AEW Dynamite Live Recap & Results (12/11/2019)

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AEW Dynamite Live Recap & Results (12/11/2019)

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here and AEW Dynamite is just moments away! I’ll be here to give you the live play-by-play of the show as it happens! Watch this space!

Amidst a loud cry of “AEW”, Jon Moxley’s theme hits and a jabroni is awaitin’ in the ring!

Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds

Running knee lift from Moxley, Paradigm Shift. Goodbye!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Works for me! Reynolds tries to jump Mox, gets despoted from the ring. His buddy John Silver rushes the ring, only to get a Paradigm Shift of his own! Big chant of “Moxley”… but now Chris Jericho’s music hits! Backed up by the rest of the Inner Circle, he makes way down the ramp.

Jericho and Moxley stand in the ring together! Chant of “F*ck Him Up” starts, gets censored, Jericho demands they watch their language which gets massive heat! Jericho tells Mox to stay cool, if they were gonna ambush him they would’ve already. It’s just two gentlemen having a conversation. Says since coming to AEW, Moxley is the top guy as far as he’s concerned. Not surprised, they have a long history. Remembers a decade ago when he first came to the nationwide stage, came to him for advice. Recalls his leather jacket, Kurt Cobain bowl cut. He asked Jericho how to get over, how to become a star, and he did. Then they became adversaries and beat the sh*t out of each other. He was thrown into tacks, had his property torn up… but he helped make him a world champion. And when he needed help years later he came to Jericho. Jericho says he navigated him through the waters, through the cracks, and led him to AEW. Huge chant of “AEW”.

Jericho says he repaid him by laying him out at Double or Nothing and that’s okay. Showed him he still has that chip on his shoulder, is still an asshole, still a winner. Says he’s only just now harnessing the power that he has within him and once again he needs Jericho. Boos. Jericho says shut up. Significantly more boos! Tells him to imagine what it would be like if Moxley joined the Inner Circle! Makes it official, asks him to join! Big chant of “No”, fans begging him not to! Jericho says it’s not an answer you can give in one night, and not an answer you’ll get from morons here in Dallas. Tells him to talk it over with his family. But he lets him know that him joining with them would be a true Paradigm Shift. Think hard, choose wisely. When you’re ready, we’ll be waiting. Jericho lays an Inner Circle shirt on Moxley’s shoulder. He looks a tad bewildered.

Everyone again chanting “No” as the Inner Circle leaves the ring. Jericho warns Moxley not to listen to them, they don’t know anything. They make their leave.

Commentary run down the card and it’s been announced that the winner of the Street Fight tonight will challenge SCU for the AEW World Tag Team Championships next week on the final Dynamite of the year!

Huuuuge pop and chant for “Cody” as he comes out for this next match. During the entrance, an inset promo from MJF wishes Cody luck but can’t pronounce QT Marshall’s name right and also accidentally calls “Champ” again even though he can never be one.

Cody & QT Marshall vs. The Butcher & The Blade

Another huge chant of “Cody” as the bell rings but QT starts out with the Blade… only for Cody to tag right in! Rolls on the mat, lock-up! Blade takes him into the corner, clothesline ducked, Cody with a Standing Dropkick! Corner Punches, shoved off, headlock from the Blade, shot off, shoulder block, Cody counters with a snap powerslam for a 1 count! Butcher tags in now! QT wants to tag in, Bunny laughs at this, Cody gets people into it and gives him a shot. QT tagged in, quickly taken to the corner as Butcher has quite a bit of power advantage. QT with a big right hand, to no effect. Hit the ropes, Bunny grabs the ankle! QT goes out to argue with the Bunny, allowing the Blade to tag in and hit a tope! Commercial, match continues in the inset. QT taken to the corner, back elbow escape, tag to Cody!

