NWA Powerrr Recap & Results | Episode 5 | James Storm vs. Colt Cabana

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NWA Powerrr Recap & Results | Episode 5 | James Storm vs. Colt Cabana

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here for a recap of this week’s NWA Powerrr!

We see clips of the last few weeks, including Ricky Starks confronting Aron Stevens, and Eli Drake’s inciting of the situation with James Storm, Nick Aldis and Colt Cabana. This resulted in Cabana winning his way to a shot at James Storms’ NWA National title. That title match is going down tonight!

David Marquez introduces Colt himself! Cabana notes his victory last week, repping Team Aldis vs. Team Storm. Says he’s been doing this a long time and thinking of himself as a main eventer is a little bit humbling, but he thinks he deserves it. Says tonight, as a main eventer, he’ll face Storm for the title in the main event!

Marquez then transitions to a video of Starks defeating Stevens last week, and now Aron Stevens is with him. He yells SILENCE and addresses Ricky Starks. Says obviously everyone knows it’s a fluke, he hasn’t been in the ring for a little bit, you could call it ring rust… fans heckling him and he yells that he is speaking. Says bottom line, he’s better than Starks, has a better track record and he’s petitioned to get a rematch in a match befitting the tradition of NWA. Chant of “You got beat!” from the fans, Stevens calls them insolent knaves. Marquez asks what kind of match he’s referring to, Stevens says if he knew he’d tell you. But he’s just found out that he is in fact the Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson of William Shakespeare himself. Enormous boos, Stevens asks if they’re booing Shakespeare. Quotes him by saying a man may fall a thousand times. And the NWA best answer him quickly because if not, he will go back to Hollywood and leave professional wrestling.

Commercial showing Nick Aldis failing at video games. Noting that NWA is coming to RetroMania Wrestling. Appropriate!

The Dawsons vs. Matthew Mims & Jordan Kingsley

Lock-up, Zane and Mims start, Zane backs him into a corner, has to break. Cheap shot in on Kingsley, Mims with shoulder thrusts, tags Kingsley in, leaping charge meets a big uppercut. Tag to Dave, double delayed front suplex. Kingsley punches his way out, hits the ropes, just gets popped up and crashes to the mat. Tag to Zane, big boot leads directly to a sidewalk slam/neckbreaker. Zane pins, but then pulls him up before the win! Dave tags in, biel to Kingsley sending him to his corner. Mims tags in, sends some hands, only to get a big dropkick from Dave! Tag to Zane, double powerbomb picks up the victory!

Winners: The Dawsons

Another solid squash, Dawsons have looked pretty good thus far.

On the mic after, Dave points out that they’ve already beaten the No. 1 Contenders so they need a tag title shot. Says every single team they’ve been in the ring with, they’ve bulldozed through, so they deserve a title shot. Kingston and Homicide emerge! Chant of “Eddie”. Kingston says he’s not here to bitch and moan. Says it was No DQ, doesn’t matter who interfered, Dawsons won and that’s that. But if the guys want a title shot, why not come wrestle them one more time? Because they still have a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Champions and they’re willing to put that shot on the line.

Dave says he beat them already… but they’ll think about it. Make their leave, to many jeers.

Joe Galli standing with Tim Storm in a pre-tape. Galli says he’s had a lot of ups and downs, and honestly he’s had a lot of downs on NWA Powerrr. Lot of people are asking if he’s thinking of taking off the boots. Storm says he’s never thought about it, but part of being on that mountaintop is that you can’t stay there forever. He’s been in the valley. He’s tried to climb back and it hasn’t worked like he thought it would. Again puts over Nick Aldis as a great champion, he’s proud of the match that they had and he has no regrets. But he doesn’t know where to go from here.

Galli says while the 10 Pounds of Gold isn’t within his grasp anymore, NWA has other championships to pursue. Storm smiles and says just hearing is kind of heart-breaking, but every title in NWA is important. He’d be honored to hold any of them, he just doesn’t know at this point if that what his future holds. Galli asks if there’s anything he could do to get back to that mountaintop. Storm says the stipulations are real and the ship has sailed.

Nick Aldis comes in, leads him around the ring for a quiet conversation. We zoom in to overhear Aldis saying “look around you”. Tells him that NWA Powerrr wouldn’t have been happening without him, they built this house. Warns him not to let Eli Drake get into his head and tell him things he doesn’t believe. Says that he knows who he is, don’t say something you’ll regret, everything is possible. Aldis says he won’t let him walk away from this.

Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa with a sleeper to start, Vox has to push her into the ropes to force a delayed break. Rosa drags the hair across the top rope. Big chop. Shoots the ropes, Vox ducks, throws hands, headbutt! Hits the ropes, only to get caught with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Sharp kick to the back. Stomps and grinds her into the bottom turnbuckle. Pulls her up, snapmare, another kick to the shoulder blades! Pin for 2. Axe kick to the small of the back. Elbow strikes to the back of the head. Body scissors locked in. Vox fights out, only to get her face thrust into the canvas. Rosa pulls her up, Vox with forearms to try and get back into it. Hits the ropes, Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors turns into the Real Catch, a submission hold that sees her lock both arms and fish hook the face as she stands to her side. Rosa escapes, running knee to the face, double footstomp off the top and that is that.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Afterwards, Rosa rains down shots until Marti Belle runs out! Rosa’s menacing drum beat starts again as she displays Vox on her knees before Marti and slowly makes her leave.

David Marquez gets a word with Marti after a commercial break. Asks what’s going on with Rosa. Marti doesn’t know, but talks about Allysin Kay not believing in her. She’s dealt with not believing in herself and when you think someone has your back… Kay knows how long she’s fought. Kay makes her way out during this to a round of boos. Kay asks Marti what this is. Says she couldn’t come talk to her directly? Out here venting in public, this isn’t Dr. Phil. But then she’s cut off, Thunder Rosa attacking her from behind! Throws her into the ring as Marti looks petrified. Rosa batters Kay in the ring as the drum beat starts again, Marti enters the ring… Rosa holding Kay by the head as if urging her to strike… and as the drum beat finishes, Marti with a pump kick to Kay!

Once again we hear about the Mark. Who it is, we may never know…

Ricky Starks out now for his rematch with Stevens. We then see Stevens, in his robe, with Marquez. Stevens calls Stark an insolent knave and says there is no way he can beat him… in a 2 out of 3 falls match!

2 Out Of 3 Falls: Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens got some flesh-colored trunks here, interesting decision. Stevens charges as the bell rings, Starks with an immediate roll-up and there’s the first fall right there! Stevens ducks to the outside and starts yelling “No!” as the crowd (directly behind him) yells “Yes!”

30 second rest period is over, Stevens re-enters. Another roll-up, Stevens barely kicks out! Goes out onto the apron to try and avoid him. Slowly gets back in, eats a big uppercut. Starks shoots him to the ropes, big dropkick! Starks with a chop getting him into the corner, shoulder thrusts, rams him into a corner. Starks says “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” before chopping him again. Stevens can’t get out of the blocks, battered into another corner, ref admonishes Starks and Stevens takes advantage with a thumb to the eye! Takes him down, knee drops, cover for 2. Vertical suplex for a 2 count! Chinlock, turns into a headlock on the mat.

Starks fights to his feet, elbows out of it, but Stevens with a clubbering blow. Starks reverses a whip but eats a boot off a back body drop attempt. Back elbows, uppercut strike. Whip to the corner, reverse charge smash, big Tornado DDT for a nearfall! Starks with a missile dropkick off the second rope, Stevens evades! Someone in the crowd calls him a loser. Stevens says “He’s the loser now!” and does a little bow… before getting caught with an inside cradle! That’s the second fall!

Winner: Ricky Starks

Stevens looks utterly stunned as another chant of “You got beat” rings out! Denial ensues yet again. Starks curtsies in mockery as Stevens makes his leave.

RetroMania Wrestling commercial plays again.

Title match time, and we got a ways to go in this video so this oughta be a battle.

NWA National Championship: James Storm (c) w/ Eli Drake vs. Colt Cabana w/ Ken Anderson

Lock-up, Colt with a side healdock. Storm shoots him off, Colt gets a shoulder block. Lock-up again, Storm gets him into the corner but Cabana gets out with strikes. Another shoulder block. Catches a kick, gives him a chop. Storm reverses a whip into the corner, Cabana hops off the turnbuckle, slides between the legs, gets a trip, cover for 2. Wrist lock, arm bar. Cabana catches himself off a corner whip, back elbow, goes up top. But Storm kicks his legs out from under him, vicious DDT from the second rope! Cabana rolls to the floor, Drake and Anderson are bickering as Storm pursues. Pulls Cabana up, chop, throws him into the ring. Storm stomping him down in the ring now. Elbow drop to the thigh, working over the right leg, the injury he exploited to win the title originally.

