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WWE Raw Live Recap & Results (12/2/2019)


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WWE Raw Live Recap & Results (12/2/2019)

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here for another live recap of Monday Night Raw. Tonight, we have… dreadfully little announced in advance. Charlotte Flair will be facing the Kabuki Warriors, and Seth Rollins will be issuing an apology. That’s all we’ve got. All the same, it’s WWE Raw and I will be giving the live play-by-play of the show as it happens, with separate pages for all the night’s major results! Watch this space.

As the show opens, an SUV arrives. And out comes the AOP. Interviewer Girl #1 stops them to ask why they attacked Kevin Owens last week. They answer in their native tongue. She doesn’t speak Albanian or Punjabi. In English they only say she looks lovely tonight and walk off.

PYRO AND BALLYHOO. Seth Rollins then makes his way out. Notably slaps some hands at ringside. Samoa Joe is once more on commentary as Dio Maddin is endlessly selling that Lesnar attack. Seth with a mic as some boos come in. He notes what happened last week with him bringing out that Raw roster after Survivor Series, and reiterates that they all sucked. That was a little bit too harsh but it was coming from a good place, it was coming from his heart because this is not just his job, it’s his life. And those people backstage are not just colleagues, they are brothers and sisters, they are his family. As head of the family he feels like it’s his responsibility to motivate this locker room and get the best out of every single superstar.

But he may have gone overboard. He thought about it all week and he’d like to apologize. Boos deepen. He apologizes to the crowd, and to the entire locker room, specifically he’d like to apologize to Kevin Owens. Says Kev is back there listening, asks him to come down to this ring so he can apologize face to face, man to man. Owens’ music hits! Kevin comes to the ring and asks if people smell that… it smells like when the rodeo comes to Nashville. There’s a certain smell attached to that and he thinks it’s because of what Seth said. Kevin asks if the two closest family members of his are AOP by any chance. Seth says he doesn’t know what happened with AOP. Kevin says he knows he’s lying because his lips are moving. And that smell he’s speaking of is bullshit!

AOP’s theme hits and out they come. They make their way onto the stage. Cue more speaking in a foreign language. They ask for a tag match; AOP vs. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins tonight. Seth says if Owens is in, he’s in. Kevin says the way he sees it, one of three things can happen and all of the scenarios end with the three of them beating the crap out of him. If they’re gonna do it, let’s do it now and just get this over with. Drops the mic and asks AOP into the ring. Rollins says he tried, you’re on your own – drops the mic and bails. Rollins goes over to Akam and Rezar… they quietly make way for him to leave. Kevin says Seth might be out of here but if they wanna come down here, go ahead and let’s have some fun! But the AOP just turn and leave.

Owens seems disappointed and says Nashville wants to see a fight. Makes an open challenge for anybody to come out and fight him. Backstage, Bobby Lashley and Lana are WALKING – might they be accepting the challenge after what happened at Starrcade last night?

Lana makes her way out after the break and Owens and her bicker mindlessly. Eventually she finally brings out the one and only Bobby Lashley to accept his open challenge!

Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley and Owens brawl, spills to the outside, Owens with a big frog splash off the apron right before the commercial break. We come back just in time to see Owens hitting a big cannonball on Lashley in the corner! Nearfall. Second rope moonsault missed, Lashley with a clothesline. Lashley with crossface blows. Lashley with a huge shoulder thrust in the corner. Hits the ropes – Owens with a superkick! Wants a Stunner – Lashley shoves him away, spinning neckbreaker for a nearfall. Lashley casually brings back the Dominator for a nearfall. Lashley wants the Full Nelson and I already forgot that was his new finish. Owens fights out with back elbows, Pop-Up Powerbomb! Owens can’t pin though, too drained. Now AOP making their way out, entering the ring. Owens starts to brawl with them but the numbers immediately catch up to him.

Winner: Kevin Owens (by DQ)

They gang pummel him, stomping and raining down elbows. Owens dragged out to the floor! Lashley leaves the ring, just takes Lana to safety. “Rusev Day” chant but Owens is all by his lonesome as AOP take the beating to the ramp. They’re dragging him up to the stage, and to backstage! Welp, he’s been abducted.

