A Show in Honor of Mr. Niebla is Official for CMLL


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“El Rey del Guaguanc贸”, Mr. Niebla, will be honored by CMLL on January 24. After the passing of one of CMLL’s most notable veterans, the promotion will have “La Noche del Mr. Niebla”.

Back in December, the former CMLL World Heavyweight champion passed away. As it was noted, “the Mexican veteran was fighting a bacterial infection back in October. Wrestlers and friends of the family organized events to collect money for his medical treatment. But, this past Monday [December 23], CMLL and friends of the veteran broke the news through social media.”

Super Lucha reported that the show will feature his former group, “La Peste Negra” (The Black Plague), plus regular allies of Niebla. Here’s the report from Super Luchas:

…with the endorsement of the family, which will be carried out a thematic function called “The Night of Mr. Niebla” and will be held on Friday, January 24 at the Monumental Arena Mexico, with the presence of La Peste Negra, the group that [he] commanded and much popularity he gave. In addition, there will be the assistance of peers who were relevant in the course of his great Luchistic career and who developed mostly within the CMLL.

It should be noted that the CMLL cartel won’t have their regulars. Most of their best wrestlers are in Japan for FanstasticaMania, which leaves the average Mexican star in the promotion.

Niebla’s death is a heartbreaking one. CMLL always had his back, but alcoholism became a big problem in his life. He had the incident in Japan where he was聽 – from FantasticaMania –聽 sent back to Mexico. Later, it was the issue where he wanted to wrestle drunk in the ring in which Volador Jr. had to finish the match on a quick outing. CMLL did fire him, but at the end of 2018, they brought him back.

Niebla was never a top guy talent, but he was in important matches. Rush, Cavernario and other young stars had their first experiences in the big gala against or alongside El Rey del Guaguanc贸. He was a somewhat serious wrestler in CMLL, but when he returned with La Peste Negra, he became a comedy act with Negro Casas and Felino (both veterans). As Medio Tiempo noted: “Together with Felino and Negro Casas, a more cheerful style began and they all used cumbias villeras. Niebla chose the song “Collate a Dedo” of Los Pibes Chorros, with which he entered the ring dancing very happily, even with movements similar to the Guaguanc贸.”聽

Niebla will be missed by the Mexican fans and the Lucha Libre aficionados.


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