WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Recap & Results


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WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Recap & ResultsHello all, Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to give you all the recap goodness on tonight’s PPV, Hell In A Cell! And I’d have probably made a preview of it earlier if not for the fact that, even with about two and a half hours to go as of writing this, we only have four matches announced for the show. That is pretty ridiculous. HIAC landed on a bad night this year, as it’s honestly the fourth most significant US wrestling show of the week. But it really says something that, even then, it could be a landmark occasion. After all, we might just see the grand coronation of the Fiend…

I’ll be here giving you the play-by-play as usual, so watch this space!

During the pre-show, Ali and Randy Orton have a confrontation setting up a match for the main show. Also several other things were added earlier today. Also Lacey Evans and Natalya squared off and Nattie ended up winning with the Sharpshooter. Sorry I wasn’t there for the play-by-play, I honestly thought the Kickoff didn’t start until later. Most people don’t really care much about that, but it does honestly bother me… oh well.

The show opens with a ton of pyro and it looks like we’re opening up with a Cell match!

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Hell In A Cell Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Before the bell rings, and before the cell finishes lowering, Sasha jumps Becky! Takes her to the outside, slams her into the still falling Cell and takes the attack to her outside the steel. Snap suplex onto the ramp! Thrusts her into the chain link before entering through the door as the Cell has finished lowering. Sasha poses in the ring. Goes out, only to get the door kicked into her face by Becky! Becky lays the boots to Sasha outside the ring, whips her inside. The door is shut and locked and the bell has rung! Oh no – Becky goes out and takes the chain before it can be closed! Nails Sasha right in the gut with the rolled up chain, batters her back and face, dropkick takes Sasha to the floor!

Goes out, grates her face against the mesh and tosses her aside. Now Becky locking the door herself. Goes over but Sasha catches her with an upkick, toss to the Cell, lays in punches but Becky gets a flurry in of her own to re-take advantage quickly. Toss to the Cell. Becky looks under the ring… gets a table and takes it into the ring! Not done, she starts to pull out a ladder but Sasha surprises her with a chair, nailing her in the back! Now Sasha gets the ladder. Leans it against the cell wall in the corner. Turns and Becky tosses the chair right into her face! Whips Sasha into the ring. Sits up a chair in the ring, Sasha with an inside cradle, quick kickout. Sasha with a series of roll-ups still gets kicked out, backslide for another, Sasha now holding onto the arm but Becky trips her headfirst into the chair seat!

Becky tries to hook Sasha’s arm through the chair, but eats a Roundhouse Kick that takes her down! Pin, 2 count. Becky rolls out of the way of a chair shot, Bexploder takes Sasha to the floor! Becky with a series of three baseball slides, each one taking Sasha hard into the Cell. Guess that’s her version of Seth’s triple dives. Takes Sasha into the ring but she counters with a feint kick. Sasha with a running Meteora off the apron slamming Becky furiously into the leant ladder! Damn that was incredible. On replay, the impact was entirely on Sasha’s knees there, looked great from the side. Sasha takes Becky over to the door, wedges her shoulder betwixt and ruthlessly slams the door shut on that arm over and over. Takes her into the ring, cover for 2.

Sasha takes the chair, wraps Becky’s now wounded arm around it, Pillmanization! Sasha gets a wrist lock, Becky tries to punch away but a hammerlock takedown quells that! Sasha sits the chair up, takes Becky over to it in the corner. Becky tries to fight out but Sasha pummels. Off the middle rope, another brutal Meteora takes Becky down and flips the chair over! Nearfall! Sasha is frustrated. Gets another chair on the outside, sets it up against the cell by putting the legs through the holes. It barely works. In the ring she tries another chairshot, Becky ducks it, spinning kick to the stomach! Sasha is taken to the apron and gets a WWE Headkick in but Becky nontheless gets her with a running dropkick that sends her flying into the cell!

Sasha gets back on the apron, only to be driven into the post! Becky follows her down, Bexploder sends her bouncing off the cell! Back in the ring, Sasha tries to fight back with a combo, but Becky drop toe holds her right onto the bottom of an opened chair! And then a bulldog into it as well, for a nearfall! Seemed dangerous. Becky to the apron, WWE Headkick knocks Sasha away, Becky up top, catches a chair, tosses it to Sasha to setup a Van Daminator-style Missile Dropkick! Nearfall. Sasha bails, Becky follows – Sasha wails on her with a kendo stick! And then she sets a couple of them up in the corner, wedged in the holes. Tries to drive Becky into them, Becky reverses and Sasha’s face bounces off the sticks!

