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Monday Night Raw Live Recap & Results (10/7/19)


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Monday Night Raw Live Recap & Results (10/7/19)

Heya everybody, Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here. Hell In A Cell uh, happened last night. It… really, really happened. That’s the sobering fact I woke up to today. We are now living in the post-Hell In A Cell 2019 age. The immediate fallout happens here tonight on Monday Night Raw, and I’ll be recapping it blow by blow as it happens. Watch this space.

Hilariously the opening video package focused only on the Rusev/Lana/Lashley situation from last week instead of anything that happened at the PPV last night. Can also now confirm that both shows have pretty cool new intros.

And we randomly see Orton and Baron attacking Rusev in the ring. Rusev manages to fend them off and chase them out of the ring, when Lashley flashes up on the tron. He says it looks like he’s not having a good time and he’s nowhere near as comfortable as he is. Lashley claims to be wearing Rusev’s robe. And if he’s wearing his robe then he’s probably in his house. If he’s in his home then he’s probably in his room. And if he’s in his room… this must be his bed! Lashley takes the robe off, down to his undies as he slips into the bed. He then asks, “If this is your bed, then what are we missing? Well, it’s something you’re missing… a lot.”

Lana enters the scene and joins him in bed. She announces that everything they own is now in her name. They both say they’re having fun as Lana strips off her nightie. We then just see a miserable Rusev in the ring. Baron and Randy are mocking him… Rusev turns to them and looks furious. He plows through the both of them! Battering Randy against the barricade! Baron attacks Ruseve from behind only to get speared into the apron and tosses into the steps! Fallaway Slam takes Orton into the barrier! He is bashing the hell out of them both as the crowd chants “Rusev”. Baron is thrown over the barrier, Orton shoved into the post, run across the ringside area to give both a Machka Kick.

Rusev continues losing it afterwards, tossing steps around. He was supposed to have a match with Orton here but obviously that’s thrown out as he just makes his leave.

We come back nearing the Last Woman Standing match. Lacey is at ringside with a trash can that says Nattie on it. She says it’s time for trash removal and there’s only one last place for things to go after Nattie’s post-match attack on her last night. She refers to the match as “Last Lady Standing”.

Last Woman Standing: Lacey Evans vs. Natalya

Nattie immediately all over Lacey, knocking her to the floor, tossing her right into the barrier. Back Body Drop onto the floor. Lacey tries to kick her away, runs into the ring to escape but Nattie pursues, hits the Discus Clothesline. Puts Lacey in the sharpshooter. Jerry Lawler stupidly claims this won’t keep her down for the ten count, as if injuring her legs is no help at all. Lacey eventually escapes and takes her down for a count of 8. Nattie takes her out of the ring, wants a baseball slide but Lacey catches her by the ankles, giant swing takes her into the barricade! Count begins again. Nattie breaks the count but Lacey gets a running big boot in on her immediately. Lacey then pretends to take out a table, only to put it back in just to troll. Nattie back up, charges, but gets sidestepped into the stairs. Commercial break.

We’re back to see Lacey take a kendo stick to Natalya time and again. Natalya barely breaks the count at nine, only to get shoved right into a post. Nattie barely gets up again, Lacey takes Nattie into a leather seat and actually uses a Kendo Stick in the armrests to hold her there before knocking the chair over. Nattie seems momentarily trapped by this, which is absolutely hilarious. Eventually she manages to move the stick and get back up. The two them wrestle over the stick, Nattie wins out with a monkey flip and takes the stick to her back before being taken down by a push kick. Another count starts though I’m pretty sure this time she’s just trying to recuperate? She just makes it up at 9 once more anyway. Lacey whips her into the ring, takes a cane to her once as Nattie rolls away, back out on the floor, Lacey gets her with a spinning neckbreaker. Lotta counts here.