Ducks several shots, escapes to the floor. Takes a drink of water! The Blade comes over – he spits it right in his face! Rushes inside to try for the Cross Rhodes, Blade with a snapmare, Cody with a flying forearm, tag to QT who comes in with a double axe handle to the arm! Butcher blind tags in, Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex with a single leg dropkick! Takes Cody to the floor. Power whip takes QT to the corner! Blade tags in, clothesline. Pendelum Backbreaker setup, tag to Butcher, Side Slam/Legdrop combo gets a nearfall! QT being pounded on as we come back, struggling to make a comeback. Loud claps. QT dumped to the floor. Crowd is mad as Bunny got a cheap shot in on QT. Blade with a knife edge chop! QT with a Jawbreaker, enziguri! Crowd is losing it as he fights to his corner!

Butcher dashes in – low bridge takes him to the floor! QT wants the tag but the Butcher pulls Cody to the floor for big heat! Butcher tags in, combo of big shots in the corner, back body drop from Butcher, cover for 2! Butcher with a whip – sudden handspring enziguri from QT Marshall! Tag to Blade, Stinger Splash missed! QT finally makes the tag to a big reception! Running big boot from Cody, flying lariat, Goldust Uppercut! Lands on his feet off a back suplex attempt, Disaster Kick to the Butcher! Corkscrew Crossbody to the Blade for a nearfall! Springboard Cutter for a very close nearfall! Cody wants the Figure Four, gets kicked away, Bunny with a gouge of the eyes! QT with a blind tag to Save Cody, pushes him out of the way from a charging Blade, Pop-Up Haymaker takes Blade to the floor! QT with a flip tope taking out both men!! Huge chant of “QT”! He comes into the ring – hits Cross-Rhodes on Blade! Throws Cody into a Suicide Dive to the Butcher! QT with a top rope elbow drop! Daaaayam that was a close nearfall! Butcher takes Cody out on the outside and then both the Butcher and Blade gang up on QT in the ring! He does his damnedest to fight them both off, but eats a stunner, running knee strike, Suplex into Backstabber for the win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

Wow that was a way better match than expected. Awesome stuff!

After the Butcher and the Blade leave… Darby Allin comes down the ramp? Gets a huge pop and reception. Darby offers a hand to Cody… helps him to his feet! Good reception to that. Seems Cody has another ally!

MJF comes out to a looooot of heat. Talks to one of the ringside hands and demands he gets into the ring. Chant of “Asshole”. He says when Cody made a jab at his use of the Cross-Rhodes he noticed him laughing last week. Says he can make it up to him by kissing his diamond ring. He doesn’t want to but opts to do it anyway. He turns, faces up with Wardlow… MJF grabs him from behind and hits another Cross-Rhodes! Not really botched this time, just kinda passable. “You Suck D*ck” chant, censored, wish they’d stop doing it. MJF says with a microphone in Cody’s hand, he’s untouchable, aside from one guy.

And of all people he started throwing shots at that guy! Says you don’t throw rocks at a man with a machine gun and when he talks, these bullets don’t miss! Says he doesn’t need his crap or his money, he has enough to last him a life-time. What he needs is for Cody to suffer. But there was one line he decided to say, he decided to call him a Knock-Off Chris Jericho. Big pop! He takes issue with the fans’ reception. Asks why? Is it because of his scarf, the same one that people so boldly say is fake? A chant of “Fake”! This crowd is great. MJF says when he thinks of the word fake, he thinks of Cody! Insults his hair and his teeth. Says there’s one thing about him that’s very real and that’s his sh*tty little lisp! Intense heat for that. For THAT! MJF dares them to fire him! But he won’t, because the one thing he wants most in this world is to get his hands on him, plus he’d be letting down these people he claims to care about, because what they want to see is the two of them face off! Asks the crowd if they want to see it, gets them into a frenzy, says “YOU’RE ON! …Buuut…” big heat. Says he has a few stipulations but he won’t tell him about them in Honkyville, Texas. Yet more heat. Chant of “Asshole”. Says he’ll give him the stipulations in Jacksonville. MJF has the cameraman zoom in and says he knows he’s back there foaming at the mouth waiting for someone to release him, but he’s in control now and not him, because he’s better than you and you know it.