Becky takes up a chair… and sits it atop the sticks?! This certainly looks unique. Sasha brawls with her but Becky wins out, hoists her up to sit atop the chair?! Becky goes to the apron… running dropkick slams Sasha hard into the corner and she flies off the chair, Jesus. Throws her into the ring, second rope legdrop gets a narrow nearfall! Becky hears a chant of ‘Table’ and obliges, standing the table up! But as she does so, Sasha gets her with the Backstabber! She throws Becky under the table and gets her into the corner. Takes her up top! Wants a superplex through the table! Becky fights out, slips beneath her for a powerbomb…! But Sasha breaks the grip! Meteora takes her through the table!!! Awesome nearfall!

Sasha goes out to get a kendo stick, brings it, Kendo Stick-assisted Bank Statement! Becky struggles, gets her legs under the ropes, squirms to the floor to free herself! Tug of war for the cane, Becky wins out and waylays Sasha’s back and the back of her head! Takes her outside, wants a whip but Sasha counters and throws her right through the cage-hung chair! Sasha brings Becky into the ring and tosses a ton of chairs in, Ambrose-style. Nails her in the gut with a chair a few times. Builds up the pile. Sasha goes to the middle rope and gloats, giving Becky time to take up a chair and toss it to her! Goes up top, SUPER BEXPLODER ONTO THE CHAIRS! Becky gets her into the Dis-arm-her! Sasha reaches up and grabs Becky’s hair, grabs for the chairs, anything to get out, but she can’t! She taps!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Hell of a match, for lack of a better word!

Afterwards Sasha’s gone up to the stage as Becky celebrates. Banks could not look more miserable, mascara running and all.

Tornado Tag Team: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

Immediate brawl. Double team on Roman in the corner. Harper whips Rowan into the corner to eat a big boot, Roman takes Harper to the outside, Rowan clothesline Roman to the floor but eats a Missile Dropkick from Bryan! Suicide Dive to Harper! Rowan tries to get Bryan up with a powerslam, Bryan escapes as Roman gets him with a Superman Punch off the stairs! Harper meanwhile has a wounded leg which Bryan kicks a few times but Harper gets the advantage and starts chopping him against the barrier. In the ring, Rowan gets Reigns with a dropkick, but then whiffs a running splash. Roman with a Samoan Drop for 2! Roman teases the spear, runs in only to eat a sudden superkick from Harper! Pins him, narrow kickout. Rowan with an elbow drop for 2 as well.

Bryan apparently taken out on the outside, Rowan and Harper pummel Roman in the corner. Bryan runs in to break it up but gets tossed away. They grind the boots into Bryan in the ropes, Roman breaks it up with uppercuts but just gets double teamed again for his trouble. Taken to the outside, Harper gets Bryan with a running clothesline and Rowan takes Roman down with a big crossbody! Rowan gets the steel steps up, Harper whips right into a big steps shot! They double team Bryan in the ring, Harper whips Bryan into a spinning heel kick from Rowan for 2! Rowan gets Bryan on his shoulders, Harper goes up top but Roman Reigns hops up on the apron to take him down, Bryan counters into a victory roll for 2! But right after Rowan kicks him down and gets a running big boot on Roman as well!

Rowan yells at Bryan and reaches down only for Bryan to grab him into the LeBell Lock! Harper comes in to break it up though, gets a couple of elbow drops in. Harper whips Bryan into Rowan who nails him with a Jackhammer for 2! A lot of Harper’s stuff in this has just been irish whipping people into various moves from Rowan. The two try to setup a double team powerbomb, Bryan kicks Harper away and hip tosses Rowan. Rowan idiot charge leads him to slam into the post! Bryan flips over Harper, hits the ropes but eats a Michinoku Driver! Roman Reigns comes in to break up the pin! Leaping Clothesline, and a series of quick clotheslines in the corner start his comeback! Roman hits the ropes but Rowan pulls the ropes down to send him to the floor! Bryan in the ring, dropkick takes Rowan off the apron! Drop toe hold takes Harper into the bottom rope, kick to the bottom rope forces him to his feet! Yes Kicks in the corner! Running start, Harper tries for a powerslam, Bryan escapes, dropkick to the shin takes him down! Classic Yes Kicks now. Harper ducks the last one, shoots him to the ropes where Rowan grabs him and takes him out of the ring! Roman with a drive-by to Rowan! Harper with a suicide dive to Roman!

