AEW Dynamite Live Recap & Results (11/13/2019)


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AEW Dynamite Live Recap & Results (11/13/2019)

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here for another night of recap action! AEW Dynamite is on tap this go-round, with the fallout from AEW Full Gear still being felt. You can see my preview of the show right here. Watch this space!

We see a recap of the highlights and results of AEW Full Gear. Nothing from the Unsanctioned match though; can’t show any of that on TV!

They run down what can be expected tonight. Jurassic Express vs. Dark Order tonight, Nyla Rose in action, in addition to what’s already been advertised. But before all that, we’ll be hearing from Jon Moxley!

We see a video showing some stills and the damage done to the body of Kenny Omega. He acts like he’s okay but he’s ravaged, noted that the shower stung a little. He’s got a big black eye as well, being checked out by the doctor. He’s not cleared but is in waiting for next week. Kenny asks how Moxley is. Doctor tells him he was pretty beat up but ended up being cleared, which seems to have disheartened him.

Mox out now, coming out through the crowd!

Michael Nakazawa, a training partner of Omega, is in the ring already as he rushes into the ring.

Michael Nakazawa vs. Jon Moxley

Nakazawa throws away the baby oil, signalling that he’s serious. He charges him into the ropes and chops him, but Moxley reverses a whip, shoulder block. Forearm, clothesline in the corner. Chokes him as he steps up onto the second rope. Whips him to the opposite corner, eats a back elbow. Nakazawa charges, Moxley ducks a clothesline, Double Arm DDT gets the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Poor Nakazawa doesn’t even need the full Paradigm Shift…

Mox as expected grabs a mic afterwards. “So that one counts, right?” Big pop. Moxley says he is a lot of things, say whatever you want about him, but he’s not a liar. He told you exactly what was gonna happen at Full Gear and he delivered as advertised, as promised, Kenny Omega will never be the same again. Chant of “Moxley”. Mox admits that Kenny is one radical son-of-a-bitch and personal differences notwithstanding, he respects him because he had the balls to do something that he doesn’t think anybody in AEW is gonna have the balls to do anymore. He doesn’t think anyone in that dressing room has the balls to step in the ring with him.

He’ll be going scorched Earth, one broken neck at a time until he’s the last man standing! But if anybody does want to test themselves, confront their own mortality and face real danger, just let him know. Challenges everyone to let him know and he’ll show them exactly where they stand in the food chain. But if you step into the ring with him, kiss your loved ones on your way out of the house, have an ambulance on standby, and expect no apologies when it’s all over. Moxley makes his leave.

Dark Order make their way out. They got green lights for their entrance now.

The Dark Order vs. Jurassic Express

Marko and Grayson start, but Uno quickly tags in. Marko contemplates tagging to Jungleboy but opts against it, gets a lucha arm drag in. Simultaneous tags, Jungleboy with a hip toss takeover, Grayson with a headscissor counter. Dropkick, tag to Marko, gets a super spinning headscissor in, tag to Jungleboy. Leap frog, Frankensteiner takes Stu to the middle rope, Marko with a senton onto his back! Jungleboy pulls him out, pin for 2. Singles out an arm, tag to Marko who comes in with a double footstomp. Marko hits the ropes, Uno tries to low bridge, Marko stops short but Grayson gets him with a roll-up. Kickout, but in Uno comes with a kick, tags in, goes up top. Swanton, Uno is clearly terrified of crushing the boy as he barely even touches him, cover for a nearfall. (Not a knock, just find it nice.)

Tag to Grayson, stomps Marko and kicks him to the apron, springing senton crushing him against the HARDEST PART OF THE RING! Poses on the outside. Comes in, dragging Marko away as he was going for a tag, Uno tags in and keeps hold of the wrist. Marko tries to fight out to no avail, short-arm clothesline. Uno snaps a finger! Drags him back to his corner, quick tags and isolation commence, commercial break but the match coninues in the inset. Grayson hoists Marko up, verrrrrry delayed vertical suplex, nailed for a nearfall! Marko with some upkicks, but Grayson grabs him up powerbomb position and runs with him hanging upside down! Drives him into his corner, tags to Uno again. Uno just tosses him into the corner. Marko with a back elbow, escapes under, but Grayson tags in to prevent a tag yet again. He’s double teamed in the corner, Uno tagged in, Sidewalk Slam/Legdrop combo for a nearfall!

