Cuervo de Puerto Rico Returns One Year After Cinder Block Incident

El Cuervo won the CWA World Championship in the process.

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One year ago, in Mexico, a video surface all over social media showing a horrible assault. El Cuervo de Puerto Rico, a prospect of the Puerto Rican wrestling scene, was hit with a cinder block by a Mexican indy wrestler known as Angel o Demonio.  The latter didn’t like the way Cuervo was hitting him with a chair. He decided to go on the offensive, and when Cuervo was behind his back on the outside of the ring, he (Angel o Demonio) threw a cinder block to the back of the head of the Puerto Rican wrestler. The moment where the cinder block smashed the back of the head of Cuervo became international news. Mainstream media played the video over and over again. Superstar wrestlers and commentators, like Jim Ross, condemned the attack. The wrestling industry was asking for the removal of Angel o Demonio from the Mexican wrestling scene.

In the case of Cuervo de Puerto Rico, he was taken to the nearest hospital. With blood clots, surgery was the most important process to save his life.  Doctors were able to stop the hemorrhage, but Cuervo’s career was deeply affected. He couldn’t wrestler for at least two years and many doubted that he could return to a ring. Yet, one year later, Championship Wrestling Association in Puerto Rico closed the year with Cuervo de Puerto Rico winning their main championship for CWA Christmas Showdown.

The return of Cuervo de Puerto Rico to the ring came as a surprise to fans on the island. The risk of again having a horrible accident made people believe that Cuervo’s career was over. Before the incident, Cuervo was herald as one of the four top guys for the future of pro wrestling in Puerto Rico. He rose up to the top of the Puerto Rican wrestling scene in Primo Colon’s World Wrestling Council. Him (Cuervo), Mike Mendoza, Mr. 450 and Angel Fashion were regarded as the future of the business. When WWC saw the exit of 450, Mendoza and Fashion, Cuervo tried to stay loyal.

But still, even with a power vacuum, WWC never went further with Cuervo. Later on, Cuervo challenged Star Roger for the CWA Championship, but then again, he wasn’t given the opportunity. With the biggest wrestling promotion, WWL, having 450, Mendoza and Fashion as their top guy, Cuervo decided to go international. He wrestled in Mexico, Panama and the US, trying to become more widely known. It is in these circumstances that we find Cuervo de Puerto Rico in a hardcore match in Mexico.

Cuervo de Puerto Rico is finally the top guy of a wrestling promotion on the island. Keep in mind that CWA is not the same company that it was one year ago. They lost all momentum and their roster is thin. Cuervo is there to fulfill the role of the top drawer of the company. Before winning the championship, Cuervo announced that he was going to retire. But after one day of the announcement, he decided to keep wrestling and risk it all. Cuervo’s nemesis, Angel o Demonio, keeps wrestling in the outskirts of Mexico City (other states). He was never banned from the wrestling scene.

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