NWA Powerrr Recap & Results | Episode 4 | Dealer Calls Again |

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NWA Powerrr Recap & Results | Episode 4 | Dealer Calls Again |

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to recap episode four of NWA Powerrr!

We start with a video package revolving around Tim Storm’s past few weeks, particularly last week’s dealings with Eli Drake. We see the Dawsons surprising defeat of Storm and Drake, and Aldis emerging to check on Storm afterwards.

Cornette and Galli introduce James Storm. James is sick and tired of having to prove himself week after week. He doesn’t think he should have to prove anything. Asks why Nick Aldis is ducking him, and says even though he beat Colt Cabana, he still wants to jump on the bandwagon. He starts to talk trash on Cabana until Colt comes onto the screen, says “Let him say it, Jim”. Corny says they obviously have an issue and should settle it. Cabana says that’s true because that thing around his shoulder (the NWA North American title) belongs to him and everyone knows. Says now he’s fully recovered and ready to go. Starts to bring up Jocephus when Eli Drake appears, reminds Storm what he has in his hands, it’s the ticket to the world title, if he takes his eyes off the prize and lets Cabana take that title away… he veers off a bit ’cause he doesn’t have a script. He backs up the idea that Aldis is ducking Storm and that brings the champ out here.

Before he can say anything, Drake keeps going, giving Aldis his props, saying if you carry that (10 Pounds of Gold) you’re the best thing since sliced bread. But Storm has been asking for a shot, Drake thinks it’s about time. Aldis says James likes to drink and chalks up what he’s been saying to alcohol-fueled nonsense. Says Drake is different, his only vice is wanting to be just like himself. Aldis says he’s sick of the rhetoric, wants them to settle things in the ring. He then brings up an interesting idea, a six-man tag, featuring himself, Cabana and a different partner vs. Storm and partners of his choosing; if Aldis’ team wins, Cabana gets a shot at James Storm’s title, and if Drake’s team wins, Aldis defends against Storm.

However, Aldis demands that if Storm goes after his title, he’ll need to give up the National title. Because if he’s going after the 10 Pounds of Golds, why not put it all on the line and have something to lose? James mentions about something to lose; tells him he needs to go check that Jaguar he’s been driving around ’cause he thinks someone jacked it and drove their truck into it. Sorry about your damn luck!

Recap of the dealings with the ever-silent Kamille. They’re encouraging people to send in questions on twitter with #AskKamille.

Marquez is speaking with Trevor Murdoch, says he’s known him for almost 25 years. Says he’s been up and down, usually with a smile but he’s not smiling these days. Murdoch agrees, says that he knows that he’s had to work for everything he’s had in this business and the NWA is no different. He’s here for a contract, he wants to be in the NWA. Says he doesn’t want Jocephus to be suspended for 40 days for throwing powder in his buddy Colt Cabana’s face, he wants him in the ring instead! Jocephus emerges to jeers and says he’s tired of all these ‘humiligrations’ from shapeshifters like James Storm and Colt Cabana. Says his spiritual adviser has sanctioned all kinds of violence against ‘Murdoch Trevor’ tonight! Trevor says in that case he should shut his hole and get to business!

Starts to walk to the ring, Jocephus pursues and throws him into the post! Whips him into the ring and the bell rings!

Jocephus vs. Trevor Murdoch

Jocephus starts off with stomps and punches as Murdoch is vulnerable. Gets a headbutt in, whips to the ropes, Murdoch with a kick to the face to quell a back body drop, some rugged clotheslines follow. Short-arm clothesline drops him. Corner ten punches commence! But Jocephus drapes him against the top turnbuckle at 6. Ref checks on Murdoch as Jocephus sneaks some power out of his trunks! But Murdoch catches him, kicks the powder into Jocephus’ face! Murdoch goes to the second rope for a big bulldog, and that’s that!

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

Quick match that’s more angle than fight, which seems to be how Jocephus operates thus far. As long as it gets people over, nothing wrong with that, and it seemed to help Murdoch quite a bit.

Gatti averts his gaze as he welcomes Aron Stevens. He reminds the fans to avoid eye contact at all times. “Captain Morgan” chants once more though he isn’t wearing the outfit this time. Gatti asks when we’ll see Stevens in the ring. Stevens first has to tell a fan that he is not in fact wearing a blouse and you can keep that comment to yourself. He says again, we have stars and we have a supporting cast, asks people the name of his film when Ricky Starks emerges. Gatti asks what brings him out there, Stevens says he probably wants to be his stunt double. Starks says on the contrary, gives him hand and asks him to kiss it. Stevens says “You look ridiculous” and Starks slaps him silly! Tells him he talks too much.