Afterwards, Lashley and Lana are in the ring dissing Rusev once more – until Rusev emerges to lay Lashley out with a superkick! Afterwards they roll out of the ring, furious with the cops they brought to protect them from him for standing there and doing nothing. They explain that they’re WWE fans and they do things differently here in Nashville. Lashley then shoulder checked one of the officers, resulting in his arrest! The man just got handcuffed! Lana is irate, screaming in the cops’ face and eventually he slaps him! She then immediately recoils, realizing her mistake. But before she can do anything, she too gets handcuffed to a massive ovation! The two heels now being led to the back by the police.

Looks like the leak was correct, this was basically what was explained in advance. Man, the law in WWE is a weird thing.

Drew McIntyre vs. Akira Tozawa

Drew pushes Tozawa, mocks the height differential, gives Tozawa a chance to leave without a fight. Tozawa takes the fight to him, takes him to the outside and gets a dive in, but doesn’t take Drew off his feet! Inverted Alabama Slam to the floor! Drew drags Tozawa into the ring and grinds him against the mat with a chinlock. Big biel takes Tozawa across the ring. Half nelson and crossface. Drew takes Tozawa to the corner, charge, drop toe hold takes the bigger man into the corner! WWE Headkick, Tozawa with a missile dropkick! Drew fights back with another Inverted Bama attempt but Tozawa counters into a victory roll for a 2 count! Immediately after, Drew nails a Claymore Kick for the victory!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre kips right up afterwards, very stylish. Drew’s been carrying himself differently since his return, I dig it. Very easy to buy in to his kind of brutal arrogance.

McIntyre takes up the mic and lambasts everyone for taking their grievances to social media and making vague remarks. He says when he has a problem with somebody he gets to the point. Calls out Randy Orton! Commercial break. After the break, no Orton. Drew decides to show the world why he has a problem with Randy. Shows the replay of last week where the two of them had a match, exchange of wicked chops after some bickering – ending with Orton just poking his eye. McIntyre then describes what we just watched – Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! Yells at Randy to get his ass out here. Orton’s music hits. Makes his way to the ring.

Drew asks how Randy’s chest is, asks if the second chop was loud enough to drown out the voices in his head. Randy dismisses this and turns his back, McIntyre hollers at him to look at him when he talks to him. Orton slowly turns as the crowd chants “RKO”. Drew says his problem with Randy is that he walks around like he owns the place, no respect for anyone or the rules, always has been this way. Demands he look at him. Drew says he’s Randy Orton, 13-time world champion, future Hall of Famer, you’re the man! But does that give you any right to speak to me like I’m a child! Drew says in 2019 the only thing he’s the most ferocious thing at is posting on social media. Says he’s Drew McIntyre, he’s bigger, stronger and the most ferocious man in WWE today. Wants to make this simple enough even for the people of Nashville to understand. Gestures to Randy and himself – calls Randy the past, and himself the future.

Orton claims there isn’t a Drew McIntyre – Randy Orton problem, he thinks there’s a Drew McIntyre – Reality problem. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants because he’s earned the right do so. Him on the other hand has not earned a damn thing. Says the two of them are cool as far as he’s concerned but if he thinks there’s a problem, they should solve that problem right now. They square up, only for the OC to interrupt things. AJ, Gallows and Anderson on the stage.

AJ yells Randy Orton’s name and proceeds to continue hyperventilating like lat week. Gallows and Anderson run Orton down as a ruiner of lives, including Uncle Alan’s! Claims he is solely responsible for AJ Styles losing the United States Championship! They put over AJ as charismatic, handsome, great hair, ask if he’s okay. AJ says no, he’s not okay! And it’s his fault! But what would make him better is if he got his hands on Randy Orton! Doesn’t care what kind of match it is as long as he gets his hands on Orton tonight! Drew says this doesn’t seem like a Drew McIntyre problem, seems more like a Randy Orton-OC problem so he bids us adieu and walks. AJ, Gallows and Anderson then swarm onto the aprons, surrounding Randy as he stands his ground. THey enter the ring and a 3-on-1 beatdown ensues! Ricochet’s music hits and he runs down to help but it’s 3-on-1 for him too! Until Humberto Carrillo – with new music I think? – rushes out into the fray. It’s no more effective for him… but then Rey Mysterio comes out and finally swings things for the babyfaces! Rey and Ricochet clean house!

We see Randy and his saviors backstage as Rey asks if he’s okay. Randy says he appreciates the assistance but just so we’re clear, he didn’t need it.