Lacey finally gets the trash can as Nattie rises. Lacey throws it furiously into her head, making sound loud impact, and for once the can is full of actual garbage. Lacey then goes onto the barrier and hits a decent moonsault aside from the fact that there was maybe 3% contact made.  Snap suplex onto the ramp. Lacey pulls Nattie up and tosses her into the pure red of the LED stage. She then tosses her over to the broadcast table and strips it down as King acts like this has never happened to him before. He just stands there even as his partners ask him to leave. Lacey gets Nattie onto the table. Suplex, hard landing, no give from the table. Nattie just manages to make it to her feet, Lacey throws her into the LED again and she hilariously slides down the skate ramp that is Raw’s current setup. Lacey then tries to take her off the stage but Nattie counters, gets her with a huge powerbomb that takes her off the stage and through a table! And that is that.

Winner: Natalya

Okay so they probably stopped to count a little too often and made this drag a couple times, but I think it’s fair to say that greatly exceeded expectations.

Aleister Black is backstage in his old dark room. He calls Raw a place of competition and tradition, a place of battle. Battle that he so desperately requires. Because underneath this calm and collective (meant to say ‘collected’) demeanor, that is not who he is. He is unforgiving as the fire, and as cold and as permanent as death. He is forever restless. So he again dares someone to knock on his door and pick a fight with him.

Street Profits backstage. They hype up the feud between not only Raw and Smackdown but USA and Fox. They’re excited for the draft, starting live on Friday Night SmackDown this Friday. Here I would’ve thought it’d be on Thursdays. They review some names as they flash up. Apollo Crews, Buddy Murphy, Drake Maverick… they briefly argue over whether or not Drake is a virgin. They then move onto hyping up Tyson Fury’s appearance tonight and cue up the video package of his confrontation with Braun last SmackDown.

And now here he is, with Interviewer Girl #1. His look reminds me a lot of Cody Deaner. Tyson says maybe he shouldn’t have jumped the barrier, he was escorted out of here, but this time it won’t happen as he’s been invited here and he won’t leave until he gets an apology. If he doesn’t get it, Braun will get these hands.

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Viking Raiders (Non-title)

Erik gets Dolph in a quick side headlock but Dolph escapes through the ropes. Dolph wants to wrestle him a bit to get past the size advantage but Erik is able to win out with a double leg. Erik tags to Ivar, body slam to Ziggler, body slams Ivar onto him! Ziggler rolls from the ring. Roode tags in, tries a waistlock but Ivar is Big. So he kicks the legs instead. Ivar with a shoulder block to fight back. Tag to Erik. Ivar gets a running clothesline in the corner, then whips Roode into a Buisaku Knee from Erik. Erik hoists up Ivar, rams him into Roode. Erik with shots to both men on the outside. Seems like Erik tagged back in off-screen as he’s now controlling Roode with an arm wringer. Hip toss into driving knee lift. Roode stumbles out of the ring. Dolph is hovering over him, begging the Raiders off. Dolph eventually rolls Roode into the ring and begs for a tag. Erik clobbers him, whip to the corner, exploder suplex! Clotheslines Roode over the top rope. Commercial break.

We come back to see Erik on the outside, uniquely being double teamed and isolated out there. He tries to fight his way back into the ring but gets slammed into the barrier. Taken back into the ring, Dolph tags in and they get a wishbone in and stomping them down. Dolph with a piggyback sleeper. Erik struggles to his knees as he inches closer to Ivar. Eventually Dolph gets between the two, spinning neckbreaker gets 2. Roode tagged in, another sleeper, Erik escapes and gets the hot tag. Ivar back body drops Ziggler, Side Slam to Roode, Basement Crossbody to Roode, West Coast Pop on Ziggler, just a house of fire. But Ziggles eventually quells this with a Fameasser for 2. Erik tags in, blocks a kick and gets Dolph with a spinning heel kick. Combo Springboard Clothesline/German Suplex, Roode breaks up the pin. Erik disposes of Roode, running Buisaku Knee to Ziggler evaded letting Erik crumple into the corner, cradle gets 2. Tag to Roode, Erik fights them both off with elbows, but Roode and Ziggler catch him with a Spinebuster/Zig Zag combo that amazingly is a nearfall. The Zig Zag is deader than dead. Cool move though. Roode wants a Glorious DDT but Erik escapes, tag to Ziggler, Erik with the tag, Viking Experience for the finish.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

That was the best match the Raiders have had on Raw. Also the best reaction they’ve gotten. Neither of these statements are glowing reviews. But we’re making progress.