Dark Order vignette plays, with their spokesman apparently being part of a hotel management or something? Alex Reynolds is on the bed and the guy addresses him directly. Says they’ve been the Beaver Boys lose for weeks. That’s the name of that team I guess. Tells him to stop being a jobber and join the Dark Order. John Silver walks in to find him beside himself.

Emi Sakura vs. Big Swole

Chant of “Swole” as Sakura plugs her ears. Swole wants a Test of Strength! She wins out on it, flexes! Whip reverses to the corner, floatover, forearm! Snapmare, handspring, kick to the face for a 2 count! Sakura with a Bell Clap, grabs the hair! Hair Biel! Just tosses her across the ring by the braids! Ref gets in her face over this, Swole with a leg kick! Emi grabs the hair again but gets a back hand for it! Drop toe hold from Sakura, Romero Special! Into the Surfboard! Rolling around with her now, torturous! Flings her away. Commercial break, match continues in the inset as Sakura chops her to the mat, keeping a hold of that wrist. Half Nelson, still playing with that hair, actually putting it in her mouth! Takes her to the corner, chops to the chest! Swole trying to fight out, but gets locked into a delayed Reverse STO! Aaaand the inset just goes away.

We come back, headbutt to the sternum! Swole with a charging uppercut in the corner! Wheelbarrow Facebuster! Driving European Uppercut! Nearfall. Emi with a Reverse Neckbreaker, stomps along for the claps. Charging crossbody in the corner! Hooks both arms, Tiger Backbreaker! Takes up the mic stand now. Waistlock from Swole, Emi reverses with an Abdominal Stretch and pantomimes signing to the mic. Rick Knox takes the mic stand away to some jeers. Emi blocks a kick from Swole, forces her to do the splits and she springs right back up, dancing and playing with the mic stand herself! Back body drop to the corner, WWE Headkick, Swole leaps in but Sakura grabs her out of the air, Double Underhook knee to the back of the head. Twisting Vader Bomb, nearfall. Moonsault, misses! Swole with a pump kick missed, but gets some shots in. Emi with a wicked slap, chop. Hits the ropes – thrust kick for a close nearfall! Crowd applauding. Swole shushes, waistlock, Ripcord Elbow but Emi counters with a back elbow of her own for 2. Swole ducks under a shot – Dirty Dancing Ripcord Elbow and that is that!

Winner: Big Swole

Broke down a tad towards the end but a pretty good match. Swole with a nice debut win there.

Backstage, promo with PAC where he’s asked about Kenny Omega. He says he came to this company for one reason; opportunity. Yet from the moment he set foot in the door he’s faced nothing but injustice. Says to AEW, Kenny Omega, one final warning: give him his rubber match or he will not be held accountable for what he does next!

In an inset promo ahead of this next one, Tully Blanchard says that Spears is teaming with Sabian as a scouting expedition, looking to give him a chance to find a tag partner he can mesh with.

Kip Sabian & Shawn Spears vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

“Cowboy Sh*t” chant as Page and Sabian start. Page quickly distracted by Ford, Sabian pounds on him. Whip reverses, clothesline ducked, Sabian leap frogs, rolls from both men, Page with a big boot takes him down! Spears comes in – gets dumped! Tag to Kenny and the crowd rises! Omega and Page with chops, Sabian getting it from both sides! Stereo Polish Hammer from the back and the front! Kenny with running Pendulum Backbreaker, nearfall. Tag to Hangman, Kenny whips Sabian to a corner, Page just whips him right back? Page whips Kenny onto Sabian, tries to charge himself but Spears pulls Kenny from the ring as Sabian evades him. Hangman fending off both men, kick to Spears, Samoan Drop to Sabian, cover for 2!