Harper and Rowan strip all the announce tables! And then they rip the covering off the apron as is customary for Rowan matches. Double team wheelbarrow slams Bryan chest first into the uncovered apron! Rowan slams Reigns onto the floor, then slams Harper into Reigns! Rowan tears off a piece of barricade, Harper holds Roman against the opposite barrier, Rowan runs and slams the barricade piece into him, sending him into the crowd! Rowan breaks a pencil that he just found on one of the announce tables. They take Bryan onto the middle table! Harper and Rowan both up there with him, want the double team powerbomb but Bryan with a rana takes Harper right off the table to the floor in grand fashion! And before Rowan can react, Reigns runs across one table to spear Rowan off the middle table and right through the one behind him! They used all three tables in one spot, very efficient.

In the ring, Bryan gets the running dropkicks in the corner to Harper who is still standing even after three of them! Bryan takes him up top, follows. Wants a top rope Rana Looks like, Harper holds on! Huge powerbomb off the middle rope for a nearfall! Singlearm Dragon Suplex from Harper, and then a second one, both sending Bryan flying! But on the third, Bryan lands on his feet, ducks a clothesline, sudden Superman Punch from Roman, Buisaku Knee bounces him against the ropes into a spear! And that is that.

Winner: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

Fun stuff! Sorta surprised that the faces won actually but they pinned Harper which is of no surprise. Not sure where this is going or if this match will even have much significance, but a great battle. Afterwards, Bryan uses the ropes to fight to his feet as Roman stares him down and nods. The two stand toe to toe. Bryan offers a hand… Roman goes to take it… but Bryan takes it away! Shakes his finger as the crowd gasps… Bryan then offers a hug! “YES” chant fills the arena. Now Roman doesn’t wanna go with it! But the crowd keeps goading… and they hug it out. Nicely done.

Interviewer Girl #1 is backstage with Seth Rollins. Rollins doesn’t know how to prepare for the Fiend inside Hell In A Cell. He says he’s slayed monsters, kings and beasts but he’s never encountered anything like this. The level of psychological warfare that he endures tonight will be the greatest test of his career. But when the cell lowers and the door locks, he’ll have no choice but to be ready. No choice but to burn it down. Atleast he hopes so.

Randy Orton vs. Ali

Randy gets Ali into a wristlock early, gets him to the mat. Ali cruiserweights his way out of it and reverses into a wristlock of his own. Randy reverses back and gets him into the corner, no clean back as he lays in a chop! Takes him to a different corner, another big chop. Ali fights back with some chops of his own, Randy quells that with what seems like a thumb to the eye. Randy whips Ali to a corner, Idiot Charge meets a big boot! Ali goes up top but Orton stops him and dumps him to the floor! Orton follows him, front suplexes him onto the table! Back suplex sends him bouncing off the table! Orton wants the count out, Ali makes it back. Orton grabs the legs, stomps to the gut!

Orton takes Ali to the outside, strips the table, wants another back suplex toss but Ali escapes and gets him with a dropkick! Orton fights back quick though, irish whip, Ali takes his huge post bump, flipping to the floor! Whip into the ring, pin for 2, Orton wears him down with a body scissor. We get a close up of a huge red welt on Ali’s ribs. Orton transitions to a tight side headlock. Ali desperately fighting out but Orton cinches in tighter. Turns into a sitting chinlock. Clubbering blow to those bruised ribs! Ali keeps struggling, up to his feet, body blows, quelled by a shot to the back. Orton whips Ali to the corner, ducks down but eats a kick to the face. Elbow follows. Forearms and chops, but a knee to the ribs stops Ali’s comeback attempt. Whip to the ropes, Pop-Up Dropkick takes Orton to the floor. Suicide Dive takes Orton right over the table! Ali leaps over the table to tackle Orton to the barrier and lay in punches! Ali tries to drag him into the ring, Orton with a shot to the ribs, throws him into the ring. But Ali meets him with a kick as he tries to follow. Over towards the corner, Ali with a WWE Headkick, roll into the ring into the X-Factor for 2!

