AEW Dynamite Results (1/1/2020) The Elite def. PAC & The Lucha Bros | All Elite Wrestling

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The New Year is upon us and so too is another chapter in the Wednesday Night Wrestling Wars! All Elite Wrestling brings us another episode of AEW Dynamite, currently in progress! My name is Jordan Huie, coming to you from to give you another round of recaps and results from the show as they come! It’s a very special one to be sure, AEW Homecoming here on January 1st! So let’s not waste any more time getting into the results!

We just saw a thrilling Trios match take place! The Elite – represented by Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks – took on PAC and the Lucha Bros in six-man tag team action! There was a lot of tension in this one, with PAC and Kenny Omega’s rivalry stemming back to August 31st at AEW All Out. They’re 1-1 in singles action and ever since Kenny evened things up, PAC has been relentlessly pursuing a rubber match. And The Bucks and Lucha Bros’ feud was almost indisputably the biggest tag rivalry of 2019, always something I’ll love seeing revitalized.

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below:

Kenny with a deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb, Pentagon has to break up the pin! Penta tags, Bucks rush in, both eat a Slingblade, backstabber in the corner to Kenny! Tag to Fenix, they setup their tag finish but the Bucks stop him! Kenny counters a cutter and pushes Fenix but he hits a double cutter on the Bucks! Kenny with a Snap Dragon on Fenix but Fenix bounces back for a rolling cutter on Kenny! PAC tagged back in, Black Arrow on Kenny, Bucks baaaaarely break up the pin! “This Is Awesome” chant as PAC locks Omega into the Brutalizer, Lucha Bros hold the Bucks back for a moment but eventually Matt manages a kick to the back of Pac’s head to break up the hold! Double Superkick to Pentagon takes him to the floor! Fenix rolls into the ring, tags in, Springboard Spinning Roundhouse Kick but Kenny with a big boot out of the air! One Winged Angel to Fenix, the Elite score the win!

Winners: The Elite

Quite the spectacle of a match to be sure, ending in victory for the Elite. Afterwards, Kenny, Cody and the Bucks invited Hangman to celebrate in the ring with them but he wouldn’t take them up on it.

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