Cut again to Black, who has now removed his suit. Funnily he says, “On second thought, I’ve seen how this plays out… no, instead, I’m going out to that ring right now and making someone pick a fight with me.”

After commercial we see, amazingly, the Singh Brothers. They say this WWE showcase seems like the perfect place for 205 Live’s greatest tag team to come back to Monday Night Raw. And thus your favorite boys from Bollywood are about to give you an award winning statement. They claim they’re about to be the top draft picks for Raw or SmackDown and stupidly take up Aleister Black’s challenge. Is this an alternate universe?

Aleister Black vs. The Singh Bros

One of the boys run in and Black knocks him right out with a head kick. Jumping knee takes out another. They’re not bothering to name them I won’t pretend I know who is who. Singh 1 jumps Black from behind as he takes on Singh 2, talks a bunch of smack and gets knocked out with a Black Mass. Brutal Dragon Sleeper on Singh 2 and he’s out immediately.

Winner: Aleister Black

Simple enough. Should’ve been having squashes like this months ago.

They have thus far not made a single mention of Hell In A Cell happening at all last night. We now get a recap of the SmackDown Fox Premiere which is another show that saw chants of “AEW” after it went off the air.

Interviewer Girl #1 is backstage with Braun who explains that he was just trying to have a little fun when he saw Tyson on SmackDown. But if he wants to get serious about this, than so can he. We see Braun knocking AJ out last night, first cut to anything from that show, as Braun suggest Tyson will get these hands.

We’ve seen so many replays from last week’s Raw and SmackDown, this is starting to feel like a clip show.

Interviewer Girl #1, who appears all by her lonesome tonight, welcomes Rey Mysterio and asks about his son. Rey thanks the WWE Universe and his peers for their support. Last Monday Dominik was brutalized by Brock Lesnar. In a way, he’s never been prouder. He took his beating like a man. His physical scars will heal soon, his emotional scars will take longer. He says that when men and women become parents, they vow to love and protect their children. But he was beaten so badly that he had to watch the disgusting bully Lesnar maul his son and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. He truly felt helpless, he felt like he’d let his son and his family down. Sitting next to Dominik’s bedside at the hospital, and who walks in? His godfather, mi familia, Cain Velasquez. He says Cain is the only man Lesnar fears. Repeats that last line in Spanish. If there’s someone who will avenge what happened to their family, it’s Cain.

The OC make their way out, they have a six man tag with Lucha House Party next.

AOP vignette, where they brag of having the will to take food from people’s mouths and generally steal, which other teams don’t have it in them to do. And now my signal is interrupted by the weather, cool…  anyway that’s why they’re called the Authors of Pain.

The OC vs. Lucha House Party

Kalisto and AJ start us off, Kalisto blocks a kick, spin kick trips him up. Series of arm drags, dropkick, Anderson tags in but gets arm dragged himself. Tag to Lince who comes in with a flying axe handle to the exposed arm. Another arm drag and arm wringer. Springboard dropkick, Metalik tagged in, rides Lince’s shoulders before a splash on Anderson for 2! Anderson regains the advantage, forces Kalisto to the OC corner, tag to Gallows who lays in strikes, big uppercut. Quick tag to Anderson who gets in a body slam, forearm drop. Cover for quick kickout. Anderson grabs at the mask, looking to peel it off. Whips Metalik to the ropes, handspring, gets a wrist lock on Anderson, runs the top rope, kick to AJ and big lucha arm drag to Anderson. Lucha House Party with a triple dropkick takes OC to the floor! Simultaneous moonsaults lay them all out on the floor!

Commercial break, we come back to see Anderson wear down Dorado with a side headlock before getting him with a spinebuster for 2. Takes him to the corner, uppercut. Takes him up top, pursues, Dorado fights back, knocks him to the canvas, high crossbody! AJ tags in, tries to cut Dorado off but he rolls away from him, tag to Kalisto! Kalisto flying all over the place at lightning speed, running enziguri to AJ leads into a Spike Rana! Anderson has to break up the pin. Gallows and Anderson are disposed, AJ avoids the SOS and hits the Pele Kick! AJ out to the apron, Phenomenal Forearm gets the win.