Double team gets the advantage back, Sabian with a Rope-Hung Neckbreaker for 2. Spears tags in, pummels Page in the corner. Short-arm clothesline for 2. Back suplex, Hangman lands on his feet, knocks both men away, avoids all shots, tag to Kenny! Double axe handles, chant of “Kenny” as a low dropkick trips both men! Double Kotaro Crusher! Starts the Terminator Clap! Wants the tope but Penelope Ford gets onto the apron to block him! Spears with a Backstabber, Basement Dropkick from Kip for the nearfall! Kenny with some chops, whip to the ropes, Sabian with a hurricanrana. Kenny back body drops him to the apron, WWE Headkick! Sabian turns towards Page, leaps off for a diving kick, Page avoids it, but a flying headscissors from the apron from Ford takes him down! Kip with a Swinging DDT on Omega in the ring for a nearfall! Sabian with a running enziguri, Spears distracts the ref as Ford gets a Handspring Back Elbow in on Omega, Sabian with a Fisherman’s Suplex for a nearfall!

Sabian wants Deathly Hallows but Omega avoids it, V-Trigger! Sabian answers with a Pele Kick, but eats a running V-Trigger! Both men down, applause! Standing 10 count… but the lights go out?! Oh man… staying out for a while. Lights flashing on a man on the stage… Tully Blanchard’s tied up to a chair on the stage! Joey Janela is the man responsible, cackling! Spears leaves the ring and rushes up the ramp, frees Blanchard but Spears brawls with him into the backstage area! Kenny ducks a clothesline, Snap Dragon! Fires his gun, hits the ropes… V-Trigger to the back of the head! Hangman blind tags in, Buckshot Lariat and that is that!

Winner: Hangman Page

Kenny looks unsure of what to make of that, but decides a win is a win.

Vignette, Brandi says go on and mock her, talk about her but what does AEW look like without her? Has Riho gotten so small that you just can’t see her anymore because she hasn’t seen her in weeks? Says take a shot every time Britt Baker mentions her boyfriend, you’ll be on your back looking at the lights sooner than Leva Bates. Tells Kris Statlander the offer is still standing, she still wants her. The family is almost complete she’s just waiting for her alien to come home! Keeps the camera from seeing someone she has with her in the Nightmare Collective.

Chris Jericho comes out again, with Jake Hager, and bullies Excalibur and Tony Schiavone off the table. Jericho takes up the headset, Hager does as well but isn’t too talkative.

Sammy Guevara vs. Luchasaurus

Luchasaurus gets him onto his shoulders, Sammy flips to his feet, leg kicks. Goes up top, big boot takes Sammy right to the floor! He pursues him, pulls him up, big chop! Luchasaurus takes him up and slams him against the apron. Commercial, match continues in the inset, Luchasaurus hoists him up in a Fireman’s Carry and throws him into the ring. Sammy hits the ropes, high knee to Luchasaurus! Springboard Dropkick, Jericho style takes him to the floor! Sammy hits the ropes, Tope Con Hilo! Sammy up on the apron, big splash to the floor! Throws Luchasaurus into the ring and starts live vlogging the match of course. Gives him a shot to the face as he holds the phone. Luchasaurus grabs the hand, combo of shots leading to a spinning knee to the face! Exploder, roll-through, Rana Driver! Luchasaurus with a hand in the air… goozle, chokeslam but Sammy flips out of it, Spinning Heel Kick! Knee lift, ducks a roundhouse for an enziguri!

Hits the ropes, Luchasaurus with a polish hammer, whips him, Sammy with a Leaping DDT! Sammy off the top with a moonsault, Luchasaurus grabs him by the throat from the mat! Leaps up, Sammy escapes the chokeslam, but Luchasaurus with a Roundhouse Kick! Tombstone Facebuster!

Winner: Luchasaurus

Jericho and Hager immediately charge and assault him, Jungleboy in the ring to help him out! Jericho tries to throw him away but he skins the cat to get back in! Gets a rana, hooks both legs – Marko Stunt counts the three and the crowd chants along with it!! They hightail it as Hager and Jericho are furious!