Randy reverses an irish whip, Snap Powerslam for 2! Chant of RKO gains steam for a bit, then abruptly dies down. Ali reverses a kick, Dragon Whip! Goes up top, 450, Orton avoids, Ali rolls through, ducks a clothesline, goes up top again for a flying Tornado DDT! Up top again for a 450 but Orton avoids again and this time he slams into the mat. Now Orton stalking for the RKO. Ali rolls to the apron though. Orton pulls him up by the hair, Hangman’s DDT! And now begins the mat pounding… RKO – but Ali does a damn handstand to counter! Crucifix pin, Orton kicks out, Ali goes for his Rolling X-Factor again but hops up right into an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

Awesome counter sequence there at the end. And a well worked match, but man the months of nothingness have way stunted Ali, nobody believed in/cared about him at all here. At no point did anyone ever buy that he might win this match, and generally people only seemed to care about seeing the RKO. Really brought it down. Having an actual angle also maybe would’ve helped…

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Alexa Bliss & Kairi Sane (c) vs. The Kabuki Warriors

Kairi wants a handshake. Nikki takes it, Kairi cheekily whips her away and gets a cheap shot in on Alexa. Quick tags with Asuka as they work over Nikki, Asuka with a running dropkick gets Alexa to the floor, running knee to the face, Nikki kicks out at 1. Mkay so Kabukis are suddenly heels. That’ll last a week. Nikki rolls to avoid a clothesline, tag to Alexa who takes Asuka down, Insult to Injury for 2. Big punch to the face for 2. Tag to Nikki, snapmare into pummel. Asuka tries to fight back with her combo, Nikki ducks the back fist but is low bridged outside the ring. Nikki counters her baseball slide by hooking her in the ringskirt, baseball slide dropkick to the back of Asuka lands flush as she’s caught up! Good double team. Asuka escapes, whips Alexa to the barrier. Takes her into the ring, shoots the half for 2.

Tag to Kairi, pulls Alexa’s hair against the ropes. Chops Alexa on the apron. Alexa with a roll up in the ring, kickout, Kairi with an Axe Kick to Alexa’s back. Tag to Asuka, double team boot grind in the corner. Whip to the corner, Asuka with the hip attack. Abdominal stretch within the ropes as Kairi messes with Alexa’s hair. Has to break up after a few seconds of course. Asuka kicking Alexa away, Alexa wants a roundhouse kick but Asuka catches it into an ankle lock! Pulls to the middle, grapevine! Alexa breaks out, gets slapped. Tag to Kairi, who struts to the corner, thumb to the eye of Nikki! Sliding D! But Nikki is trying to get into the ring now as Kairi pins Alexa, distracting the ref from a would-be three count. This is horrendous booking. Tag to Asuka, ankle lock. Alexa rolls through, tag to both sides, Nikki with a series of clotheslines on Kairi. Body block in the corner, Nikki going wild, crossbody off the middle rope for 2.

Alabama Slam from Kairi. Goes up top, wants her elbow drop but Nikki got the boots up and they’re buried into Kairi’s ribs, that looked painful. Top rope assisted neckbreaker, Asuka breaks up the pin. Asuka drags Kairi to the corner to tag in. Roundhouse kicks to Nikki’s chest. Wants a kick to the head but Nikki catches it. Huge clothesline. Alexa with a senton off the apron taking down Kairi! In the ring… Asuka, Asuka just used the goddamn green mist. She actually just… okay. She pins her off it.

Winners: Kabuki Warriors


I honestly found myself bursting with laughter about how stupid that was. So out of nowhere, and so furiously out of touch. Having Asuka spit green mist sounds like something someone would make up to mock Vince.

Anyway here’s an Actual Raw Match.