Tony Nese vs. Aleister Black

Lock-up, Nese with a waistlock. Black reverses with a wristlock. Nese rolls out to a reversal. Black counters with an arm drag, hip toss, Nese with a headscissor, takedown, misses a dropkick, Black whiffs a roundhouse kick, stand off. Buddy Murphy watches from backstage. Leap frog from Black, rollover, leg sweep! Nese rolls to the floor. Black with a feint dive, flips onto his feet and sits cross-legged on the mat. Nese enters the ring but Black won’t stand. Black avoids a PK, kips up, hits a combo of strikes. Nese into the ropes, ref gets between them, cheap shot! Grabs Black’s hair, rips at the eyes. Chop to the chest, body shot. Reverses a whip but Nese turns it into a pumphandle, Black escapes behind him but eats a back elbow, Nese with a running hot shot! Springboard Second Rope Moonsault – Black with the knees up! Knees to the gut follow, spin kick, push kick, V-Trigger Knee! Nese crumples to the mat. Quiet chant of “Aleister” as he puts a foot to Nese’s chin and slowly brings him to his feet – for the Black Mass!

Winner: Aleister Black

For the length it had, this was great! Saw Black get hit in the mouth for once but only all the more impressive by the end. Also cool to see him do his old Black Mass setup from his NXT days, bringing him up with his foot and all that, always thought it was boss.

Backstage, Interviewer Girl #1 asks Buddy Murphy if he regrets the decision to knock on Black’s door. Murphy admits he’s still feeling the effects from last week but he still feels Black takes himself too seriously. Paints himself as cool, calm and collected whilst Black is a hothead. Says if Aleister doesn’t wanna calm down he’ll be the one that calms him down. F-… Fightin’ words?

Andrade vs. Eric Young

Arm wringers and wristlocks. Andrade takes him down. Young with a cartwheel counter, takes Andrade into the ring, clean break but Andrade with a gut kick, takes him into the corner, knee to the face. Whip to the opposite corner, running knee lift to the face! Young escapes a hold, gets to the top rope, but Andrade cuts him off. Chop, pursues, hooks him for a superplex, Young punches him to the mat. Very nice elbow drop off the top! Nearfall. Back elbow as Andrade tries to fight back but he eats a clothesline into the corner. Young goes to the second rope but Andrade rips him to the mat! Vicious basement dropkick for a nearfall! Young with a couple of clotheslines to try and start a comeback, but Andrade gets the boot up in the corner. Andrade dashes in – Young with a Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker! Nearfall! Young smacks the elbow to go up top, actually gets some of the crowd behind him here, but Andrade cuts him off and takes him to the bottom turnbuckle. Destructive Meteora! Pulls him up, Hammerlock DDT for the finish!

Winner: Andrade

Kinda stunned to have not only seen Eric Young have a match on Raw but have it be a competitive match! Not sure how good an idea is to have Andrade in competitive matches with – to the mainstream audience anyway – complete nobodies, but some good action here. For someone who’s barely ever asked to work, EY looked real solid in there.

R-Truth darts down the ramp and hides at ringside in front of some celebrities, who actually do cover for him as the 24-7 Championship crew dart past them. Truth and the both of them walk out… Michael Waltrip unzips his jacket to reveal a referee shirt! Kyle Busch rolls up R-Truth aaaand we have a new 24/7 Champion!

Backstage, Interviewer Girl #1 goes up to Seth Rollins, asks why he didn’t help Kevin Owens when he was attacked by AOP. Rollins is indignant, says Kevin Owens didn’t want his help! Asks what people want from him. No matter what he says or does, he’s a bad guy, no matter what side of the fence, it’s his fault, so what’s the point? Everyone’s a critic. But not everyone’s got the guts to be a leader.

Rowan still looking into that cage and fawning over it.

No Way Jose vs Erick Rowan

Bell rings, some conga liners peek at the cage… Rowan goes out and lays them out! Jose attacks from behind to save them, throwing hands but Rowan tosses him into the steps! He chases the rest of the conga line out of there. Rowan charges around ringside for a big crossbody to Jose! Rowan yells at him to tell his people not to touch his things. Rowan throws Jose into the ring, pursues. Big clothesline. Iron Claw, that’s all… except not! Rowan pulls Jose back off the mat! Nails a second one! Cover, that’s that.

Winner: Erick Rowan

I wonder if they have any clue what’s gonna end up being in that cage.

Backstage we see Erick Rowan, and they show a replay of him destroying conga liners, after accidentally cutting to Charlotte and Asuka’s match last week for a moment. Interviewer Girl #2 asks him what’s in the cage. Rowan won’t respond. She asks twice more. He gives her a salty look and walks off with it.

