AEW Dark Episode 10 Recap (12/10/2019) | All Elite Wrestling

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AEW Dark Episode 10 Recap (12/10/2019) | All Elite Wrestling

It’s Tuesday, which means another episode of AEW Dark! All Elite Wrestling’s secondary show and YouTube series always has some unique stuff going for it and tonight looks to be no exception!

We start with a video package documenting what went down on AEW Dynamite last week and what we have to look forward to tomorrow.

Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez back again, seems like it’ll be a thing now that they’ll be filmed from different parts of the arena each week now, neat stuff. They discuss the situation with Jericho and Moxley constantly staring each other down. Quick card run-down. Excalibur this week is again joined by Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy is with him as well!

Librarians shush their way out as per usual. Peter says for a place that calls itself Champaign it sure looks like they all drink a bunch of Malt Liquor. Leva calls out the rudeness of this and shushes him.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Peter Avalon vs. Scorpio Sky

Havoc immediately flips off both competitors and bails, looking for weapons and incidentally chasing Leva Bates away. Scorpio pursues, big boot! Hot shot on Avalon, Scorpio tries to move back in but Leva grabs his ankle, Avalon wants an elbow drop but Scorpio breaks free in time to move and he lands on his elbow. Back in the ring, diving crossbody gets 2! Avalon throws Scorpio to the corner where Havoc hits a Japanese style arm drag into the turnbuckles! Sit-Out Facebuster to Avalon, snap suplex takes Scorpio into the corner again! Bites the calf of Sky. Forearm to Scorpio, Acid Rainmaker ducks, Scorpio with shots to both men, whip gets reversed, Avalon hits a knee lift on Scorpio, Jimmy Havoc with a running neckbreaker! Havoc and Avalon stomp Scorp.

Double whip to the corner, Avalon whipped into a forearm to Scorpio! Havoc with a running forearm too. Avalon surprises Jimmy with a kick to the gut, hits the ropes, diving double knees to the back! Peter shushes the crowd to some heat, Scorpio explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, lovely standing dropkick! Scorpio takes Havoc to the top rope, Tornado Hot Shot counter, bits the arm of Sky! Avalon charges, Scorpio evades and Avalon takes Havoc to the floor. Overhead Belly To Belly takes Avalon over the top rope onto Havoc! Tope Con Hilo takes out both men!!! Chant of “SCU”, Scorpio takes Havoc back into the ring, hits a back elbow. Springs into the ring for the cutter but Havoc catches him with an uppercut! Charge, Scorpio gets the boot up, goes up top but Havoc with an uppercut cuts him off, Sit-Out Michinoku Driver for the nearfall!

Havoc goes out again, grabs the staple gun from under the ring! Brings it in to use on Scorpio but Avalon hits him from behind! Leva hands him a book – it’s called Plan Of Attack! He reads it for a moment and then tries to swing it but Scorpio grabs it from him, deposits him from the ring, Scorpio attacks Havoc with the book! Springing Cutter, Avalon dumps Sky and tries to steal the pin but Havoc barely kicks out! Scorpio comes back in, TKO for the victory!

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Solid stuff, no surprises, just a good little triple threat match. Making Sky look good yet again, which ain’t too hard.

Dark Order vignette from this past week plays again. Recap of Jericho choosing Jungleboy as his final opponent of 2019.

Tag match time, and Silver and Reynolds have a theme and tron too! Mind you it’s fairly generic music and the tron is just heir names. Britt Baker is calling the action for this one.

Jurassic Express (Marko Stunt & Luchasaurus) vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds

Lucha starts with Reynolds. He tenatively walks towards the dino who just jerks towards him and scares him away. Silver tags in and tries to bow up to him as well, just to point out how he is much shorter. Britt points out that for the first 64 million years of his life, Lucha was shorter than Marko Stunt only to go through a huge growth spurt. Canon! Silver goes for a big chop, blocked, Luchasaurus with a wicked chop of his own! Reynolds walks in, eats a couple of vicious knees, push kick stomp! Tag to Marko, shoulder thrust to Silver! Rushes away, charges, Silver evades. Back elbow from Marko, goes up top, kicks Silver away, diving elbow to the back of the head! Running dropkick to Reynolds, wild shining wizard to Silver for a nearfall!