Winners: The OC

Cool match! Took them a while to realize Lucha House Party were a good trio. Afterwards, they attack LHP. Magic Killer, assisted Middle Rope Styles Clash to Lince.

The Miz comes out and talks about the celebrities that came out last week, including the Rock who I assume will soon be inducted in the HOF Celebrity Wing. He then introduces Becky Lynch to MizTV. Big “Becky” chant. Miz announces one more guest, the new SmackDown Women’s Champ, Charlotte Flair. Miz congratulates the two of them for their title victories last night. He talks up Becky being on the cover of 2K20 and also claims her face is on the box of Golden Crisps cereal. Becky says making history is great, accomplishments are great, cereal is great. Last night, Sasha beat the hell out of her and she’ll probably never be the same, but if she were here, she’d remind her that she got her ass kicked by the Man! Miz parlays to Charlotte and her 10th WWE Women’s Championship. Charlotte just says it’s good to be the Queen.

Miz says both of them are champions at the peak of their careers. But the Draft can change everything. They could end up on either brand, they could both end up on the same brand… the two most dominant women in all of WWE. Charlotte says, “You could just say dominant”. Miz brings up the all-championship showcase match they’ll be having against the Kabuki Warriors. Becky says that the paths of Asuka and herself don’t cross often but last time, she beat her. So she wants to avenge that loss. Charlotte claims she’s a consumate professional. Becky mentions that Charlotte’s wearing the belt she made famous, Charlotte answers that she made Becky famous. And she might’ve been Becky Two Belts once, but she’s been The Woman ten times. Becky says her reigns might be plentiful but hers are meaningful.

Kabuki Warriors out now. Kairi has cute pigtails now. Asuka blurts out Japanese. They in fact are just doing a Japanese promo. Becky beckons and they rush the ring! Brawl breaks out! Becky wants the Dis-arm-her on Kairi, but she escapes and Kabuki Warriors bail. Very unsynchronized baseball slides take them down.

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. The Kabuki Warriors (Non-title)

After commercial, the bell rings and Asuka and Becky start us out. Asuka with a slap in the corner, Becky fires up and beats her down. Slap back. The two meet foreheads, Becky with a combo of kicks. Taken to the apron, knocks her away, has to cut off an intervening Kairi but eats the hip attack from Asuka taking her to the floor. Asuka pursues, throws her in, isolating tags begin. Spin kick from Asuka, axe kick from Kairi, bulldog from Asuka, basement dropkick to the face from Kairi! Becky escapes, tag to Charlotte who is a house of fire. Multitude of chops to Asuka, finishing one knocks her down. Back suplex, kip up. Backbreaker in the corner, leads to the Natural Selection, Asuka rolls out of the ring to avoid the pin. Up top, moonsault to the floor takes out both Kabuki Warriors!

Charlotte wants the Figure Four on Asuka in the ring, Kairi runs in and gets exploder suplexed, letting Asuka escape to the floor. Charlotte pursues only to catch a kick to the stomach. Commercial. Back from the break, Charlotte catches a crossbody from Kairi, Fallaway Slam. Tag to Becky who takes Kairi down with running forearms, Bexploder to Asuka. Missile dropkick takes down Asuka but Kairi avoids it, hits a backfist. Elbow drop to the gut. Drags Becky to her corner, signals for the Interceptor, Becky cuts her off and throws her from the top rope. Second rope leg drop, Asuka runs in with a basement dropkick to break up the fall. Kairi tries a roll-up, Becky counters with a Dis-arm-her, Charlotte has an injured leg of some sort and the ref is busy dealing with this as Asuka strolls up and spits that damn mist in Becky’s face. Pin ensues.

Winners: Kabuki Warriors

Afterwards, Charlotte attacks but gets double teamed by the Kabuki Warriors. As Kairi gets her in a leg grapevine, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross come out to make the save. They brawl, Nikki avoids a hip attack and takes Asuka to the floor. Neckbreaker from Nikki on Kairi leads to a DDT from Alexa.