Stomp, cover for a 1 count. Keeps the assault on the leg, smashing it against the canvas. Storm up top, comes off, Cabana with a boot up, Storm catches it, only to get a sharp upkick from the opposite foot! Cabana ducks a clothesline, blade chop! And another! Blocks a shot, big punches! Cabana with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! Charges, Flying Apple! Takes him to the opposite corner, arm wringer takedown, cover for 2! Storm stops him, shoulder thrusts in the corner, Cabana with a unique sunset flip for 2. Bionic elbow! Charges, Storm gets him onto his shoulders, TKO onto the top rope! Storm trips him to the floor, baseball slide dropkick wipes him out!

Storm throws him into the ring, goes up top, big elbow drop for a nearfall! Storm takes him up top, brutal uppercut, geeze! Storm pursues, Cabana with body shots, bionic elbow takes Storm to the canvas! Cabana off the top, Storm rolls, but Colt lands on his feet and gets an immediate splash for a nearfall! Colt with some shots, ducks a clothesline, combination of blows leading to a Bionic Elbow! Storm kicks the forearm off a charge, Backstabber for a nearfall! Cabana with forearms, discus elbow! Storm fires back with spinning kicks, hoists him up, Eye of the Storm! Nearfall! Drake jumps onto the apron and bickers with the count. Anderson pulls him down and gets in his face… Drake punches Anderson. Kamille emerges and locks eyes with Anderson? Meanwhile, in the ring, Storm is distracted by what’s going on, Cabana gets Storm down, Superman Pin and that is that!

Winner: Colt Cabana

A lotta questions off of that finish, but a pretty damn cool match. And we haven’t seen the last of it for sure so that’s good!

Anderson in the ring to celebrate with Cabana. Storm tells him he was a beaten man and Colt knows it. Says he’ll see him real soon. Storm leaves, gets in the face of Anderson before backing off.

But we’re not done yet. Dawsons emerge to keep the show from ending! Dave says they’re not waiting for anybody! They’re doing the match right now!

Dawsons get into the ring, say they aren’t going anywhere. Commentary explains that they’re at the end of their scheduled programming… but Homicide and Kingston run out and the bell rings!

The Dawsons vs. Eddie Kingston & Homicide

Brawl to start, Homicide and Kingston grind them in the corner and ropes. Kingston with a knife edge chop to Dave, ref trying to get Homicide out of the ring, Dawsons with a sandwiching charge to Kingston, cover for a 1 count. Dave gouges Kingston’s eyes! Cheap shot to Homicide takes him to the floor. Tag to Zane, big punch to the side. Grinds Kingston into the second rope. Tag to Dave, gets some shots in, chops him in the corner. Kingston with a head butt, but a thumb to the eye quells the comeback quick! Kingston forced into the Dawson corner, but back elbows to both get him out of there!

Kingston struggles towards his corner, but Zane runs in to take Homicide off the apron! Tagged in, double delayed suplex! Zane pins, Homicide breaks it up! Kingston fights out of the corner, running STO to Zane, tag to Homicide! Homicide slams Zane in the corner, batters Dave into the opposite. Running clotheslines corner to corner, almost Rocky Romero Style! Finally Zane gets a boot up, Dave charges, Homicide evades and Dave nails Zane! Sends Dave onto the apron, Wild Card emerges, only for Homicide to dropkick Dave right on top of them! Homicide sends Dave into the ring. Signals, goes up top! But Wild Card onto the apron to block him, only for the Rock ‘N Roll Express to make their first Powerrr appearance to send ’em running!

Meanwhile, Zane with a sidewalk slam for a nearfall! Dawsons try for another sandwich, Homicide moves and they both collide! Kingston in, spinning backfist, Homicide with the Gringo Cutter, and that is that!

Winners: Kingston & Homicide

This team are announced as Outlaw Inc, missed that name up until that point but will use it going forward. Fun win, nice bit of unpredictability to the conclusion of this here. It was teased we’d get a response from the Dawsons next week, but nope, lot ended up happening this episode!

Cool stuff. As always, really glad a show like NWA Powerrr exists.

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