AEW Bash At The Beach Live Recap

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Tonight is a special night! AEW Dynamite turns into AEW Bash At The Beach! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer and I’ll be here as always to give you the live recap & results! Watch this space!

And AEW Bash At The Beach is starting off hot with this big time four way tag team match!

Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. The Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz vs. The Young Bucks

Trent starts with Nick Jackson! Nick gets shot off, shoulder block but no effect! Tries again, on the third attempt Trent stumbles but bounces back with one of his own! Chop to the chest, top rope arm drag! Ducks a shot, stand off and ovation! Nick tags to Hangman just as the crowd gets a “Cowboy Sh*t” going, Trent tags Chuckie T! Page with a shoulder block, Chuckie with a leapfrog, Page gets him with a Fallaway Slam! Kip up, tags to Kenny, and Chuckie tags Matt Jackson! Big Kenny chant. But P-N-P rush into the ring to attack both men! Pulls Matt to the corner to force a tag, Santana comes in! Big chop, whip to the ropes, blind tag from Nick, Kenny with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Nick with a springboard double stomp, instinctive tag work there. Ortiz tags in, Matt rushes, Kitaro Crusher onto the knee of Matt!

Ortiz tags to Trent, chops to the chest, irish whip, Nick with the tag, double arm drag, double dropkick! Takes him to the Bucks’ corner, Matt tags in and drops Trent with a right hand. Power whip to the corner so Trent can take the HBK bump, bounces back into a Northern Lights Suplex, Matt with his roll-through for the second, and then a third, and now a fourth! And a fifth attempted but Trent finally stops it with a Tornado DDT off the corner! Makes the tag to Chuck, Overhead Belly To Belly! Nick runs in just to get a Standing Sliced Bread, Pop-Up Sit-Out Powerbomb to Matt for the nearfall, Ortiz breaks up the pin. Trent and Chuckie get the Sole Food/Half-N-Half combination on Matt! They want the hug but Santana stops it for big heat!

Ortiz and Santana with a combo cutter, double back suplex, Santana with a standing moonsault, Ortiz with a suicide dive, Santana with a tope con hilo, P-N-P taking out everybody! AEW chant! Santana and Ortiz with a double team on Matt, big suplex. Santana with some Rolling Suplexes, stall on the third and now the trade off to Ortiz after he tags in! Finishes off the suplex and gives a little nod to Eddie! Tag to Santana, they try another double team but Matt stops that with a spear! Gives him a little breather but Santana knocks away the Best Friends to avoid a tag. Matt with a Stunner off the corner, desperation! Tentative to try and tag but he does ultimately let Kenny in! Snap Dragon to Ortiz! Santana comes off the top but eats a Snap Dragon as well! Trent tags in, tries for the Tornado but Omega counters him into the Snap Dragon as well!

Tag to Hangman. You Can’t Escape, leads to a running Shooting Star Press, Moonsault from Kenny, Hangman up top… flies to the floor onto the rest of the teams with a moonsault! Holds Ortiz, Omega hits the ropes but Ortiz escapes and blocks Kenny! Ortiz manages to hold Kenny and Hangman, Santana with an Escalera to the outside on all of them! Nick gets Trent with a roll through Facebuster, Chuck with a Tope Con Hilo on everyone else! Matt up top, Trent blocks him! SUPERPLEX TO THE FLOOR ON EVERYONE! Trent hits the ropes, Buisaku Knee to Omega! They’re the legal men right now, Trent tries for Strong Zero but Kenny blocks it. Hooks him for a suplex, Chuck comes in to try and make it double, Hangman in to help Kenny, as they lift their legs clip Rick Knox! Bucks and P-N-P in as well! Quadruple Suplex attempts from both side!

ORANGE CASSIDY IN THE RING! He assess the situation as a big “Freshly Squeezed” chant breaks out! CASSIDY COMPLETES THE SUPLEX FOR THE BEST FRIENDS’ SIDE! Big hug with Cassidy sandwiched! Best Friends take out everybody, Strong Zero/Double Footstomp on Kenny, Bucks have to break up the pin! “This Is Awesome”. Matt and Chuck exchanging now, Chuck wins with a solid forearm. Hangman in the ring, one clothesline misses but the second one is nailed! Trent gets him with a big lariat of his own! Ortiz with an eye poke, whip reversed, Santana with a running big boot, step-up cannonball! Ortiz with a Liger Bomb to Nick, Matt starts a Superkick Party, one for both of P-N-P but he hesitates to attack Hangman! Gets Chuckie instead, Bucks with a stereo superkick to Santana and Ortiz! Chuck with a waistlock, Hangman blind tags himself in, despite Matt’s wishes! Kenny with a V-Trigger to Chuckie T, V-Trigger/Buckshot Lariat nailed and that is that!