Uno taunts Marko, standing between him and his partner. Marko gets a good slap to the face in, but eats a running kick. Cover for a nearfall. Pulls him up, lifts him effortlessly with one arm, Fallaway Slam sends him flying. Nearfall. Shoots him to the ropes, Marko ducks a shot, gets sprung up but reverses into a crazy DDT! Standing 10 count, he wants the tag but Grayson pulls Jungleboy off the apron! He ducks a clothesline on the outside though, gives him one of his own, hops up, Marko ducks a shot and makes the hot tag! Jungleboy with a suicide dive to Grayson, running dropkick to Uno, pin, Grayson comes in with a senton but Jungleboy avoids it and he crashes onto him! Cover for 2.

Tag back to Marko, double irish whip, Uno reverses and rams them into each other. Tag to Grayson, but Jurassics hit a double dropkick to him, Jungleboy hooks Uno for a running enziguri from Marko, they grab Grayson, Marko stumbles on the top rope but gets a springing Dragon Rana anyhow, Jungleboy charges into Uno but he drives him onto them to break it up. Dark Order taken to the floor, Marko tries for a dive, but they block, double superkick. Thrown into the ring, Grayson with a huge pop-up backbreaker, Uno tagged in, springing neckbreaker for the fall.

Winners: The Dark Order

Aside from the one botch, a pretty good match!

Afterwards Uno gets on the mic, boos already. Uno says boo all you want, give it up for Marko! This young man of small stature is ridiculed every day. But still he shows promise! He can be a winner, he can be better, he can have a purpose. He offers him a spot in the Dark Order. Offers a Creeper mask. Jungleboy gets in between them, showing the Babysaurus mask instead. Uno says he can respect that, then sics his boys on him, Creepers swarm in on him! Uno forces the Creeper mask onto Marko, chant of “Luchasaurus”… AND OUT HE COMES! Creeper runs down the ramp for him, big boot slams him against the ramp! Creepers continue to charge only to get taken down with a spinning backfirst, one with a tope gets a headbutt out of the air!

Luchasaurus into the ring. Tail Whip takes out three Creepers at once! Grabs one, throws him onto a ton of others at ringside. Uno bails as Grayson eats a Roundhouse Kick, chokeslam, standing moonsault! Jurassic Express reunited in the ring, big pop! Very nice to see him again.

Shawn Spears out now. He’ll be in action after the commercial.

Oh, it’s Darby! And he’s introduced as Skateboarding In From Seattle, cute. Gets a big chant. Avalon’s also there, guess I missed him in the inset.

Shawn Spears vs. Darby Allin vs. Peter Avalon

Chant of “Let’s Go Darby” as the bell rings. Darby and Spears meet in the middle and bicker, Peter goes up top to try and capitalize, flies off, but they both avoid him and he just hits the mat. They toss him to the floor. Darby avoids Spears’ holds, springs off for the super high arm drag, taking him to the floor! Hits the ropes for a dive, Avalon in to cut him off, waistlock shoved off, takes him to the apron, Darby with a dropkick takes him to the floor! Darby up top! Looking at Avalon, but Spears hops to the apron, clips the leg out from under him to land on his backside on the top buckle. Collapses to the apron, Spears in the ring, back suplex for a cover, 2 count. Chops him, then goes outside to strike Avalon, back suplex takes him onto the apron!

But as he’s out there, Joey Janela emerges from the stage! Spears meets him, Janela throwing hands, no DQ in triple threats here. Janela takes him over the barrier, Spears drags him back  out, the two fight their way out, leaving Darby with Avalon. He hops over a leg clip from Leva, springs up to hit his flipping Stunner. Goes up top, Coffin Drop, that’s that!

Winner: Darby Allin

Continued the Janela/Spears feud, which I’m all for as there’s a lot more story to tell there, and Darby gets a win on Dynamite. Works for me.

Darby on the mic afterwards… calls out Jon Moxley! Says he accepts and makes his leave!

Hoo boy, now there’s a guy who might want another unsanctioned match… that’s a feud I’m certainly interested in!

Nyla Rose comes out after a commercial, they announce Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin next week!

Nyla Rose vs. Danni Jordan

Danni backs up, intimidated into the corner. Evades, throws hands to no effect. Ducks a big boot, throws hands, but then takes one to the chest, brutal! Nyla grabs her by the throat, Danni escapes on a chokeslam attempt, slaps her across the face. That was a mistake. Big clothesline from Nyla, power whip to the corner. Body shot, charges from across the ring for an avalanche! Hoists her up, big Samoan Drop. Destructive Sit-out Powerbomb, that’s that.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Quick and effective. Nyla’s perfect for squashes at this phase.