Silver bails, Marko hits the ropes for a tope but Reynolds cuts him off with a cheap shot! PK from Silver for a nearfall! Tag to Reynolds, stomps Marko against the bottom rope. Silver grinds him against the buckle. Scoop slam from Reynolds! Stands on the hair of Marko and pulls on his arms! Tag to Silver, Reynolds holds Marko down as his partner stomps him. Marko chops up against SIlver but eats a roundhouse kick for a nearfall! Chant for “Luchasaurus” as Marko keeps being worked over, Reynolds with a big boot from the apron, Silver covers for 2. Marko taken to the corner, Silver flexes. Charges, Marko with a back elbow, shots to both Reynolds and Silver. Wants to tag but Silver gets him up in a Military Press position!

Reynolds tags in, Marko gets dropped into a cutter for a nearfall! Reynolds wants a vertical suplex, inside cradle reversal gets 2. Marko tries to kick Reynolds away but he keeps hold of the ankle to prevent the tag. Marko misses an enziguri, wheelbarrow, Marko rolls through, springs forward for the tag to Luchasaurus! House of fire, combo of kicks to Reynolds! Wheelbarrow German Suplex to Silver! Kip up, big pop! Luchasaurus with roundhouse kicks to both men as the crowd chants his name, double goozle, double chokeslam! Saurus holds Silver up, Marko tags in, comes off the top rope with a Flipping Neckbreaker off Luchasaurus’ shoulders for the victory!

Winners: Jurassic Express

Yep, finally got that first win there, now Jungleboy has to do his part! He has a uh, slightly harder test ahead of him than Silver and Reynolds though.

Gonzalez and Schiavone then introduce Lexy Nair. She gives us a women’s division update after Kris Statlander upset the #1 ranked Hikaru Shida, and Nyla Rose destroyed Leva Bates, Shanna and Rick Knox, only to find herself suspended for it. We then see Brandi offer a spot to Statlander, only for it to end with a fan making the pledge and getting shaved bald instead.

Lexy Nair then brings up Big Swole, who’s story is being told here tonight. She describes her big personality and swole mentality. Mentions being clinically dead and being brought back to life, and having a cat scan where she was told she had 30 minutes to live due to Crohn’s Disease. They took her to the emergency room and removed two feet of her intestines, as they were about to explode in her body. And she was told she was never going to end up having kids or be active in her life again. This was a big strain on her mentally obviously, mentions having no one to share her love with or pass her stories down to without children. Completely broke down.

However, Swole found herself getting pregnant all the same, and now has a daughter named Odessa. We see some family shots, which includes her husband, Cedric Alexander! She says she knows she won’t always be motivated but that’s why she has to be disciplined. Says other people’s dreams depend on her reaching her own. She wants to be an inspiration for others with similar stories, whatever they might be suffering from. We see candid cam footage of Kenny meeting up with Swole right after an early AEW match, where he tells her the sky’s the limit for her and they want to keep bringing her back, basically offering a contract right then. The locker room then applauds her. Lovely stuff.

Lexy finishes by running down the rankings.

Christopher Daniels is being checked by the doctors, who says he probably came back too early. Alex Marvez notes that he took another piledriver from Pentagon Jr and asks if he’s alright. Daniels gets incensed, saying no he’s not alright, he’s f**king furious. All his strategy and experience, and he came out and f**ked up. Knew he came back early, wasn’t in the right mindset to beat someone as good as Pentagon Jr. He needs to figure out how to get into that mindset and do it quick.

We see the promo from the Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny last week. Recap of Cody’s many offers to MJF to try and get that match. We then see the social media interview from MJF where he takes credit for hiring the Butcher and the Blade to take Cody down, and picks a partner for Cody to face off with them. In trying to give him the weakest partner possible he picked QT Marshall.

Recap of Dustin Rhodes and the Young Bucks beating the Inner Circle in a six-man tag, and Santana & Ortiz pitching a fit backstage afterwards, demanding a street fight with the Young Bucks. We hear from Excalibur who claims that P-N-P don’t know what they’re in for. He’s watched the Bucks for years do some of the craziest sh*t in wrestling and with no rules they get even crazier. Notes that Guerilla Warfare matches are their bread and butter. Puts over the upcoming Texas Street Fight as a must-see.

Upcoming venue rundown, commercial for A Little Bit of the Bubbly.

Main event time!