Winner: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

This was kinda my secondary pick but that doesn’t really count, eh? Awesome match to kick things off nonetheless, helluva start for AEW Bash At The Beach. Looks like they’ll be facing SCU for the AEW World Tag Team titles next week!

Cody Rhodes makes his way out, thunderous ovation and chant of his name! Cody mentions how he asked MJF to name his price, and he has; it’s rather expensive. We see MJF’s stipulations for a Revolution match flash on screen, crowd boos. Cody specifically notes the Steel Cage match with Wardlow and he says it surprises him. It surprises him because he thinks once Wardlow takes that suit off and people see what he can do, they might conclude that perhaps he shouldn’t be carrying MJF’s bags, MJF should be carrying his! Crowd reacts big to that, chant of “Bag Boy”. Cody moves on to the 10 lashes on live TV. I just now noticed the stage includes a lifeguard, incredible. AEW Bash At The Beach, such a rad theme.

Cody says if his skin breaks, if he bleeds courtesy of a leather belt, if he thinks that’s the worst thing that can come from their rivalry he is mistaken. Last stip, he can’t touch him until Revolution. He says he doesn’t need to touch MJF because he takes permanent residence in his brain, everyone knows what he is doing, he is stalling! Calls him a pampered kid who his parents took onto the Rosie O’Donnell show. Talks up how the veterans always put MJF on a pedestal, talk him up as an oldschool heel, less is more. He says less is more because MJF can’t do more! He accepts the stips! At Revolution, he is going to give him his own goddamn scar.

Backstage, Joey Janela talks up his feud with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. Notes how he never wanted anything to do with his ex, but she can’t help but try and make her name off him. Talks up how he was disappointed with how his last year went but next week he gets a chance at one of the best in the game in Rey Fenix. He promises to show us why they call him a bad, bad boy.

AEW Bash At The Beach continues, Nightmare Collective out for their match. Statlander out, but as Shida comes out Dr. Luther blocks her path! Mel and Brandi jump Kris, Shida uses her kendo stick to deal with Luther before coming in for the save!

Nightmare Collective vs. Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida

Shida and Mel start, Mel is much taller than I thought. Shida with a rana takes her to the floor, Statlander with a back kick, moonsault off the apron clips Mel. Shida grabs the chair and sits it up! Kris helps keep it in place as Shida uses it as a platform for the running high knee! Throws Mel into the ring, double dropkick! Hikaru covers for 2. Brandi distracts Shida with a cheap shot, big boot from Mel! Brandi tags in, stomps Shida to the mat. Grinds the boot into her face. Mel comes in, a false tag here behind the ref’s back! Chokes Shida with the boot in the corner. Shida trying to fight her way up, Mel with a trip. Commercial break as Mel stretches Shida out in the ropes. Look at this, an actual commercial!

We come back in time to see Mel getting a nearfall. “Let’s Go Shida” chant as Mel hooks her for a suplex, but Shida blocking it. Trying to reverse but the size difference makes it tough. Shida fights out, elbow strikes, Mel with a big blow quells her. Hits the ropes, but Shida with a running knee strike!

Tag to Brandi, tag to Kris as well and Brandi suddenly reverses direction! She’s begging off! Statlander with a mean roundhouse kick to the head! Discus Clothesline! Fisherwoman’s Driver, Mel has to break up the pin! Shida up top, flying karate kick takes Mel out of the ring! Pursues, Mel slams her into the barrier! Brandi with a spear to Statlander, narrow nearfall! Mel tags in, awesome Black Hole Slam for a nearfall! Mel up top, Shida comes in to stop her, superplex! Statlander with a running knee strike, cover for 1 shockingly! Shida with a knee to the back of the head, Shida tries to block Brandi but she manages to escape and break up the count! Mel with a double clothesline on both women! Statlander reverses a powerslam, Big Bang Theory for the victory!

