AEW News: Dark Order Using Its Members To Help Spread Their Message


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The Dark Order has been a interesting figure in All Elite Wrestling. They are perhaps the most polarizing in the companies short history. People are either intrigued and want to know more, or they think it’s goofy and has no place on the show. Their is a lot of mystery to be found, and anyone can join through their website. They have gotten thousands upon thousands of applicants, people who are down on their lucks and crave power. They’re aiming to use an old form of marketing to increase their reach.

The Dark Order Wants Members To ‘Share Our Inspiring Message’

In a recent email to Dark Order members, they would receive a google drive link containing three flyers.  They are the ones found in their adverts and seen backstage on shows like Being The Elite. They have simple phrases like “Stop losing, and start losing.” along with #JoinTheDarkOrder as well as pull off sections at the end with their websites URL. This is the first set of instructions sent to their members, and it also contains a link to an unlisted Youtube channel.

The Video

In this unlisted video, the spokesperson for the cult thanks the member for their interest in joining The Dark Order, and lets them know they’re very close to becoming a full fledged member of the group. Their first task is to print out some recruitment forms, put them up around their local area, and share that they did on social media. They also insist you use the #JoinDarkOrder hashtag so they can find and thank their members for their continued support.

Perfect Marketing For The Modern World

If you see one of these flyers in your local area, be sure to take a look into it. Share that you found it on social media. It is both effective marketing for All Elite Wrestling and the Dark Order faction. In the modern age, anything slightly odd is a great way to get coverage from the internet. Ordinary people will see these ads and have to stop and think about what they’re looking at. It could help bring in viewers based on it’s weirdness alone. Plus the more people it gets, the more members Dark Order gains. Who knows how strong they can become.

Have you signed up to be part of The Dark Order yet? Are you considering it? Let  us know in the comment section down below, and stay tuned for more AEW news and updates from The Dark Order, right here on The Overtimer!


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