The OC vs. The Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman

Yep, mystery partner is Braun. We start with Anderson and Ivar start, Ivar tosses him away but Anderson lands on his feet. Running body block takes Anderson down. Shoulder block. Tag to Gallows for some double teams, Ivar gets a senton in on Anderson, Gallows clobbers him, whips him to the corner, but Ivar cartwheels to the apron to avoid him, elbows AJ off the apron, runs to the corner to go up top but gets knocked off. Tag to Erik who cartwheels over Gallows from the corner, running Buisaku Knee! Wants a suicide dive but AJ clips him with a forearm from the floor. Gallows working Erik over now. Combo of punches take him down, tag to AJ.

They try a double back body drop but Erik stops short and just kinda awkwardly tosses Gallows out of the ring, AJ responds by knocking Ivar off the apron and tries to do the same to Braun but he catches his arm! But he’s then taken off the apron by Gallows. AJ now scrapping and chopping Erik. Tag to Anderson. Erik starts throwing hands, taking Gallows off the apron, wants AJ but he was already on the floor. This distracts stupid babyface Erik and he eats a spinebuster. AJ gets tagged in, knocks Ivar off the apron because that’s what you do in this match but then gets a back body drop. Erik with the tag to Braun who runs through everyone as he does. Big clothesline in the corner on AJ. Braun to the outside, runs all the way around the ring to shoulder block every member of the OC.

Tosses AJ into the ring, follows him in. Idiot Charge, Strowman slams his shoulder into the post like usual. Chop block from AJ. Calf Crusher. In comes Erik to knee AJ out of the hold. Also gets a hip toss into knee to Anderson. Gallows with a Big Boot. Cartwheel dodge into a clothesline from Ivar. Phenomenal Forearm to Ivar. Afterwards, the OC just gang beats Braun until it’s a DQ. Cool.

Winners: Braun Strowman & The Viking Raiders (by DQ)

It’s hilarious how much this was Just A Raw Match. Afterwards, Erik & Ivar with a double suicide dive to take out Gallows and Anderson. AJ and Braun fight again in the ring, Strowman with a punch taking AJ out of the air mid-way through a Phenomenal Forearm. Gallows and Anderson help AJ to his feet, and he groggily leaves the ring, nearly falling the whole time. They have to support him. He’s acting like that shot knocked him loopy. Because Braun’s feuding with a boxer so we gotta give him his own version of the WMD.

Street Profits backstage. Dawkins is looking at his phone instead of hyping Hell In A Cell. Ford asks him to focus on the show, but Dawkins is talking up the draft on SmackDown and claims there will be a Draft Showcase on Raw. The same night Tyson Fury appears. R-Truth and Carmella get chased into the Profits. Tamina is here, rolls Carmela up to take the title. She then sees Tyler Breeze, who legit got brought here just so Tamina could punch him out because screw NXT I guess. Truth asks where Tamina went and the Profits point in opposing directions. Whatever.

Gable and Corbin are out and before it starts, Baron gets on the mic and you’ll never believe this but he mocks Gable for being short. He dubs him Shorty Gable. The crowd chants “STD” at Baron in response.

Chad Gable vs. Baron Corbin

Bell rings, Gable immediately gets him with a Rolling Liger Kick, waistlock slam, Gable gets the ankle pick, Corbin kicks him away but Gable leaps onto him to lay in hands. Corbin hoists him up, Gable gets a piggyback sleeper for a moment but Baron rips him off, tosses him under the bottom rope and Gable just rams viciously into the ring post. This starts a lengthy heat segment where Baron just keeps kicking Gable to the outside. Trying to get a 10 count. Gable drags himself in at seven. Baron gets in a half nelson chinlock. Gable escapes, whips him out of the ring, ring-around-the-ringpost clothesline from Baron.

Corbin gets Gable up top. Follows him up. Wants a superplex. Gable with a headbutt gets him to the ring. Missile dropkick takes him down. Gable ducks a clothesline, wants a German but can’t get him up, Baron with a whip, reversed, Baron tries another Ring-around-the-ringpost, Gable avoids it and jumps to the middle rope, comes off it right into a brutal spinning spinebuster! Nearfall. Corbin grabs Gable, Gable escapes, basement dropkick. Gable lays in punches as Baron’s on his knees. Firing up here. Gable hits the ropes, Corbin grabs him into a tilt-a-whirl, Gable escapes into a waistlock, bounces him off the corner into the Chaos Theory for a nearfall. I guess they’re not calling it that anymore after learning it’s just what Doug Williams called it. Rolling Liger Kicks ensue, Baron counters the third into a stacking powerbomb, nearfall.