Kip Sabian vs. Kenny Omega

Chant of “Kenny” as we start out. Lock-up, waistlock from Kenny, Kip with a hammerlock escape, Kenny with a snapmare, wants a front chancery but Sabian escapes. Terminator clap already these folks are prepared. Omega with a shoulder block, Sabian kips up (heh) but Omega just shoves him right down. Kip up again, leg sweep. Sabian kips up once more, gets in Kenny’s face, and gets slapped for it. Chop from Omega, and another! Kip evades one, fake-out, body shot. Kenny hooks Sabian in the ropes, Kip ducks a chop, whip reversed, slides between the legs, neither can get a move in as they grapple for position but a low dropkick from Omega clips him to the mat. Leaping Bulldog gets 2! Deep chop in the corner! Chant of “One more time”, Kenny indeed tries one… Kip covers up, much to the fan’s dismay. Kenny promises he won’t do it, then chops the hell out of him over and over!

Whip to the opposite corner, charging back elbow! Back suplex, Kip flips to his back to escape, kicks Kenny away, step-up enziguri! Goes up top, but Kenny with yet another chop, and a second takes him to the floor! Kenny teasing the Terminator Dive, everyone clapping and stomping along. Hits the ropes, but Penelope Ford hops up onto the apron to block his way! Distracting Kenny here, Sabian comes in, kick to the gut, Omega reverses a whip but Sabian with a flying headscissors! Distracts the ref, Penelope off the apron with a flying headscissor of her own! Sabian flies with a tope to Kenny, mocks the Terminator clap! Takes him into the ring, springboard dropkick for 2! Grinds Kenny into the middle rope. Takes him out of the ring, snapmare, front chancery. Kenny with body shots as he gets to his feet but a spinning back kick quells the comeback. Sabian hangs Kenny by the feet on the top rope, Elevated Spinning Neckbreaker for a nearfall!

Sabian with shots to the back as Kenny fights his way up, gets another chop in but Sabian with a thrust kick. Exchange of punches now! Boo/Yay commences! Kenny wins out with forearms, push kick, Sabian pushes it away but then gets caught with the Standing V-Trigger! Lariato flips Sabian! Polish Hammers. Spinning variant misses, Sabian tries an irish whip, reversed into the Fireman’s Carry, You Can’t Escape combo nailed for a nearfall! Terminator Clap once more as Kenny teases the Snap Dragon Suplex, Sabian struggles mightily and counters with an inverted enziguri. Omega takes Sabian to the apron but Kip springs back in for a Tornado DDT for a nearfall! Sabian hits the corner, charges, eats a boot, Kenny rolls over him, back body drop takes Kenny to the apron, gouge of the eyes from Kip. Ref Aubrey admonishes, allowing Penelope to grab Kenny’s leg, springboard singleleg dropkick from Kip! Kenny rolls into the ring, Springboard Dragonrana attempt from Kip, countered into a brutal powerbomb! Flips him through for a wicked Running V-Trigger! Kenny looks intense!

Hits the ropes for another V-Trigger, but Sabian grabs Aubrey Edwards and pulls him in the way, forcing Kenny to stop! Aubrey now admonishing again and Penelope Ford enters the ring! Kenny wants her to leave, gets slapped! Ducks a shot from Kip, Kenny with a clothesline, Kip ducks, Penelope surprises him with a Matrix Dodge, Stunner from Ford, leads to a Poison Rana from Sabian, PK for a narrrrow nearfall! Big chant of “Kenny”. Kip pulls down the knee pads. “This is awesome”. Wants the knee strike but Kenny catches it! Whips him around… Dragon Suplex countered with a waistlock, drop toe hold takes him to the middle rope, V-Trigger to the back of the head sets up him finally nailing the Snap Dragon! Kenny pulls Sabian up and taunts Penelope as he hits a second one! Ford into the ring!! Kenny hooks the arms, big pop! Thinks better of it, instead throwing her into Kip, another huge Snap Dragon, Tiger Driver ’98 for the nearfall! Goodness gracious! One last V-Trigger… One Winged Angel, that is that!

Winner: Kenny Omega

Great stuff as one would expect! Gotta love being able to see main events like that even on what is basically AEW’s answer to Sunday Night Heat, heh.

Tony and Dasha sign off, and I’m now doing the same. See you tomorrow folks!

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