Winner: Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

Good stuff!

Dark Order vignette. They talk up Michael Nakazawa’s interest and curiosity in them. Brandon Cutler as well.

AEW Bash At The Beach continues, Sammy Guevara does his sign gimmick during commercial again. Moxley of course shows up in his Ford GT!

Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara

Guevara with an opening strut but takes a big lariat. Guevara fights back with a springing cutter. Fight to the apron, Guevara with a brutal double footstomp on Mox taking him to the floor! Throws him into the barrier, poses in the ring! Commercial break, match continues in the inset, Guevara chokes Jon against the bottom rope, kick to the face, cover for 2. Guevara with a delayed, pumping Samoan Drop. Uppercut against the ropes, Guevara drives Mox’s head into the top buckle. Mox fights back… superplex! German, Guevara flips and lands on his feet, Standing Shooting Star for a nearfall! Superkick dodged, victory roll though for a nearfall. Mox ducks a spinning heel kick, Headlock Driver for a nearfall!

Mox takes Guevara up top, inverted style, wants the flying Paradigm Shift! Guevara escapes, springs to the top rope, Spanish Fly off the top! Jumping knee to the face, Fireman’s Carry GTS for a close nearfall! Sammy getting to show off a lot here. Sammy up top, goes for the Moonsault Driver but Mox counters this into a Rear Naked Choke!! Sammy has to tap!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Cool stuff, no doubt! Sammy looked real good there, took a surprising lot of that match.

Jericho’s music hits… and the lights go out! When they come back, Jericho, P-N-P and Jake Hager are in the ring! Mox charges right into the fray but is swiftly overwhelmed! Heat rains down as he’s pummeled against the mat! Hager holds Mox in a Cobra Clutch like choke as Jericho actually whips Mox across the back with that massive AEW World title! P-N-P hold Mox up now as Jericho seems to be rearing up another shot but Hager gets him with a low blow instead! P-N-P hold Mox up again and let Guevara slap him! Mox is a lone wolf with no friends in the locker room as they note. Jericho takes a spike off his jacket as everyone holds him down! Jericho jabs him, seemingly right in the eye! “Asshole” chant as Jericho celebrates! Quite the assault here at AEW Bash At The Beach. Referees file into the ring to break it up.

Backstage, the Inner Circle being interviewed. Jericho says they offered Mox the keys to the kingdom but he attacked him with a bottle. Says it’s an eye for an eye. They’ll keep an eye on him ’cause he’s only got one left. Whoever wins between PAC and Darby Allin goes straight to Le Champion. Says we’ll see Mox around, even though he can’t see us!

AEW Bash At The Beach continues with a very special six-man tag match!

MJF, The Butcher & The Blade vs. Diamond Dallas Page, QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes

DDP starts with MJF! But nah, MJF tags right out to Butcher. MJF leaves the ring and jumps the barricade to keep away from the match. QT Marshall tags in and now suddenly MJF wants back in, makes the tag. Maxwell with a kick, QT throws him off but eats a shoulder block. MJF with an evasion, QT with a roll-through over him, stand-off. MJF gives him a golf clap. Offers a faux hand, QT flips him off! Poke to the eye, drives QT into the heel corner, tag to Blade, knife edge chops in the ropes. Whip, QT ducks a shot, Springboard Crossbody! Tag to Dustin Rhodes, uppercut, Inverted Atomic Drop! MJF with a cheap shot from the apron drops Dustin – and only after is it revealed that he was wearing the Dynamite Diamond Ring as Wardlow stealthily removes it from his hand!

On the outside, Bunny mocks Dustin’s taunt and slaps him across the face. Blade distracting the ref, Wardlow gets in a big boot on Dustin! Commercial, match continues in the inset, Butcher and Blade are working over Dustin. Butcher with a delayed vertical suplex! Blade stomping Dustin into the mat now. Rope choke. After quite a bit of abuse, they tag MJF in to pick up the scraps. Buries the knee in the small of Dustin’s back as he puts in a camel clutch. Tries for a leaping body block but Dustin flips over, gets the knees up and MJF lands nutsfirst! Dustin wants a tag but he rolled the wrong way, MJF in between him and his partners. Whip to the heel corner but Dustin takes out Butcher and Blade! Back body drop sends MJF over the top and he bounces off the apron! Dustin crawling over to the corner… Butcher takes QT off the apron with a backbreaker! Blade tags in and rushes into the ring to catch a Snap Powerslam!

