WWE Raw Results (12/2/2019) – The Kabuki Warriors Defeat Charlotte Flair

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WWE Raw Results (12/2/2019) - The Kabuki Warriors Defeat Charlotte Flair

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here, giving you the recap and results of WWE Raw as it happens here tonight! As I type this, we are two hours and about twenty five minutes into the show. We just witnessed the conclusion of the one match that was announced in advance of tonight’s show, which saw Charlotte Flair take on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions all by herself – Asuka and Kairi Sane, the Kabuki Warriors!

This big-time 2-on-1 handicap match is the result of Asuka misting Charlotte last week, after Charlotte distracted herself going after Kairi Sane. Charlotte then asked for the 2-on-1 herself, wanting to have both of them in front of her at the same time.

It was, honestly, a much better match than I expected. I figured this wouldn’t last too long and would end with some chicanery. But it was actually quite the straight-up bout, or atleast as straight-up as a 2-on-1 handicap match could be. Ultimately Charlotte was made to look very strong, having basically a completely even match-up in there with both Asuka and Kairi. But thankfully, the WWE Women’s Tag Champs ultimately did not lose to one person by herself.

The finish saw Kairi blind tag herself in without Charlotte’s knowledge. As Charlotte locked Asuka into the Figure Eight, Kairi came off the top with an InSane Elbow for the victory.

Somewhat surprisingly, there was no Becky Lynch to be found, so I guess there’s a little more that has to unfold here before the expected tag title match is set for TLC.

You can see an excerpt of my recap of the match below:

Sane tags in, drags Charlotte to the corner, Charlotte looks very out of it. Kairi up top, but Charlotte with a forearm cuts her off! Big smack to the face, pursues, Charlotte hooks Kairi for a superplex… but Asuka tags herself in and climbs up as well. Charlotte hooks them both though! Double Superplex is countered though as Charlotte gets thrown to the mat. Kairi with a double footstomp to the small of the back, barely even touched her. Asuka covers for a nearfall. They go for a meet-in-the-middle double team but Charlotte avoids them both, spears through each of them at once! Covers Asuka for a nearfall, very close! Charlotte working over the leg of Asuka now, low dropkick takes Sane to the outside. Charlotte charges for Asuka, big boot ducked, blind tag from Sane that Charlotte didn’t see. Charlotte locks Asuka into the figure four, transition to the Figure Eight – Kairi Sane up top, Insane Elbow right to the very exposed abdomen, that’s that!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

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