Recap of the situation between Kingston, Homicide and the Wildcards, leading to the Dawsons attacking all three.

Austin Idol with another commercial, advertising the Kayfabe Cocktail. He calls the cocktail an aphrodisiac. He’d love to tell you what’s in it, but that wouldn’t be kayfabe would it?

Video plays on the Rock ‘N Roll Express, who amazingly are still kicking after all these days. Their first appearance on NWA Powerrr is being advertised as ‘Coming Soon’.

No DQ match between the Dawsons, Kingston and Homicide is up next and before the bell rings the brawl starts on the floor!

The Dawsons vs. Eddie Kingston & Homicide

Kingston bites the ear of Zane, Homicide throws Dave into the ring. They have the advantage, both in and out of the ring until Kingston misses a chop against the ring post. Homicide approaches but Zane drags him from the ring, big right hand. Dave off the apron with a double axe handle to Kingston.  Dave targets the hand of Eddie Kingston whilst Homicide uses a cable to choke Zane! Throws him into the ring, Dave slaps Kingston against the steps. Zane back body drops Homicide out of a powerbomb attempt. Wild Card are at the interview area watching the match.

Zane Dawson throws a bunch of steel chairs into the ring! Homicide grabs one though, sets it up in the corner, as Zane takes a chair to the back of Kingston. Homicide sits another up in the ring as Zane comes in and gets bulldog’d right onto the seat! Homicide evades a charge that sends Zane into the corner chair, pin for a 2 count as Dave comes in and knocks him out of the ring. Kingston struggles into the ring, Dave cuts him off, there’s now two chairs sat up in the ring as a third is laid against the seats! Double suplex, Kingston crashes down viciously onto the metal!

Homicide now throwing hands to both, blocks a shot from Dave and wants a cutter but gets shoved into a chair shot to the gut from Zane! Zane takes the chair to his back, nails him in the face with the top of it! Tosses the chair onto his ribs over and over, he’s being buried in the chairs now. Dave makes sure the chairs stay on Homicide, as Zane goes up top… but Lattimer of the Wild Cards comes up and hits him with a tag title belt! Dave knocks him off the apron, Kingston gets Dave with a spinning backfist, but Isaacs DVDs Kingston onto a steel chair! And he pulls Dave onto Kingston for the pin!

Winners: The Dawsons

Bit of a curious finish as the commentators are perplexed as to what the tag champs’ plans are with that move.

We see the commercial for “The Mark” once more.

We see an interview with Marti Belle who is excited to be here and he’s here to prove herself. Allysin Kay is one of her best friends, she’s actually wearing Kay’s shirt. But she believes that she deserves an NWA Women’s title shot and that’s why she’s challenged Ashley Vox, the woman Kay defeated a couple weeks earlier.

As we see the two of them enter the ring, Allysin Kay is being interviewed at ringside by Marquez, and she again wants to make sure we get her good side. Kay tells the two women that they’ve both had very impressive debuts, and Marti knows that she loves her, and she’s glad that she wants to earn another title shot… because she doesn’t think she’s ready. And Ashley, she already beat her so… best of luck to you both.

Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox

Tie-up, Marti wins out, snapmare, kick to the back. Running neck snap. Kicks Ashley into the corner, Ashley slips under a running big boot, gets a hammerlock, chain wrestling commences until Ashley gets Marti with a running dropkick. Snapmare, cover for 2. Hammerlock, Marti rams her into the corner. Running forearm, Ashley falls, eats a hip attack. 2 count. Marti hoists her up, vertical suplex, rolls into a second one, turns the third into a russian legsweep for 2, nicely done.

Marti starts to pull Ashley up, but a rolling trip gets her onto her front, senton to the back, cover for 2. Marti with a big discus elbow lays Vox out! Cover for a nearfall. Whips her to the corner, charging forearm, whips to the opposite corner. Ashley evades a charge, headbutt to the chest! Ashley wants the flying headscissor off the apron but Marti sidesteps, pulls her into the center of the ring, wants the double arm but Vox turns it into a fish hook chicken wing! But Marti escapes, wants the hooks again but Vox counters into a jackknife cover for the flash win!

