Pro Wrestlings Newest Cult: Join All Elite Wrestlings ‘Dark Order’


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Pro Wrestlings Newest Cult: Join All Elite Wrestlings 'Dark Order'

This past episode of AEW Dynamite gave us more insight on The Dark Order, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson. The talented tag team formerly known as The Super Smash Bros, has been escorted to the ring by what has been called “The Creepers” who have helped them attack opponents and act as a human throne for Evil Uno.

Fans were initially unimpressed with the duo, but as AEW has fleshed out their characters, they’ve been getting a much more positive reception. After defeating the duo of Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt, Evil Uno offered Stunt power at a cost, and offered him one of the masks that their creepers have been known to wear. Stunt reached out for it, only to be stopped by Jungle Boy. The Dark Order would then attack the beaten duo, prompting Luchasaurus to make the save. But Evil Uno clearly struck a cord with Marko Stunt.

What Exactly Is The Dark Order?

On AEW Dynamite, viewers were greeted by a very odd video package, which saw a man have his glasses broken before going onto a train, only to be greeted by a calming man speaking on a screen. He was reaching out to the overlooked, the defeated, the people who just can’t seem to get ahead in life. Join The Dark Order, and you’ll gain power.

This segment received great reception, with it easily boosting interest in the tag team. Are all their creepers people who they’ve overcome and gave the same offer as Marko Stunt? Or are they common people who simply lost their way and got sucked into the cult of The Dark Order. It offered a great amount of intrigue to this gimmick which many wrote off as a flop.

Cults In Wrestling

Cult like gimmicks are nothing new in wrestling, as they make for easy factions. The latest example is probably The Wyatt Family from WWE, which saw the now Fiend Bray Wyatt play the role of a charismatic southern cult leader, with his main followers being Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman. Other example include The Brood, Straight Edge Society, Dungeon Of Doom, and perhaps most famously, Ravens Nest. There is a plethora of material for the team to study for this gimmick.

I’ve been a longtime supporter of Uno & Grayson, so I’m glad people have finally turned around their opinions on the team. Sometimes all it takes for something to make sense in wrestling is a bit of patience.

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