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WWE Seth Rollins to Apologize – What the Heel Could Go Wrong?


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So why is Seth Rollins expected to apologize?

We’ve all seen or heard about Seth Rollins attempting his King Corbin impersonation last week and blame the entire locker room for their poor showing at Survivor Series.

Seth Rollins to apologize

It was a thing of beauty for those of us waiting for him to turn heel again as he was left alone with Raw’s new top babyface, Kevin Owens. After a stunner, A match was set for the show’s main event that saw the AOP (Authors of Pain) come out to seemingly aid Rollins and beat down Owens.

Seth Rollins to apologize and right the ship

Like the captain that gutted his ship on the reef, Rollins is expected to apologize to the Raw locker room for his actions last week.

It’ll start out well with him being amicable toward his fellow wrestlers. He’ll probably praise them on their improved effort last week (and it was indeed improved across the board), but at some point the pointed comments will come out. Or he may point fingers at those that lost or didn’t perform last week to “challenge” them to improve. Holding Rey Mysterio up as someone they should emulate, next to himself, of course, would be a good move to further his heel turn.

I’d expect the AOP to be called out and possibly challenged in some way. Maybe even a tag team match against him and Kevin Owens as a main event.

Given his feud with Owens is only a week old, it’s reasonable to expect Owens will accept and the two will begin the match as comrades. This could be key if/when things fall apart for them as the match continues. Towards the end, it could pit them against each other once again and they’ll either forge a tenuous bond going into TLC in a couple of weeks.

Either way will set up an exciting storyline and it’ll be one way to put AOP over, and further push Rollins to the heel side while trying to convince others he’s trying to help (Bret Hart ’97 and Kurt Angle any heel turn).

What could go wrong?

Well, more than likely it’s going to be a cruel tease for Rollins fans that want to see him return to his face role. The fanbase has been split over whether he should be a face or heel, and this should extend the debate even further over the next week or two before a showdown at TLC or the fracturing of his and Owens’ trust.

We’re on the cusp of a fun ride, and it all depends on how sorry Seth Rollins really is. Who knows, he may just surprise us all and shred every one of my predictions.

So, who’s on Team Rollins and who’s Team Owens?

Just thought I’d beat the Christmas rush. 😉

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