NWA Powerrr Episode Nine Recap & Results | One More Time… | National Wrestling Alliance

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NWA Powerrr Episode Nine Recap & Results | One More Time... | National Wrestling Alliance

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to recap another episode of NWA Powerrr. This show has been a lot of fun until the last couple of weeks where it became particularly unfun… tonight seems like it’ll be more of a regular episode in some ways but a very unique one in others. It’s been labeled a “Season Finale”, suggesting it will be the final proper episode of NWA Powerrr atleast until after the Into The Fire PPV which takes place December 14th. Their next tapings are scheduled for the next night on December 15th, but when we’ll actually be seeing any of that is hard to say.

This episode is also being advertised as the last show for the always controversial Jim Cornette. They’ve taken a very kayfabe route of handling the situation as far as on-screen goes, which is to say going without addressing it entirely and just quietly phasing him out. I will say I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t go ahead and re-dub the commentary, but they decided these last couple of matches will be shown the way they were originally filmed.

The future seems very uncertain for the NWA and certainly NWA Powerrr. But let’s appreciate what it is while we can. Here’s my play-by-play recap of Episode Nine.

Joe Galli welcomes us to the season finale, thanking everyone for tuning into this program. Says we look forward to season two but we can’t get there before wrapping up the first one. Segues us to our first match.

NWA National Champion Colt Cabana vs. Ricky Starks (Non-title)

Just after the bell rings, Aron Stevens and the Question Mark interrupt things, Stevens, with his ears plugged, says he deserves a title shot more than anyone in this building. Cabana slips out to confront him. Tells him he’s not even a professional wrestler. He was about to have an exhibition with Ricky Starks, a fine wrestler who will one day become a champion in the NWA. But he offers to let Stevens face him instead. Says if he can beat Starks this time, which he doesn’t he can given that Ricky is a professional wrestler and Stevens is an actor… says the only way he could win is with his mascot here, but if he can do it one-on-one, he’ll give him a shot at his National Championship!

Stevens claims that the people came to see him anyway so he demands that the Question Mark be sent to the back, much to the fan’s dismay. ?Question? looks like the saddest masked man ever before bowing and relenting. Stevens enters the ring.

Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens has his skin-tone trunks once more, and his lengthy scarf. As the bell rings he nails Ricky with shoulder thrusts, actually uses the scarf for a hip toss. Starks with a slingblade, huge spear for a nearfall. Stevens escapes to the ropes and makes the ref give him some separation. Stevens is fixing up his knee pad and acting like he’s been injured. But now out comes ?The Question Mark? to enter the ring! Everything goes quiet as Stevens explains himself. Starks is also receiving instructions… until the Question Mark attacks him from behind! Mongrovian Spike! Stevens rushes to his feet and covers Starks for the pin!

Winner: Aron Stevens

Stevens immediately kips up to show he’s not injured and he celebrates alongside the Mark.

A commercial plays… for Into The Fire! It suggests you order to keep warm this December!

Joe Galli explains something that I’m sure was going to make more sense in the original tapings. In the Storm/Aldis 2-out-of-3 falls match, each man gets to pick a referee of their choosing for the first two falls. Video of James Storm noting Kamille speaking into his ear. Talks how pleased he is that this show is live. Mentions an event that got brushed under the rug because they didn’t want it to be seen. Talks about not being booked for the first episode of NWA Powerrr in spite of being the National Champion at the time. Says he should’ve been the No. 1 Contender from the first ep. Talks about winning a three way to become No. 1 Contender – something we also won’t see! Takes this as another conspiracy against him. Storm picks the NWA’s lead official Brian Hebner. What they all need to realize is that this is on live PPV and if Aldis’ ref screws up, Into The Fire will seem like a playground compared to the hell he will put him through.

Great Muta is advertised to appear next!

But first a 1979 promo tape, where a man talks about how much he loves Mr. Number 1 Paul Jones and also wants to punch him in the face. Highspots.com dude interrupts as always to advertise the place.

We see ?The Question Mark? walk through the streets as his voiceover woman speaks about him. He meets up with several legends and current stars. The answer for the Question appears to be Karataaaay! She announces his given name but knows you will immediately forget. The people love him and he loves the people and he loves who the people loves, therefore he loves himself. He is coming… with The Answer.

We see a video of the Great Muta squaring up with Nick Aldis at the recent WrestleCade event. Aldis laid the NWA title down and let Muta know he can challenge for it whenever he wishes.