Tag to DDP!! MJF tagged in as well and now DDP ramming his head into the buckle over and over, almost gets ten but Butcher runs in, eats a discus lariat! Rams MJF into the buckle a tenth time! Blade gets a lariat too, DDP with the pose… Diamond Cutter on Butcher! Sets up one on MJF too, but he counters into a backslide position, back kick lowblow, ref could not see it! Dustin tags in, Canadian Destroyer! DDP with a great Diamong Cutter on MJF!!! Dustin covers, Blade breaks it up! Tag to QT, Dustin with a cannonball off the apron! QT with a handspring tope, the QT special taking out Butcher and Blade! Diamond Dallas Page up top?!?!? Frog Splash off the top takes out the heel team! Awesome!!! But during the replay, MJF rolls QT up for the victory!

Winner: MJF, The Butcher & The Blade

That was real fun! DDP is 63 years old guys. Just unbelievable. “You Still Got It” chant for DDP, even as MJF’s theme continues.

SCU backstage talking about their tag title match against Hangman and Kenny next week when Hangman interrupts with a glass of liquor. He bumps into them and starts threatening them, Kenny has to pull him away and try and smooth it over.

AEW Bash At The Beach now about to have it’s main event!

Darby Allin vs. PAC

Dueling chant to start but much louder for Darby’s side. Lock-up, PAC with a side headlock. Shot off the ropes, PAC with a shoulder block. Hits the ropes, Darby leap frogs, ducks a shot, flip, springboard arm drag but PAC lands on his feet only to eat a running dropkick! PAC with a devastating Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Big biel toss sends him across the ring! Pulls him up, throws him to the corner, Darby gets the boot up, roll over, Shotgun Dropkick! Darby with a suicide dive takes him into the Barrier! Darby throws him back into the ring but PAC bails, only to eat a harder tope suicida shoulder block! AEW chant!

Darby runs off the apron for a flying rana but PAC counters, throws him violently into the steps! Yikes! Commercial break, match continues in the inset! PAC pulls the steps out! Takes Darby atop them, powerbomb right onto the top of the steps, Jesus! That’s a commercial break spot, folks! PAC rolls into the ring, tries to get a count out win! Darby makes it to the ring in what I assume was the nick of time. PAC teases a Standing Shooting Star or something but just gets him in a crossface instead, Darby grabs the ropes. PAC takes him outside, throws him into the barrier and then back into the ring. PAC is aiming for the back now after that devastating powerbomb, PAC with a destructive missile dropkick! Narrow nearfall!

PAC takes Darby onto his shoulders and goes up top to the middle rope with him! Darby elbows his way free… CRUCIFIX DRIVER OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE! PAC bails, Darby up top – COFFIN DROP RIGHT ONTO PAC ON THE FLOOR! He spat out his mouthguard on that one! PAC rolls back into the ring at 7, Darby slips behind him, gets his Flip Stunner, Code Red follow up for a nearfall! Awesome stuff! Darby with a baseball slide but PAC catches him in the ring apron, enziguri kick to the head! Throws him back into the ring.

PAC with a big lariato flips onto his face! Cover for a nearfall! PAC stands eye to the eye with him, Darby with a big shot, La Magistral for a nearfall, exchange of cradles here, Darby with a Cloverleaf Cradle for a nearfall!! Springboard Coffin Drop countered with a German Suplex out of the air! Sit-Out Powerbomb for a veeeeeery close nearfall! PAC going up top, Darby cutting him off… but PAC headbutts him until he falls to the mat! Black Arrow to the injured back, for the win!

Winner: PAC

That rocked!

Afterwards Tony Schiavone in the ring with PAC, who tries to argue that since Mox is incapacitated, he’s already the No. 1 Contender! But we see Mox come out of the ambulance, patch over his eye, legit looking like Big Boss from MGS as he comes onto the stage to say he doesn’t care if he has no eyes, he’ll show up next week and kick PAC’s ass!

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