They show what occurred with Hager’s assault on Dustin Rhodes a couple of weeks ago, noting that he’ll be able to resume training in a couple of weeks.

They announce a Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale next week, where the winner gets a diamond ring.

Tony Schiavone speaking with Allie in the ramp, notes that she’s going up the rankings, which you can check on AEW’s website. Notes that she’s #4. Allie gets a cheap pop for Nashville. Says she’s shown what she can do on AEW Dark but thinks it’s time she does the same on Dynamite. Lights go out to cut her off… Kong appears on the stage. Brandi emerges from behind her, she was completely eclipsed. She charges down, Allie rushes her, but eats a backfist. Kong is wearing locks of Bea’s hair around her waist.

Brandi swarms on Allie, pinning her down as Kong takes out the blade and clips the hair of Allie. Taking another victim I suppose.

Jericho will have a promo up next!

Out he emerges to the ring, title and jacket in tow. Says much to the chagrin of everybody here in Nashville, Chris Jericho is still Le Champion! In spite of his words that does get a pop. Says once again he proved to be exactly what he says he is, the greatest of all time. And that’s why once again, he’ll keep saying it, he demands a thank you from every single member – you can boo if you want! (Gets some boos.) He demands a thank you from every single AEW member, from the back office to the front office. He wants a thank you from people that matter, not jackasses from Nashville.

He says he’s put down everybody put in front of him, from Kenny to Hangman to Nick Jackson to… Cody. Again calls him an entitled millineal son of a bitch. This gets heat, and a chant of “Cody”… lights go out! Cody’s dramatic entrance starts… but out emerges MJF instead! Tons of fire and pyro as he comes out to a ton of heat. He’s here with a mic and steps into the ring. Demands that Cody’s music be cut, and the nuclear heat pours in. Loud chant of “Asshole”. MJF tells Christopher that they’ll talk in a bit but he has something to get off his chest.

Says the people don’t like him very much, do they? Are they upset because he threw the towel in? Well if he didn’t, their favorite little wrestler’s career would be over! You want to boo him like he’s a villain, meanwhile you’ve been cheering for the real villain the whole time and that villain’s name is Cody! Mocks the people for loving Cody. Says Cody couldn’t give less of a shit about every single one of you, because the real Cody only cares about himself! There’s only one person on this whole planet who knows the real Cody and you’re looking at him, the real Cody is a liar, a user and abuser.

MJF says the real Cody saw a young bright-eyed bushy tailed kid and all he saw was someone he could make into his puppet. And that sociopath stuck his hand out with a smile on his face and said “Hey kid, I want to be your mentor.” Chant of “Bullshit”, MJF says the only thing that’s bullshit is that Cody pretended he gave a damn about him. Says he not only wanted to put him under his wing, but hold him under his thumb. But his thumb ain’t big enough. Whether you like it or not, you are looking at the new face of AEW! “Because, Cody Rhodes, I’m better than you and you know it.”

Chant of “Cody”, MJF says you can chant his name all you want, he’s not here, doesn’t care about you. Then turns to Chris Jericho, says if he was gonna make a Mount Rushmore of wrestling, Jericho would be in his third or fourth installment. Notes that he heard that Jericho wants him to join the Inner Circle. Jericho says that HE heard that MJF wanted to join the Inner Circle! They start being all coy and doing a bit about this. MJF says “Listen criss-cross apple sauce, I’m sure you’d like me to join your little inner circlejerk…” calls that a freudian slip, notes Jericho’s love of taking a little bit of the bubbly. But like the inbred hicks here, he might be drinking a little too much because if you think that the youngest, fastest rising star in professional wrestling history wants to join you? That’s a little wild.

Jericho says that’s funny because he thinks he might wanna be a little like Chris Jericho. Says they have a lot in common, notes they’re both handsome, funny guys from Long Island that like scars and crushing it, says perhaps his parents got a little horny as they saw him beating up Juventud Guerrera 25 years ago on Saturday Night. MJF asks who the hell is Juvy? Jericho and MJF keep asking if they want him to be in the Inner Circle, just going in circles, ironically. Jericho and MJF then start asking who the biggest jackass in AEW is, get in each other’s face, say they’re about to say it: Cody Rhodes! They hug in the middle of the ring.