Gable gets a cross armbreaker across the top rope, then trips him down to slam his leg into the ringpost. In the ring, Gable stacks him up, 2 count, runs at Baron into the Deep Six for a nearfall. Corey has not stopped calling him ‘Shorty Gable’ this entire match by the way. Baron keeping Gable down with punches now. Gable rolls out of an End of Days, thrust kick to the gut, flip neckbreaker, beautiful moonsault for a nearfall… but Gable holds onto the ankle, Ankle Lock applied! We just saw Asuka fail miserably to get a tap with this earlier even with a grapevine, but it’s a huge threat to Baron! Baron escapes under the bottom rope. Gable goes to pursue, gets chokeslammed right onto the apron! Baron hoists up the scepter, brings it into the ring, Gable ducks the swing, roll-up and that’s that!

Winner: Chad Gable

Ahhhahahahaha the ring announcer announced him as ‘Shorty Gable’ upon victory. This damn company. Sorry I try to be objective but this has been a very WWE couple of matches, that was some incredible stupidity, I can’t help but laugh. Cole is upset at the ring announcer and claims he should be fired.

As we get set for the SmackDown Women’s title match, we spot Tamina in the crowd with her title. R-Truth chases her. Tamina grabs Funaki and uses her as a human shield. R-Truth makes some Karate Kid poses. Funaki answers with one of her own. Tamina tosses him past Truth and he skedaddles to the announce table, Carmella superkicks Tamina and R-Truth gets the pin to regain the title.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte

Charlotte gets a hair-whip backbreaker early. Chops takes her down. Bayley gets whipped to the corner, tries to counter with a hop into a middle rope crossbody but Charlotte sidesteps. High angle Boston Crab follows, Bayley struggles but makes it to the ropes. Bayley bails. Charlotte tries to pull her back into the ring, poke to the eye lets Bayley get into the ring and land a clothesline. Mount and punches. Pin for a quick kickout. Shoulder thrusts in the corner, Bayley starts her dance but Charlotte takes advantage with a clothesline. Chops ensue. But Bayley retakes advantage, goes to the floor, trips Charlotte up and slams her roughly to the floor. Slams her leg into the LED board a few times. Takes her into the ring and now targets the leg.

Wrapping the leg around the ringpost now. Back in the ring, cover for a quick kickout. Single leg Boston Crab. Charlotte reverses into a pin, quick kickout, keeping the crab, Charlotte escapes to the apron, Bayley with the hot shot. Pulls her back in the ring, wants a figure four, inside cradle counter, Bayley kicks out and attacks the leg again.  But Charlotte gets her down, and wraps her leg around the post now. Front chop block, kicks to the back of the leg as Charlotte now working the leg herself. Backbreaker, Natural Selection. Bayley grabs the bottom rope on 2. Charlotte wants the moonsault, Bayley gets the knees up. Charlotte slides to the outside, Bayley with a kick to the face. Comes over to her, but Charlotte hits a Fallaway Slam onto the floor!

Charlotte slams Bayley’s leg into the LED. Into the ring, Bayley counters a figure four with a small package. Charlotte kicks out, wants a Big Boot, gets rolled up, Bayley tries to put her legs on the rope for extra leverage but the ref spots it. Bayley argues, Charlotte gets her down, Figure Eight. Charlotte bends waaaaay back for this one and Bayley has to tap.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

10 reigns for Charlotte. Crazy. Bayley has a tantrum afterwards. And now we see them zoom in on her crying as well. I Imagine Vince watching this and cackling.

Interviewer Girl #3 comes up to Gable, calls him Shorty of course by accident. Chad says you can call him whatever you want, ’cause he came out on top tonight. He says that match was bigger than any achievement to him because he finally shut up someone who just didn’t know when to quit. Tonight we finally saw that Gable is the bigger man. He walks off… and Baron blindsides him, throwing him into Backstage Things before tossing him through a door into a stairwell. Official comes to check on him as he coughs up a storm.

