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WWE Scouted Some Hot Talent for NXT Japan

The company knows talent when they see it


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WWE Scouted Some Hot Talent for NXT Japan

The news of NXT Japan keeps trickling in. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE wants to bring Japanese women’s wrestling legend Meiko Satomura as a trainer. This would likely be for if the NXT Japan project gets off the ground. If it doesn’t, Satomura would still make for a great trainer at the main NXT brand. 

The Women’s Divisions Bids for NXT Japan 

She made her debut within the WWE Universe during the 2018 Mae Young Classic. Satomura went through Killer Kelly in the first round of action, defeated U.S. women’s veteran Mercedes Martinez in a strong bout, and finished off Lacey Lane in the quarter finals. Her bid to win the tournament were dashed by New Zealand’s Toni Storm in the semi-finals. 

Currently, she holds the PROGRESS Women’s title and is still heavily involved in-ring with her Sendai Girls promotion. Diana World Champion Sareee was also scouted by WWE. 

WWE Eyeing Jiro Kuroshio 

On the men’s side of things two names mentioned have been WRESTLE-1’s Jiro Kuroshio and Big Japan’s Daisuke Sekimoto. Of the two, Kuroshio would be the likely pick to sign with WWE since he’s supposed to be leaving for the U.S. anyway. 

Jiro Kuroshio got his start with TAJIRI’s old SMASH promotion in 2011 and didn’t initially standout until the company closed in 2012 and was reborn as Wrestling New Classic. He took on an ikemen gimmick which gave him some personality and he started to draw attention. Once WNC closed in the summer of 2014, he joined WRESTLE-1 where he had most of his success so far. 

While there are choices in AEW, MLW, and ROH, there’s the pull of WWE that so many find hard to resist. Kuroshio departed WRESTLE-1 in April. On the NXT brand, he could definitely find a place and succeed.  

With NXT having its own national TV show, he might even manage to stay on the roster and avoid moving to the RAW or SmackDown brands where things would get dicey for him. 

Big Japan’s Daisuke Sekimoto Is On The List As Well 

Daisuke Sekimoto is a veteran talent who is just ridiculously good in-ring. His specialty are in hard-hitting contests, technical bouts, and tag team matches. Debuting in 1999, he was a part of that prime Big Japan class that included Ryuji Ito and Jun Kasai.  

He formed a regular team Ito early on before teaming regularly with MEN’s Teioh—formerly of Michinoku Pro and Kai En Tai in WWE. During the 2000s, he tagged with a number of wrestlers and racked up numerous BJW Tag Titles. Sekimoto would also represent Big Japan outside the company and won tag and major singles titles in promotions from All Japan to ZERO1. He served as the original ace of the company’s Strong BJ brand which focuses on non-deathmatches. 

Currently, he holds All Japan’s World Tag Team title with protege Yuji Okayabashi and the BJW Tag Titles with The Bodyguard. Daisuke Sekimoto also serves as head trainer in Big Japan’s dojo. Having him in NXT Japan would probably soften Japanese fan’s view of NXT Japan as being “money wrestling” a bit.  

Sekimoto is a respected name in the scene and his signing could possibly put a bit of grease to Japanese wrestlers’ strong sense of promotion loyalty. After all, if WWE could get Shinsuke Nakamura, KENTA, then Daisuke Sekimoto sure it couldn’t be all bad, right? 

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