Vignette… Saturday, February 29th… AEW Revolution is coming to Chicago, their next PPV!

Next week… Hangman Page & Kenny Omega will face the Lucha Bros! Plus, Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander in a No. 1 Contender’s match in the women’s division!

Main event time!!!

We learn that the street fight rules include Falls Count Anywhere!!

Texas Street Fight: The Young Bucks vs. Proud-N-Powerful

Before the bell, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara jump the Bucks! Brandon Cutler comes in to help but gets powerbombed through the stage! They take Matt off the stage as well! Grab a table, set Nick up on it as Ortiz goes up top, but Matt arrives in time to break it up! Indytaker to Guevara onto the stage!!! Superkick to Ortiz, he’s on the table now as Nick goes up! “AEW” chant, as a Cannonball Senton from Nick takes Ortiz through the table, cover for a nearfall! Matt rushes down the ramp for a big clothesline to Santana! Nick rushes down as well, elevated dropkick to Santana! Scorpio and Kazarian are at ringside… Santana attacks Nick from behind, gets in the face of SCU. Matt clobbers him. Match gets taken into the ring, Matt with a kick to the gut of Santana.

Double Powerbomb attempt, Santana escapes, loaded sock gets thrown into the ring! Santana nails them both with it! Trash can and lid taken into the ring, cane brought in as well. Can taken onto the head of Nick, they take the cane and sock to him! Matt enters the ring with a Dallas Cowboys helmet to a cheap pop! Headbutts them both, big spear to Ortiz! Santana rips the helmet away, hits him in the gut with it, spits on it and tosses it away! Matt with the Locomotion Northern Lights Suplexes! Last one takes him through the table on the outside! Ortiz then back body drops Matt out of the ring through another table! Cannonball Tope takes Nick Jackson through a leaned table!!

Ortiz canes the back of Matt and throws him into the ring. Sets up yet another table on the outside! From the apron, he rips at the back of Matt’s head. Wants a suplex off the apron, Matt escapes it, but a spinebuster leads to an elevated senton double team, followed by a Lionsault for a nearfall! Goodness. Trash can lids being swung now with great effective, cookie sheets too! Nick taken up top, Santana and Ortiz pursue, want the Double Superplex but Matt stops it with a trash can! Drives one hard to the head of Ortiz! Matt with a top rope crossbody to Santana on the outside! Nick with a 450 Splash onto the trash can to Santana! Cover, Hager pulls the ref out of the ring! Nick goes for a running apron kick, Hager avoids it, Rick Knox eats boot! Dustin Rhodes rushes down and brawls with him to get him away! Powerbomb/Enziguri on Ortiz in the corner! Trash can lid shot takes out Santana! Fireman’s Carry Roll, 450! No ref to count the cover, Aubrey Edwards rushes out to make the count for a nearfall!

Big chant of “Aubrey” and “Young Bucks”. Bucks want the Meltzer Driver, but Santana with a running dropkick takes Nick off the apron through a table! Matt with some shots, wants a superkick but Santana catches it, Ortiz with a low blow! Back rake! Takes up the destroyed trash can. Street Sweeper onto the trash can! Aubrey with the count – Nick pulls her from the ring, wow! Chairs being brought into the irng now, Ortiz has the sock again too. Nick taken into the ring and just pelted with it now! And yet one more table set up on the outside! Chairs sat up together. They want a Street Swwper onto the seats, Matt comes back and shoves Santana off the top rope throuble a table!!! Ortiz gets bulldogged onto the chairs! Stereo Superkick!! Matt takes up a chair, rests it in front of Ortiz’s head – Nick superkicks the chair into his face! “AEW” chant! MELTZER DRIVER ONTO THE CHAIRS! And that is for damned sure that!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Ay lookit me going perfect with predictions on the night! Also – that was rad as hell! Some abrasions on the bodies of the Young Bucks, that was a physical one to be sure.

SCU enter the ring as the Bucks celebrate! Staredown ahead of their match next week!

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