Cody emerges from the stage! QT Marshall and stagehands try to keep from him coming down. But he rushes past them, takes out MJF and (on a second try) hits a Snap Powerslam on Jericho! But in comes Wardlow in a suit with a burberry tie to take Cody from behind! Fireman’s Carry Driver! Wardlow rips off his toe, wraps it around Cody’s neck and throws him over the top rope to choke him out! Medics and refs have to save Cody.

Man the Inner Circle is getting big. In the inset, we see MJF blow a kiss to Cody as he makes his leave. He’s helped to the back. PAC is also making his entrance already.

PAC vs. Hangman Page

Page charges, PAC evades him into the corner, enziguri! Goes up top, but Page scrambles away. PAC pursues, gets him with spinning kicks. Kicks him to the floor, hits the ropes, corkscrew tope takes him down. PAC up top again, big moonsault to the floor! Throws him inside the ring, goes up top, wants the Shooting Star but Page avoids it, PAC taken to the corner, running dropkick to the head! Throws him outside, Suicide Dive! Whips him back in, shoots him to the ropes, Pop-Up Powerbomb for a nearfall!

Punch exchange, Page wins out, chops him into the corner. PAC gets a boot up on a charge, floats over to the top rope, but eats a mid-air big boot for a 2 count! Page pulls PAC up to his feet, big chop! Takes him to the top rope, another chop, pursues. Hangman wants an Avalanche Fallaway Slam, PAC headbutts him to counter, taking him to his feet on the mic. Crisp Missile Dropkick! PAC up top once more, waits for Page to get up. PAC with another missile dropkick, this one to the back of the head! Cover for a nearfall! Page to the apron, PAC with a running kick to the head. PAC goes out to the apron as well. charges, Page counters with a black hole slam onto the apron! Hangman up top now, moonsault to the floor and he lands on his feet off the shot!

Forces PAC to his feet and into the ring, commercial break. We come back to see Page throwing elbows! Winning out on a boo/yay spot seems like. PAC back body drops him to the apron, Page tries for the Buckshot, PAC with a superkick to counter gets blocked, but he rips the foot away and hits a superkick anyhow! Page lands on his feet off of a German Suplex attempt, Discus Lariato from Page! Chant of “AEW” as both men are down! Hangman wants a suplex, PAC floats over, standing switches of the waistlock, taken to the ref in the corner. PAC tries for his low blow, Page catches the leg again but PAC turns it into an enziguri! Rolls him up deep, Page kicks out! Running elbow takes PAC down, forces him to the floor, chant of “This Is Awesome”! PAC sits on a chair, another callback, Page pursues, PAC wants his brainbuster onto the chair but Page counters with a brainbuster to the floor of his own! Throws him in, springs in for the Buckshot Lariat! Nearfall, very close!

Page pursues PAC into the corner, PAC uses the ref between them, gets a pump kick to Page’s face! And a second one! Stomping the back of the head now, ref has to pull PAC off! Getting into his face, PAC keeps ignoring him and going for more stomps. Positions him, goes up top. Black Arrow to the back! Into the Brutalizer, Page is unconscious here, those kicks knocked him out. Ref calls for the bell.

Winner: PAC

Ref struggles mightily to pull PAC off the hold afterwards, he is just as salty as ever after getting the win in this series.

Tag title match is up next! But backstage, Young Bucks and P-N-P are brawling! Matt powerslams Ortiz through a table! Santana jumps off a forklift onto both Bucks and several trainers. Santana rips Nick away from the brawl, throws him into a door, and Orange Cassidy is just standing there behind it. He slowly closes the door, then turns into a double superkick! Brawl continues in the inset during commercial. Chaotic stuff, fighting through catering and seems like they’re nearing the arena. Yep, they’re each going through different entryways! Brawl has spilled into the crowd, mop being used as a weapon. They fight their way to ringside, Matt gets hit with a big back body drop over the barrier! Santana wants a brainbuster to Nick, people finally get between them again, Matt flies off the apron onto the group!

They finally get some separation as we come back, just in time to see the Bucks superkick some trainers! And the fight continues! Sock filled with baseballs taken to the ribs of Matt Jackson! Nick selling his leg on the stage. They take the leg into the staging, just slam the Blackjack (their word for the sock filled with baseballs) into Nick’s wounded leg! Matt gets taken near the commentator’s table. They take out some spray paint and spray a white circle on the floor. They want a double powerbomb, the same thing they did to Ricky Morton and they nail it, sending Matt right through some plywood through the stage!