WWE Universal Championship Hell In A Cell: Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Fiend

This arena has never been more red. It looks like the lights will persist. Rollins tries to throw hands, hits the ropes, gets a headbutt to the stomach. Fiend stalks inside the ring as Rollins runs across the floor, too scared to get into the ring. Ah but he reaches under the ring and he has a stick! Comes in and hits right in the stomach with the Kendo Stick… to no effect! Completely no sells the one to the back, just stares at Seth! Rips the stick away and tosses it aside! Seth goes up, comes flying, but the Fiend catches him with a uranage! Seth rolls to the floor, where the Fiend cross chops him against the steel and tosses him into the cell a couple of times.

Throat thrust, running body block slams Seth into the steel. Whip into the steps. And then again into the adjacent steps. Fiend seeks something under the ring, Seth hoists up some steps and nails him – has to hit him with it multiple times to take him down! Seth gets a table from under the ring. Stops setting up to catch the Fiend with a suicide dive into the cage, does this twice and he says on his feet! Toss to the steps. Seth back in the ring to finish setting up the table. Third suicide dive attempt, Fiend counters with a Sister Abigail right into the cell! Yowie-wowie chant is earned by that one.

Fiend gets Seth into the ring. Looks for another uranage to get him through the table, Seth fights out with elbows, enziguris, superkick takes him onto the table! Seth goes up top, huge Frog Splash puts him through the table! But it does a lot of damage Seth too and he can’t cover… and the Fiend gets up first! Rollins looks shaken. Spin kick to the gut, THE STOMP! And the Fiend stands immediately! Rollins hits the ropes for another, Fiend counters with another Sister Abigail – narrow nearfall!! Fiend sits Rollins up, and does his neck snap. Intimidates the ref to give some space, before taking Seth up and tossing him to the floor. Fiend looks under the ring, takes up the huge mallet that Bray’s used on the Funhouse! Slams it into Seth’s stomach and grinds him against the cage! Rollins has to shove him away, three straight superkicks follow and Fiend still just to a knee! Seth gets the Stomp onto the mallet!

Springboard Knees connect from each side! Fiend still standing! Superkick… and another! Down to a knee, Seth gets the Stomp again! Doesn’t try to cover, just hits a second, and a third! Crowd booes – they don’t want Seth to win! Fiend rises…! Pedigree! Yet another Stomp! KICKOUT AT 1?!?!? Avada Kedavra! Yet another damn Stomp, and another and another, but the Fiend just won’t stop! He’s hit maybe ten at this point. Boos rain down again as the Fiend rolls onto his back. Seth looks like he has no idea what to do. He goes outside, pulls a chair into the ring. Rollins takes the chair, stands over him tentatively… like he’s trying to see if he’s dead. Seth up and takes he chair right to his had, Jesus! Another pin, another kickout at 1! Seth now gets a ladder! Sets the chair on Fiend’s face and takes up the ladder, slams the top of the ladder against the chair, finally gets a 2 count!

Seth goes out again, gets a tool box. Now he has the ladder, with the chair wedged between it, on Fiend’s head. Rollins with the toolbox, slams it into the ladder over and over! It opens and tools go flying as he rams it into his head again and again! Boos rain down. Now he has the tool box on the ladder. Seth goes outside, grabs a chair but then just throws it away. This is a very unique match. Now Seth pulls a sledgehammer out from under the ring! Goes in there, but the ref stops him? Demands he thinks about what he’s doing, tells him this isn’t who he is. Guilt-tripping ref. Seth uses it, slamming it down! And the ref calls for the bell. The cell rises to a cacophony of boos.

Winner: The FIend? By… DQ?

Medics fill the ring as Seth yells at the Fiend. They get the stretcher.  “AEW” chants start because frankly they were just begging for that. Seth gets in the Fiend’s face as he’s about to be loaded up, but the Fiend reaches up and gets him in the Mandible Claw! Takes Seth onto the floor, another Sister Abigail takes him down. LOUD chants of “Restart Match” come up, these people really really wanted to see the Fiend win this title. Fiend rips the floor cover up. Fiend hits another Sister Abigail onto concrete to another “AEW” chant. And here’s the Mandible Claw as the lights start blaring and fake blood spills from Rollins’ mouth.

Yep. It was one of those nights. We see shots of the Fiend on the stage as always with the blaring lights. Yeah, he’s real cool, we get it, that’s why they wanted him to be champ tonight. Cut to black.

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