably shouldn’t be him opening Madison Square Garden. Taker slowly advances towards Sami as he worriedly says with all due respect. But he says 30 years is a long time and asks when is enough enough? He knows that everything Taker has done is about paving the way for the future. What he’s trying to tell him is that the future is here, the future is now and the future is Sami Zayn.

He knows the unruly fans of New York City want nothing more than to take out the Undertaker, to a large chant of “You suck”. Sami just goes on saying he’s here to respectfully ask him to turn around and leave this ring right now. He asks him to do the right thing, leave the ring to him and pass the torch because MSG and the future of WWE is in good hands with Sami Zayn. He gives him his word. Undertaker nods, gives him mic and makes his leave from the ring as Sami seems utterly shocked that this actually worked. Taker glances back… and re-enters the ring to a big ovation. Sami is stunned to see him again. Taker shakes his head… grabs him by the throat! Chokeslam – Taker hilariously holds onto his hat to make sure it stays on as he hits the move! Gong hits and Taker is out of there.

Backstage, Shane McMahon talks with Chad Gable and puts over his match with Andrade. But he notes that Elias has injured his ankle and cannot compete in the semi-final. I had not heard of that one… Shane says Gable doesn’t want a bye, he wants to earn his way. Shane says he doesn’t know who it’s gonna be and fails miserably to narrow it down. Gable is okay with that and walks off.

The Miz vs. Andrade

Shinsuke Nakamura is on commentary for this match. Miz gets Andrade with some arm drags. Andrade gets to the ropes and he and Zelina do their tranquilo pose. Miz hits a flapjack. Shinsuke is constantly answering questions in Japanese. Monkey flip to Andrade takes him over the top rope to the floor. Surprising “Miz is awesome” chant hits as Miz looks for a dive supposedly, but Zelina gets on the apron to block his way. This legs Andrade get the advantage back. Running dropkick takes Miz to the corner. Meteora! Nearfall.

Commercial, but match stays in the inset. Zelina gets up to grind Miz’s neck against the middle rope. Andrade gets Miz up, nails the first two Three Amigos, but Miz reverses the third. Andrade cuts off his attempt at momentum though, hitting him with a running elbow. Tosses Miz to the floor. Goes off the steps with a double axe handle. Miz fights back and tries to whip Andrade into the barrier but he reverses and sends him into the barrier instead! Rolls Miz into the ring, pin gets 2, hits a Hilo for another 2 count. Headlock. Miz elbows his way out of the hold, Andrade ducks a clothesline, goes for a back suplex, Miz lands on his feet behind him, kick to the shin leads to the Snap DDT! Back from break, Miz gains momentum, Backbreaker into Neckbreaker for 2.

It Kicks follows. Andrade ducks the last kick, but Miz gets him with a big boot. Chops in the corner, more roundhouse kicks. Hits the corner, running knee lift to the corner once, twice, goes for a third but Andrade follows him and tries one of his own, only for Miz to evade, letting Andrade fly over the top rope! Pretty exaggerated but fun. Miz goes out and slams Andrade’s head into the broadcast table, where Shinsuke gets in his face. Miz takes up Andrade and tosses him right into the IC Champ. Back in the ring, Zelina trips up Miz, leading to a spinning elbow from Andrade for a nearfall! Andrade goes for the moonsault, misses, lands on his feet, goes for the usual Standing Moonsault follow-up, Miz tried to catch him with the Skull Crushing Finale but fell on his backside. Scrambled up and recovered well enough, hitting the move anyway for the finish.

Winner: The Miz

Good idea for a finish, but the Miz is still just an average worker and always will be so, that was a little much for him it seemed. Afterwards, Shinsuke immediately came in to lay him out with a Kinshasa. Atleast Miz got a clean win before the attack rather than a DQ.

Backstage, Shane McMahon asks Matt Hardy and Apollo Crews if they’ve seen Chad Gable, pretending he can’t see him as a short joke. Shane tells Chad that tonight, he will be facing… the Best In The World, Shane McMahon!

They want the world to envision a Baron Corbin/Shane McMahon final. That is beautiful.

Fire and Desire make their way out. Mandy Rose says she’d be embarrassed to be in the garden if she was Nikki Cross. After all, Mandy’s beautiful and she’s ugly, according to her. She shows a picture of the two of them on the screen and picks a very unflattering image of Nikki. She claims she looks like a rat crawling out of the Lincoln Tunnel. Alexa’s music hits and out she comes, shaking her head. Nikki’s music hits next and she rushes right down the ramp, a beeline to attack Mandy! The bell rings!