David Marquez introduces Melina. She says it’s a pleasure to be here and the woman here have been doing incredible. But since she’s been gone, they’re merely a commercial break until her return. Her gift is that she brings out the best in people. She’s been through hell and back, and is the exquisite mosaic of every battle she’s endured and win. Says a champion brings out the best in people. Whatever people feel towards her, that is purpose and she is giving that to you. And this is the first time since Allysin Kay won the title that she will have to work hard for something and that something is keeping the title away from her. Kay interrupts and pulls the mic away, threatening to smack that smug look off of her face. Says she sees someone that’s afraid to fight their own fights. Suggests they wrestle right now and enters the ring!

Melina gets up onto the apron… but she opts to make her leave… pretends to enter once more, but it’s a distraction – Marti Bell and Thunder Rosa rush out and assault Kay in the ring! Drum beat commences!!! Marti nails a double underhook sit-out facebuster, Kay is laid out.

Tony Falk’s Waffles & Tire Irons commercial once more. This bit now has a t-shirt.

Backstage Kyle Davis asks the Rock ‘N Roll Express if they’re about to have one more championship. They hope so and say old school wrestling is what they’re all about. This what their life has been based around since they were kids. One more shot at the title belts? It’s every man’s dream and so is ours.

Aldis also talks about why the three-way match didn’t make air. Says James is feeding into this, should know why that match didn’t air or recognized, it’s because he wasn’t meant to be in it. Says Eli Drake and Ken Anderson have been on a tear, they were supposed to face each other for a shot, but Storm had to force everyone into a situation to get his own way as usual. Aldis says we ain’t in TNA anymore James. Aldis says James had no right to challenge, and also notes that three-way was a complete disaster, full of interference, disrespect for the rules. Didn’t make air, because of that reason. Aldis says that being the case, people might wonder why James is getting the shot anyway. That’s because he’s the one Aldis wanted, he told them to give him the shot.

Brings up how the squeaky wheel gets the grease, well James is the squeakiest wheel he’s ever met. So what he’s decided to do is give the squeaky wheel all the grease he can handle, drown him in it, because that’s what he deserves. The only way he’ll understand is if he gets what he wants and realizes he didn’t want it at all. He doesn’t want Aldis, certainly not in 2 out of 3 falls matches, and he’ll make him regret ever thinking he deserves to be the NWA Championship. His pick for guest referee? The man who understands what’s at stake more than anyone… Tim Storm.

As far as Kamille goes, he reiterates that her actions are her own. But because of the probing questions and all her controversy, it’s making her less effective and working against having her in the first place. At Into The Fire, he’s giving her the night off, because he doesn’t want any asterisks next to this match. It will be one-on-one, mano-e-mano, and he’s pretty confident we won’t get to three falls.

Rock ‘N Roll emerge to a huge ovation for this main event!

NWA World Tag Team Championships: The Wild Card (c) vs. Rock ‘N Roll Express

Huge chant of “Rock ‘N Roll” as the bell rings. Latimer and Ricky start, Latimer poses on the top rope. Latimer with a big shoulder block! Poses and asks who the man is. Invites Ricky to just leave but he doesn’t take him up on it. Take to Gibson, double shoulder block. Lock-up, shoots him to the ropes, back elbow. Royce tags in, but gets taken into the Full Nelson! Isaacs powers out and howls in Robert’s face, knocks him into the corner, body shots. Whip reversed, but Isaacs evades him and he lands his shoulder to the post! Isaacs works over the arm. Tag to Latimer, shoulder blocks aplenty. Isaacs in, no tag as the ref was distracted and the work on the arm continues. Latimer tags back in, whip to the corner, Gibson avoids a stinger splash!

Simultaneous tags, Ricky Morton is a house of fire! Dodging shots, gets Royce into a sleeper, Latimer breaks it up but Gibson in to stop him. Ricky and Robert whip the Wild Card into each other… Stereo Dropkick of legend! Isaacs has to break up the cover. Isaacs tags in, they go for a double team, but Robert dumps Latimer to the floor, Ricky rolls up Isaacs for the win!!

Winners: Rock ‘N Roll Express

Sadly this was long since spoiled for me but a fun thing to see all the same, some true legends getting their last big spot in the sun. As the champs celebrate, in comes Jim Cornette to celebrate with them as the crowd chants “Nine times!”

Joe Galli acknowledges Cornette and thanks him for his contributions and support of the NWA. And he confirms the Rock ‘N Roll Express will be defending the tag titles in a rematch at Into The Fire. And Colt Cabana will be defending his National Championship in a triple threat, against both Aron Stevens and Ricky Starks. These join Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch, Vox & Kay vs. Melina & one of her allies, Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake and of course the 2-out-3-falls world title match between Nick Aldis and James Storm.

We hear from Aldis once more who says only one question remains. Who will join the NWA broadcast team? This man has a long and storied history in professional wrestling, someone he has a great deal of respect for. For him, it’s good news but for others it might be perceived as bad news… Stu Bennett, aka Bad News Barrett himself will be on commentary for the show! Very interesting…

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