Charlotte making her way out for her handicap match now, got some pyro tonight.

Interviewer Girl #1 is talking to the Kabuki Warriors backstage, points out Charlotte breaking Asuka’s streak. Asuka yells in Japanese as Kairi cackles. Promises they will beat her, EZ-PZ!

Before the bell, Kairi and Asuka jump Charlotte, Kairi hitting her with an umbrella!

Handicap: Charlotte Flair vs. Kabuki Warriors

Kairi gets taken to the apron, Asuka starting out now as the bell rings. Throwing hands! Asuka and Charlotte grappling, blind tag from Kairi who kicks Charlotte into the corner, grinds the boot into her. Quick tags starting already, Charlotte getting beaten down. Double irish whip, Charlotte holds onto the ropes, dumps Kairi to the outside but Asuka clips her with a chop block! Kicks to the face. Charlotte catches a leg, trips Asuka down. Kairi runs at her from the apron, clothesline clips her! Charlotte takes Asuka to the floor, baseball slide takes out both Kabukis! Charlotte drags Asuka around but she reverses and slams her into the barrier. Throws her into the ring, sends kicks to her chest. Throws Charlotte to a corner, Charlotte flips to the apron, shoulder thrust, Kairi pulls her to the floor, Charlotte reverses a whip and sends her into the barrier, slaps her across the face. Asuka with a running knee to the face. Roundhouse kicks to the small of the back, Asuka distracts the ref as Kairi grinds Charlotte’s hair, attempt at a hip attack but Charlotte evades it and Asuka hits Kairi to the floor! Charlotte chases Asuka out, pescado sends her into both!

Charlotte throws Asuka into the ring. Kairi with a shoulder block on the apron, but eats a big boot! Asuka wants to clip her but Charlotte nearly gets her with a boot but Asuka stops short! Allows Charlotte to slowly enter the ring as we go to commercial. After break, sliding forearm gets a 1 count. Charlotte gets held into the corner, tag to Asuka who hits driving forearms. But Charlotte responds with one of her own! They trade shots as they fight to their feet. Asuka ducks, wants a German but Charlotte with a back elbow stops her. Charlotte gets the boot up on a charge, wants a big boot but Asuka catches it, turns it into a Leg-Hooked German Suplex! Tag to Kairi who comes off the top rope with a leaping punch but Charlotte kicks her out of the air! Big boot to Asuka. Charlotte puts Kairi and Asuka together and goes up top! Moonsault, but they BOTH get the knees up!

Kairi is firing up now. Hits the ropes, running dropkick but Charlotte catches it and turns it into a Boston Crab! Asuka with a vicious roundhouse kick right to the head breaks up the hold! Asuka drags Kairi to the corner, tags herself in, missile dropkick for a nearfall! Asuka with kicks to the solar plexus, Charlotte catches a roundhouse, fights her way up. Forearm to Asuka, spinning back kick to Charlotte. Asuka wants a dropkick, Charlotte tries to turn this one into the Boston Crab as well, after some fighting she instead goes for the Figure Four, but Asuka transitions this right into the cross-armbreaker! Into the triangle choke! Charlotte’s fading… fights it and hoists her up, deadlift powerbomb! Cover but Kairi breaks it up with a running neck snap!

Sane tags in, drags Charlotte to the corner, Charlotte looks very out of it. Kairi up top, but Charlotte with a forearm cuts her off! Big smack to the face, pursues, Charlotte hooks Kairi for a superplex… but Asuka tags herself in and climbs up as well. Charlotte hooks them both though! Double Superplex is countered though as Charlotte gets thrown to the mat. Kairi with a double footstomp to the small of the back, barely even touched her. Asuka covers for a nearfall. They go for a meet-in-the-middle double team but Charlotte avoids them both, spears through each of them at once! Covers Asuka for a nearfall, very close! Charlotte working over the leg of Asuka now, low dropkick takes Sane to the outside. Charlotte charges for Asuka, big boot ducked, blind tag from Sane that Charlotte didn’t see. Charlotte locks Asuka into the figure four, transition to the Figure Eight – Kairi Sane up top, Insane Elbow right to the very exposed abdomen, that’s that!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

I’m not sure what to compare this to but that was the best handicap match in recent memory. And I’m very very glad the tag champs ultimately did not lose to a singles competitor, even if they did really make Charlotte look like a monster here.