Nikki Cross vs. Mandy Rose

Nikki batters Mandy until she she drives her into the corner off a sleeper. Nikki attempts a crossbody only to be caught and thrown with a Fallaway Slam. Mandy stronger than I realized. Straitjacket Lock holds Nikki down. Nikki escapes, clubbers her in the corner, running body press leads to a running bulldog. Nikki fires up as the crowd gets behind her. She goes up top, Sonya Deville tries to cut her off but Alexa Bliss pulls her off the apron. Nikki goes off with a top rope crossbody, Mandy ducks it, but Nikki gets her with a schoolgirl swiftly after and that’s all.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Just kind of a match. I’d have probably had Mandy and Sonya get another tag win myself but doesn’t really hurt anything I suppose. Heavy Machinery are backstage at the buffet table, Otis chugs some mixed drink and yells “WE’RE COMINNNN’!”Connor’s Cure ad plays. Backstage, Ember Moon confronts Bayley. Moon says two weeks ago, the two of them talked about elevating the entire women’s division only for her to attack Becky with a chair. Ember says that’s not Bayley, that has to be Sasha’s influence. Bayley says what she did, she did for the division, it’s not just about Sasha. It’s about her title. Ember scoffs at the notion that beating down Becky elevates the division. She says this is about Bayley struggling to stay relevant as a champion. Bayley asks what she knows about being champion and Ember points out that the champion got pinned by Charlotte last night. The two of them evidently have a match set for tonight.

Heavy Machinery vs. Johnny Silver & Alex Keaton

Tucker with the immediate crossbody, waistlock, slamming him around, forward roll for the sake of it, big hip toss. Another hip toss to one jabroni, superkick to another. Whips a jabroni into another, he staggers out right into a huge clothesline flipping him inside out. Otis demands a tag, gyrating as Tucker goes over and the tag commences. Avalanche into the corner… and he takes down the singlet straps before hitting the Caterpillar! Tag to TUCKY, and the Compactor seals the deal.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Not gonna get tired of Heavy Machinery squashes anytime soon but we really oughta get the titles on them sooner rather than later.

Backstage, Kevin Owens speaks with Shane McMahon. Shane brings up that Owens asked him to reconsider the fine. He says being the benevolent leader that he is, he’s willing to do so. Owens asks what the catch is. Shane says there’s no catch, just… a job. He hands Kevin a referee shirt. Shane asks him to imagine it, “The Best In The Woooorld and your King, Shane McMahon!”

Shane says if he does it correctly, that fine will be gone… if you catch his drift. Owens starts to ask something but shakes his head and makes it his leave.

Recap of the situation with Rowan being exposed as Roman Reigns’ attacker, and assaulting him and Daniel Bryan. Rowan makes his way out with I believe new music. He asks for a microphone. He says all his life, people have never seemed to get him, they don’t know him. He says people think he’s controlled by somebody and told what to do… or did until last week. He says all of them need to look him in the eyes and see what it is that makes him tick. You need to look deep in these eyes and see what he’s capable of. He says he’s a mastermind, a manipulator, a schemer… but all the people see is a big brute who terrorizes and brutalizes just like he did to Roman Reigns last week.

On cue, Roman’s music hits and out he comes. Superman Punch takes Rowan to the floor, though he stays on his feet. Roman goes out and rushes around trying for a big spear, but Rowan counters with a boot to the head. He tries to toss him over the barricade, but Roman reverses, sending him into the crowd instead! They brawl through the stands. Rowan tosses Roman over the barrier on the opposite side, but catches another Superman Punch. Security comes in to keep him following up, but fail miserably as he gets a third Superman Punch in. The furious Rowan grabs a ‘fan’ up and powerbombs him way over the barrier, into Roman, laying him out.

He rushes around the ringside into a big crossbody, taking out Reigns and half the security team. Rowan tries to drag Roman up the ramp, Roman fights back but gets taken down again. He slams his head repeatedly into the ramp as security tries to ward him off. Roman stands, a fourth Superman Punch. To think JR once accused him of relying too much on that move… Rowan gets the upperhand in the brawl again and tosses a camera crane into Roman!

He’s finally taken away as Roman fights to his feet, nodding.

After a commercial, Rowan is backstage, seething and hissing “Roman” over and over again.

Bayley vs. Ember Moon

Ember starts off with an immediate dropkick. Reverses an armdrag. Bayley takes a quick breather. Ember pursues, Bayley with a knee to the gut, throws her to the barricade but Ember hops up top it, only to be tripped, falling right onto it. Bayley with a head kick, knocking her to the floor! Commercial, match continues in the inset. Back in the ring, Bayley pummels her in the corner. Headlock, Ember fights out but gets whipped to the canvas. Biel toss for some reason. Big hoss Bayley! Running shoulder thrusts, Bayley with the back flip and a bit of a mocking taunt before charging in – Ember hits a Codebreaker to counter! Ember with a combo of kicks ending with an enziguri! Charging forearm in the corner, springboard crossbody just gets 2!

Sunset flip from Bayley is countered, Ember hikes her up deadlift into a powerbomb attempt but Bayley escapes, gets her to the apron, running knee takes her to the floor. Bayley tries for a suicide dive but Ember counters with an enziguri to the shoulder! Ember goes up top, Bayley evades, Ember lands on her feet but turns right into the Bayley-To-Belly, that’s all.