Winner: Ashley Vox

Kay applauds her afterwards… and as Vox leaves, Thunder Rosa rushes past her and into the ring. A menacing drum beat plays as Marti raises to her feet and Rosa offers a hand. Marti doesn’t want it, makes her leave as the drums hasten.

We see the commercial for Tony Falk’s Waffles and Tire Irons again. Still great.

After being setup earlier, it’s now time for Stevens to enter the ring!

Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens with a hammerlock, turns it into a snapmare, Starks rolls out of a double axe handle. Starks with some chops, whips him to the ropes, Stevens grabs onto the ropes to avoid a shot, wants to ram Starks into the turnbuckle but Starks counters and starts a-ramming his head into the corner. Big dropkick, cover for 2! Arm wringer locked in. Stevens forces Srarks into the ropes to break the count, kick to the second rope sends it into Starks’ groin and the ref missed it! Stevens stomps, knee drop, grinds the shin into his face! Stevens pulls him up, Russian Legsweep, Stevens with his old roll-through and Sandow pose into an elbow drop! “You’re welcome!” he shouts, to some solid heat.

Pulls Starks up, clubbering blow. “Captain Morgan” chant strikes up as Stevens slaps him across the face. Poses to the crowd, Starks gets him with a clothesline, back elbows, hits the ropes, Slingblade for 2! Pulls him up, Steven gets him with a throat thrust! Wants the Silencer, but Starks escapes, shoots him to the ropes and gets him with a Back Body Drop! Starks wants another slap, Stevens ducks and covers up screaming in a high pitch, Starks with a roll-up, dabs as he gets the three!

Winner: Ricky Starks

Afterwards, Stevens repeatedly shouts “No” as the crowd cries back “Yes”. It’s kind of fantastic.

Six-man tag is next, let’s see who each side gets for partners!

Turns out, Storm got the Wild Cards to back him up! That makes for three titles in one match! Aldis has Cabana and Ken Anderson on his side.

James Storm & The Wild Cards vs. Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana & Ken Anderson

After some headgames over who starts, it’s actually Aldis and Storm! Except nah, James tags out to Lattimer. Lattimer with a waistlock, Aldis counters with a wristlock. Lattimer counters with one of his own, trips him down. Aldis escapes with a spin, and takes control of the wristlock. Lattimer kicks him off a back body drop attempt, but eats an arm drag! Aldis takes him over to his corner, tags in Anderson, but Lattimer with a big right. Anderson kicks him off a back body drop attempt, armbreaker gets 2. Lattimer smacks Anderson, tags in Isaacs who runs in to a drop toe hold and reverse chinlock, tag to Cabana who gets a sunset flip in for two. Isaacs tags to Lattimer, Cabana gives him a punch combo until Isaacs cuts him off, double irish whip leads to Cabana hitting both with simultaneous bionic elbows.

Each then get individual bionic elbows, but Lattimer attacks him from behind, mount and pummel. Now Storm tags in, whips Cabana to the ropes, gets an elbow in for 2. Mounts him, rains down punches. Tag to Isaacs, Wild Cards get Cabana with a Wishbone. Isaacs chops Cabana in the corner, Storm holds Cabana where the ref can’t see, helping the Wild Cards isolate. Tag to Lattimer, clothesline for two. Cabana grinded against the corner. Tag to Isaacs, pulls Cabana up, scoop slam. Isaacs comes off the top only to get the boots to the face! Cabana struggles his way up, slaps Isaacs away and makes the tag to Anderson as Isaacs tags Storm. Running clotheslines, Storm bails and tags Lattimer, back elbow out of the corner from Anderson, Regal Roller for the nearfall!

Lattimer gets Anderson onto his shoulders, Anderson escapes, nails the Mic Check! But Isaacs runs in to get him with a forearm, Aldis off the middle rope with a missle dropkick, Storm comes in to the hit the Dealer, the two meet with simultaneous clotheslines and everyone’s down! “NWA” chant hits. Anderson makes the tag to Cabana, Flying Apple to Tom but Storm clips him with a back elbow! Isaacs holds Cabana for the Last Call, but Cabana ducks it and Isaacs eats it instead! Anderson with a Cactus Clothesline taking himself and Storm to the floor! Lattimer charges, eats a forearm from Anderson, Uranage from Aldis, Cabana with the Superman Pin for the 3!

Winners: Team Aldis

Cabana earns himself his title match! But Aldis’ next challenger remains in question… we’ll see where we go from here! That’s all for NWA Powerrr this week!

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