The Viking Raiders vs. Some Dudes (Non-title)

Erik with a reverse hip toss into a knee lift. That boi is already knocked out so Erik looks to his partner, who wants nothing to do with it. Tries to run away but Ivar gets him, body slam onto the floor, Ivar is body slammed onto him! Other guy in the ring eats a Buisaku Knee, and Ivar is driven into him! The two of them howl “Are you watching?!” Viking Experience and that is that.

Winners: Viking Raiders

There was a chant in that match directed at the Vikings, a quiet one, couldn’t quite make it out. It may have been “No More Vikings”?

Backstage, Ricochet says the superhero stuff has to be shoved to the sidelines because tonight is all about shutting up the OC. Humberto says since his first day on Raw, the OC have tried to ruin him. But tonight he teams with the One and Only Ricochet and says it’s an honor to be teaming with Mysterio. Rey says the honor is all his as the two of them are killing it. Tells the OC to get ready for the future and a legend.

Main event time. Backstage OC call out Orton for sticking his nose into OC business. Say when people do that, they get hurt and they’ll enjoy hurting these three men tonight.

Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet & Rey Mysterio vs. The OC

Anderson starts with Humberto. Humberto with some leap frogs and flips to avoid damage, sunset flip, Anderson escapes a few times but eats a big enziguri for a quick pin attempt. Arm wringer, Ricochet tags in, double axe handle to his arm. Double back elbow. Ricochet and Humberto with a stereo handspring arm drag. Humberto tags back in, but gets driven to the OC corner. AJ tags in and batters him around. Big chop. Humberto escapes a whip with a springboard off the second rope into a corkscrew crossbody. Anderson with a WWE Headkick cheap shot, AJ gets an enziguri in taking Humberto to the floor where Gallows lays him out with a clothesline! AJ pursues, drives him into the barrier, throws him back into the ring. Tag to Gallows, running elbow drop to the small of the back. Roundhouse kick! Cover for 2.

Gallows with a chinlock, grinds him down. Wants a suplex, Carrillo escapes behind him, nails a jawbreaker! But Gallows grabs the ankle – eats an enziguri! Carrillo fighting slowwwwwly to his corner… Anderson tags in but so does Mysterio! West Coast Pop to Anderson! Kick counters a back body drop, spinning headscissors takes him to the outside! Gallows comes in but gets posted! AJ in, WWE Headkick nails him! Mysterio with a ringpost 619 to Gallows! Goes up top, AJ catches Rey into Electric Chair position! But Mysterio counters, headscissor takes him to the middle rope! Rey wants the 619 – but Anderson catches him, drags him to the floor and posts him! Commercial break!

We come back in time to see Gallows nail a delayed suplex. Grinds him down with a chinlock. Crowd claps him to his feet, Mysterio elbows his way out, hits the ropes but gets taken down with a big boot. Cover for 2. Anderson tags in and keeps the grind down. Rey fights to his feet, springs off the second rope, wheel barrow sends Anderson into the second turnbuckle pad! Makes the tag to Ricochet! AJ in as well. Ricochet comes rushing in, flying forearm, headscissors takedown! WWE Headkick, springboard clothesline! Running Shooting Star, nearfall! Ricochet up top, Anderson tries to clip him, Ricochet kicks him to the floor. AJ sneaks up behind him, Ricochet reverses with a roll-up, AJ kicks out, Gallows with a cheap shot, AJ with a Wheelbarrow Facebuster for a nearfall!

AJ wants the Styles Clash, Ricochet drives him into the corner. AJ charges – right into the Recoil! Anderson breaks up the pin. Mysterio dropkicks Anderson, nails the 619! Gallows with a big boot to Rey on the apron. Humberto knocks Gallows to the floor, hits a beautiful corkscrew tope! In the ring, AJ wants the Styles Clash again, Ricochet with a rana coutner for 2! AJ ducks a shot, blasts him with a pele kick! AJ takes Ricochet up top, pursues. Ricochet escapes to the apron, big right hand to the face! Anderson charges but a back elbow takes him to the floor – Ricochet springs off the second rope for a crisp moonsault press to Anderson! Ricochet rushes back up for a Super Rana – but AJ counters with an Avalanche Styles Clash! That is sure as hell that.

Winners: The OC

Real good TV main event there, strong work in that six-man.

Afterwards, as AJ celebrates, Orton sneaks up behind him – RKO! And that’s the note we go out on.

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