Winner: Bayley

Quick, but nice while it lasted. Charlotte up on the apron to applaud after the match and enters the ring. She points to the ring and gestures that it’ll be around her waist. She poses… Bayley backs up, slowly leaves the ring. Charlotte gestures for the 10th title reign oncoming.

Backstage, Kofi Kingston eyes a portrait of his famous MSG moment last time WWE shot TV in the arena.

Kofi makes his way out to a solid “Kofi” chant. He comes out and says it feels good to back in the World’s Most Famous Arena, big cheap pop. He says this arena will always hold a very special place in his heart because it was here where his career changed forever. It was here where he decided to step up to prove he belongs here. And that’s what he did when he whooped Randy Orton’s ass all up and down the building. And the icing on the cake was when he laid Randy Orton out and put him through a table. Another chant breaks out as he says that he knew that one day he would be back here at MSG, standing before them as the WWE Champion and that day has come.

He sees a lot of kids who might be too young to remember what happened, some people might have forgot what happened, so he shows the footage of way back, November 16th, 2009 on Monday Night Raw, Kofi’s hop off the stands to put Orton through a table with a super Boom Drop. Kofi then claims this is just a small taste of what he’ll do at Clash of Champions, but is interrupted by the voice of Randy Orton repeatedly calling him stupid as he comes out of the crowd. He remarks on the two things he’s done in the last two years, whilst Orton has won the world title seven times among other accomplishments, but what matters is that he’s taking the title from him. He says Kofi’s always been phony, whether it’s the Jamaican Accent and dreadlocks, or the Power of Positivity… except there seemed to be a bit of censorship there and the crowd actually reacted like he cursed…

Kofi goes out into the crowd to confront Orton, but gets taken down as Randy catches him with a chair. He throws him into a wall. Drags him over, takes him onto a table and tries for the Draping DDT, but Kofi breaks out and tackles him, raining down punches! Takes up the chair, whallops him in the back once, twice, three times. Even more shots. Orton’s laid out, Kofi’s maneuvering things around… and there seems to be a huge table out there!

Kofi takes Orton up off the floor… he wants to relive history! But Orton stops him, knocking him onto the table instead! Orton takes up the chair again, but Kofi gets him with a kick and ends up going through the table in the process, whoops. Kofi gives Orton a few punches and then seems to struggle to figure out what he’ll do… before getting a backup table out! Glad they thought of that, for a second I thought they were screwed. Kofi gets Orton onto the table… chair shot lays him out! Kofi climbs the stairs, gets onto the railing… Boom Drop, bigger than the famous one, right through the table! Just played it straight, kinda surprised there.

Kofi goes back up, celebrating in the crowd.

It… appears that Shane McMahon vs. Chad Gable is in fact our main event here in Madison Square Garden. Mkay.

Roman/Rowan is now a No DQ match on Sunday.

King Of The Ring Semi-Final: Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon (Special ref: Kevin Owens)

Poor Chad doesn’t even get to have his whole entrance, with Shane McMahon’s theme cutting his off as he’s halfway up the ramp. Shane comes out with his WWE World Cup and actually puts the KOTR crowd atop the trophy. Shane gets down on his knees as the bell rings, mocking Chad’s height once more. Gable, very believably outwrestles Shane and, roll-through-German Suplex… and a clean count from Kevin, Gable wins!

But Shane gets on the mic and announces that the match is now 2 out of 3 falls, despite Owens’ protests. Shane attacks Gable from behind and shoves his face into the announce table repeatedly as we go to break. We come back to see Gable roll back into the ring to beat a 10 count. Shane stomps on Gable’s face. Shane with a body slam. Gable fights back with back kicks and such, hooks Shane with a crucifix cradle… easily has him down, but Kevin has to keep himself from counting. Shane eventually escapes and kicks Gable in the face.

Oklahoma Roll, Kevin does a fast count but Gable kicks out. Gable fights back with back elbows, running knee, ducks a clothesline, back kick goes low, Running Liger Kick to the back of the head! Rolling Neckbreaker, Shane looks like he damn near broke his neck by barely going along for it! Gable with a big moonsault, but Owens’ extremely slow count helps Shane kick out. Owens looks miserable as he goes over to the corner. Shane with a hotshot on Gable, clothesline to the back of the head. Takes him up, Torture Rack into a Neckbreaker, fast count but Gable still kicks out! Shane goes out and gets a chair, Owens finally has enough with this, goes to put the chair away as Gable gets Shane into the ankle lock! Grapevine hook… Shane has to tap!

Bell rings, Owens didn’t even have to do anything!

Winner: Chad Gable

I thought for sure when this was booked, they were gonna have Owens hand him the win and completely take away any steam he’d have potentially gotten from this. Color me impressed though, they honestly made him look really good and got him quite over in the process. Afterwards, Shane attacks Kevin Owens. Drops an elbow and rains down terrible looking punches as he does. Shane demands a microphone and just says, “You’re fired.” He pummels him with the microphone as he repeats this.

And that’s the note we go out on.

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