Forcing Nick up now, finally a save as Brandon Cutler gets Nick away from them. They say they’ll leave… but then yell “WE LIED” and assault Cutler as well. Private Party out now, crowd chants their name as they get P-N-P to back off. Matt gets pulled out of the rubble of the stage. Looks like Matt Jackson’s gonna be selling his back again. Next week, Private Party and P-N-P will be squaring off, wasted no time announcing that. Matt Travis’ death is acknowledged.

SCU out now, main event time. Scorpio with the mic for his “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Nashville is, as one might expect, the worst town they have ever been in! They couldn’t do it without Daniels seems like, very cute. Daniels says they might be a bad town but they’re filled with badass wrestling fans. They hate the town but they love the fans which is why they brought them a little sampling of California Love. Frankie says on that sweet note, he’s got three letters he loves to say and if you say it with him, it’ll make his day. Let’s get a loud proud SCU!

AEW World Tag Team Championships: SCU (c) vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara (w/ Jake Hager)

Jericho starts with Frankie, lock-up, Kazarian gets him to the corner, clean break. Lock-up again, Jericho takes him to the corner, tries an arm drag instead of a clean break but Kazarian counters with a couple of his own. Jericho gets to his feet off an arm wringer, chops him away, but a big dropkick to the face! Jericho’s all jumbled up after, does a little Eddie Guerrero knee-run back to his corner on the anniversary of his death. Tag to Sammy Guevara and Scorpio Sky, Scorpio with a big spinning backbreaker. Tag to Kazarian, springboard leg drop, 2 count. Sammy with a chop.

Shoots him to the ropes, Kazarian leapfrogs, drop toe hold takes him to the middle rope, Scorpio with a Tiger Feint Kick, big german from Kazarian takes Sammy onto his head! Jericho rushes in just to eat a dropkick from Scorpio! FInal commercial of the night, as Kazarian takes Sammy down with forearms in the inset, cover for 2. Kazarian throwing hands to Sammy, hits the ropes, Jericho with a leg trip! Sammy with a running splash to the back of Kazarian, cover for 2. Tags in Jericho, Sammy holds Kazarian down as Jericho walks across his back. Back suplex takes him onto the mat, arrogant cover for 2, Jericho poses. Slap fight, Kazarian fights back to his feet! Hits the ropes, Jericho with a Kitchen Sink knee, then a basement dropkcik to the face!

Jericho takes Kazarian to the Inner Circle corner, Sammy tags in and gets a pumping fireman’s carry into a Samoan Drop! Lax cover, Kazarian counters with a crucifix for 2! Kazarian takes him to the corner, Guevara up top, flips behind Kazarian, dropkick takes him to the corner! Sammy poses, almost Tranquilo-style in the ring, Jericho comes in to pose alongside him! Sammy with a snapmare to Kazarian, side headlock! Kazarian with elbows to the gut, Guevara with a beautiful outta nowhere Spanish Fly! Shooting Star Press, Kazarian evades! Kazarian ducks a clothesline, tag to Scorpio! Scorpio ducks a shot, springing back elbow! Shoots him to the ropes, pretty dropkick to Sammy, Jericho rushes in to eat one of his own! Scorpio takes Sammy up, whip reverses, Sammy leaps up but gets taken down with a Spinebuster, neckbreaker for a nearfall!

Scorpio gets Guevara onto the shoulders, Sammy escapes, rising knee to the face! Hits the ropes, Scorpio with a pump kick! Springboard Neckbreaker for a nearfall! Dragon Sleeper applied! Jericho just rushes in and slaps him across the face to break it. Kazarian in, back body dropped to the apron, Guillotine Legdrop to Jericho! Scorpio with a high kick to the face of Guevara, they want SCU Later but Hager pulls Kazarian out of the ring! Takes him down! Guevara with an inside cradle, very close nearfall! Daniels with a tope to Hager, but he gets caught! Taken down and pummeled! Sammy with a dragon whip to Scorpio, tags in Jericho! But Jericho gets taken down, double foot stomp to the back! TKO! Clooose nearfall… Scorpio reversed on a whip, but holds the ropes to avoid a dropkick! Taken down through, Jericho wants a lionsault, knees up from Scorpio! Scorpio springs to the top rope, wants a corkscrew crossbody, CODEBREAKER OUT OF THE AIR! Somehow Scorpio kicks out!!! Inside Cradle from Scorpio, AND HE GETS THE 3!

Winners: SCU

Whaddya know! I called one! Scorpio got the upset win and Jericho is throwing a tantrum, throwing the barrier, hitting it with a chair, slamming it against the post as we fade out!

Scorpio gonna get himself a title shot down the road for sure! That’s that for tonight.

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