Nick Aldis Challenges Former NWA Champion The Great Muta

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Nick Aldis Challenges Former NWA Champion The Great Muta

Nick Aldis continues to carry himself as one of the best world champions in wrestling today. At WrestleCade, he laid down a challenge to the legendary Great Muta, who is a former NWA Champion in his own right.

Despite the man behind the mysterious being, Keiji Mutoh being 56 years old with knees held together by duct tape and prayer, this still has potential to be an incredible matchup if handled correctly.

The Great Muta

The Great Muta / Keiji Mutoh still wrestles regularly for companies like Pro Wrestling NOAH, Wrestle-1, and All Japan Pro Wrestling. He also appeared at the Ring Of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling joint show at Madison Square Garden earlier this year, in a preshow battle royale.

The legendary figures body isn’t holding up as well it once did, you won’t see him attempt moonsaults in 2019, but the crafty veteran has adapted his style and is still very capable of a fantastic match if it is handled correctly. The evil green mist is as effective as it ever was, and his 35 years of experience would make him dangerous to any opponent. He just needs an opponent who is able to held carry the match.

Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis has been the face of the National Wrestling Alliance since its revival at the hands of Billy Corgan. He is in his second reign, having regained the title from Cody at NWA’s 70th anniversary show in a 2 out 3 falls classic. He’s been a fantastic champion, having the look and swagger befitting of the Ten Pounds Of Gold which he so proudly holds.

Since the creation of NWA Powerrr, he’s been built up as the driving force of the show, and will be defending the title against James Storm at the forthcoming NWA Into The Fire PPV. If he is able to hold onto the title, could we see The Great Muta back in the studio wrestling environment that helped introduce him to audiences in North America? Another possible location is the show Wrestle-1 has on December 26th in Tokyo at Kōrakuen Hall. The NWA Champion has often traveled, so this would work.

It would certainly make NWA Powerrr must see for many viewers, and they need a boost following the controversy involving Jim Cornette killing their hype. It will be interesting to see if this match is delivered upon, I know I’ll be watching no matter where it is.

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