Two hours and twenty-four minutes into the show we get our first glimpse of what happened in the main event last night as they promise to look at it next. We now see a video of Roman detailing his bout with leukemia. They really had to have cut segments concerning Rollins and/or the Fiend here, that’d be one reason for the abundance of videos. It ironically reminds me of how SmackDown used to be.

Replay of the opening segment with Lana, Lashley and Rusev.

Interviewer Girl #1, the only one that showed up I guess, introduces Apollo Crews. Apollo says Ricochet and himself go way back, so it’s an honor to be facing someone he truly admires and respect. But this draft is about opportunity and he’s been grinding, staying motivated for so long. For tonight, it’s nothing personal, but it’s his showcase.

We then see the Viking Raiders before a red floodlight warning Ziggler and Roode that nothing and no one can keep them from their flight. Next week they raid and take the Raw tag team championships.

Interviewer Girl #2 finally appears with Ricochet. He says if his name gets called this Friday to join the blue brand, this will be his last time competing on Raw and if that’s the case, there’s no one he’d rather share the ring with than Apollo Crews. But this isn’t a swansong, this is the Draft, this is an opportunity for a fresh start. And no matters where he ends up, he wants to prove that superheroes can be real.

Ricochet vs. Apollo Crews

Immediate tie-up, Apollo with a waistlock takedown. Looks for a German but Ricochet lands on his feet, arm drag. Side headlock to Apollo, escapes, shoulderblock takes Ricochet to the floor. Crews wants a moonsault off the apron, Ricochet avoids it, Ricochet tries the same, Apollo avoids it, back in the ring, leap frogs from both men, Apollo nails a dropkick for 2! Apollo with a delayed vertical suplex takes Ricochet down. Ricochet to the apron, WWE Headkick, springboard clothesline for 2. Ricochet off the top, Apollo avoids it, Ricochet rolls through but eats an enziguri. Crews with a Standing Moonsault for 2! Ricochet slips out of a suplex attempt, nails the Recoil for the win!

Winner: Ricochet

Short, but fun little match.

Tyson Fury on his way out to the ring now.

After the break, Jerry Lawler introduces him. Lawler asks him about what happened between him and Strowman last week. Fury gets a cheap pop. Says he was minding his own business, Strowman made him look like a fool so this week he demands an apology. Braun’s music interrupts the King’s response. The two meet in the ring as the crowd chants “Get these hands”. Braun explains he was messing around, trying to have fun with him on SmackDown, until he saw how he looked at him, trying to get a piece of this. That’s why he gave him a present in the form of Dolph Ziggler. And when security was dragging him away, he was saying “Let him go”. He says Fury has no idea what he’s made of, he would literally eat him for lunch. Fury says it’s a good job security did take him away because otherwise he’d have knocked him out. Braun knocks him for losing his last fight against Wilder. Fury says he’s Heavyweight champ of the world and asks how many Heavyweight titles Braun has won. Strowman is incensed and a brawl breaks out, as the very ready security gets between them. Of course a “Let them fight” chant starts and Fury breaks away, diving onto Braun.

Braun is taken to the floor, as Fury starts punching out security. Seeing this, Strowman follows suit, until all the security is dead. Strowman and Fury hook up in the ring until a cacophony of lower carders come out to break up the fight. They still struggle to keep them from touching. Braun pretends to leave the ring, before bursting through the crowd and going at Fury again. This is a lengthy pull apart sequence. Fury poses and calls Braun chicken, another dive. They have brawled and got pulled apart like six times. Finally Braun leaves and they play his music because why not. Definitely dragged that out to get to the top of the hour, might’ve started it too early.

Interviewer Girl #1 asks Braun backstage if his opinion has changed. He says Tyson’s a tough son of a bitch but he’s gonna get these hands soon. He won’t get an apology after what he did, he doesn’t play that crap. Fury continues posing in the ring, and Braun comes from the backstage to the ring. Brawl starts again as we cut to black.

Covered what happened last night as little as possible, so much for fallout. Pretty cowardly.

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