Why Have WWE Not Announced Any Matches For TLC?

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Why Have WWE Not Announced Any Matches For TLC?

The final pay per view of 2019 is fast approaching, but many fans have climbed onto social media to ask why there haven’t been any matches announced to the card. At the time of writing, there is zero matches announced, and the reported reason has caused a little confusion; especially for those fans that are attending.


According to Dave Meltzer, the reason that the company haven’t announced any matches to this point is because of the spike that can be seen in subscription numbers on the day of the event. Therefore, the WWE will be trying something new to take advantage of that by actually using the Kickoff show for a meaningful reason- to announce the matches that will be taking place.


On The Day Match Reveals


There is something nice and fresh about the WWE trying something different, but it also very confusing. The thought of being a fan and attending this event without an idea of the kind of matches you will be seeing may appeal to some, but others will hate the idea.


But, it can be granted that how warmly this will be received may be down the matches that actually take place at TLC. Fans can get a pretty good idea of what they can expect from watching weekly television, and there could also be a shock name included on the card; possibly a first match back for John Morrison. However, here are the likely matches that seem destined to be included on the TLC card on the 15th.


The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan


It would seem that we are destined for a rematch from Survivor Series as The Fiend laid out Daniel Bryan on last week’s episode of SmackDown. The WWE Universe would be shocked if there is a different result from their previous encounter, but it was still an enjoyable match first time around. Bryan and Bray Wyatt have brilliant chemistry, so this will be a match fans’ will want to see at TLC.


Rusev vs Bobby Lashley


Can we just get to the end of this rivalry now? It has created some of the worst pieces of television that the WWE have provided this year, and in truth, fans are struggling to keep up with the story since there is absolutely no logic. Rusev deserves much better than this, but it does have the feeling that Vince McMahon’s fingers are all over this disaster. Please, just end it here.


Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens


The best thing to come from Raw over the past few weeks was the Rollins heel turn. These two superstars have the potential to put on a brilliant match, and it is wonderful to see Owens back in the main event picture where he deserves. It is hard to see this being the end of their rivalry, and instead, we may see a screwy finish involving AOP coming to the aid of Rollins. A slow-burner on this rivalry may be the best way to go.


Are you looking forward to the TLC PPV? Let us know your excitement levels in the comments below.

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