The Fallout of AEW (All Elite Wrestling) Full Gear – Fallen Angel Returns, MJF Turns On Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley Reigns Supreme


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All Elite Wrestling (AEW)’s Full Gear PPV is now behind us, and it was a fantastic show, with some interesting developments that will certainly drive AEW Dynamite until their next PPV.

Young Bucks Can’t Seem To Find Success

The Young Bucks are one of the most esteemed and decorated tag teams in recent memories, winning tag team titles in just about every company they worked for. The worked behind the scenes at AEW to scout the tag division we see today, and they might have done a bit too good a job at this. They lost in the first round of the tournament for the AEW Tag Team Championships to Private Party, and at Full Gear lost in the opening contest to the team of Santana & Ortiz, known in AEW as ‘Proud’ N Powerful’. The Young Bucks need to tighten up and start stringing together some victories if they want to get a chance at the tag team gold which is currently held by Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarain of SCU.

Fallen Angel Returns

Following a successful defense of their AEW Tag Team Championships against Private Party & The Lucha Brothers, SCU would be beat down by The Lucha Brothers, showing their frustration at not being able to beat this team. The lights would go out, and another man dressed as Pentagon Jr would take the fight to the lucha libre superstars, only to be revealed as Chirstopher Daniels, the third man of SCU who was injured in a brutal attack a few weeks ago on Dynamite during the tag team tournament. SCU have shut down Lucha Brothers at every turn, but Daniels still has a bone to pick with them, which I’m sure will be done in the coming weeks.

MJF Turns On Cody

The biggest story out of Full Gear came after the conclusion of the AEW Championship match, where Cody failed to defeat Chris Jericho. Cody fought valiantly, but when locked in the Liontamer and helpless, MJF threw in the towel on Cody’s behalf. He looked distraught at what he did, as this loss means Cody can never challenge for the AEW Championship again, but that was all an act.

Cody went to embrace the man he thought was his best friend, only to be hit with a swift kick right to the groin. MJF walked off with a satisfied look, and had a fan throw their drink at his as he reached the top of the ramp, something which he barely even reacted to. Like a true villain, he let go of Cody as soon as Cody had no more use to him. What sparked this change? I’m sure he’ll tell us on Dynamite this Wednesday. Cody & The Elite will not let this go easily, especially if MJF joins Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. He also has some friends in MLW he could bring along in Alex Hammerstone & Richard Holliday, who alongside MJF formed ‘The Dynasty’.

Jon Moxley Leaves Kenny Omega Broken

In a 38 minute war that closes the show, Jon Moxley emerged victorious over ‘The Best Bout Machine’ Kenny Omega, after hitting an Elevated Double Armed DDT right onto the exposed planks that build a wrestling ring. This was the conclusion of a match that involved plenty of barbed wire, tables, broken glass, a chain, and even an ice pick. Moxley delivered his promise of wrestling violence, and Kenny tried his damnedest to stop him. It was a hard match to watch at times, yet I was glued to my TV through it all.

While this match won’t be counted in AEW’s record books due to it’s unsanctioned nature, it’s safe to say that Jon Moxley has a strong claim to the role of top contender for Chris Jericho & his AEW Championship. He is yet to be defeated in singles action, with his only blemish being a time limit draw against PAC, who was beaten by Adam Page earlier in Full Gear.

Moxley is a force of violence, but Jericho has his Inner Circle to back him up. He might need to find allies to back him up to lessen the numbers advantage, he’s well known for his team work in trios, so even just two more capable men could even the odds for Moxley.

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