Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka Ends In DQ | WWE Raw Results


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WWE Monday Night Raw rages on as Charlotte Flair comes out to celebrate her Women’s Royal Rumble match victory. She points at the sign and boasts about her victory, asking us to indulge her in her pride. Shows some highlights from last night. Charlotte says that in ten weeks, she gets to face the champion of her choice at WrestleMania. She doesn’t take this decision lightly and it means a lot to her. She is going to challenge… crowd tries to tell her to say Becky Lynch but she just finishes with “for a championship”. Says she’s still thinking about it, laughs. Kabuki Warriors, Asuka and Kairi Sane interrupt!

Asuka gives her a faux congratulations. They enter the ring. Charlotte Flair notes how Asuka won the 2018 Rumble and asks if she wants to celebrate with her. Asuka says that if she were in the Royal Rumble, she would have won. Charlotte asks if she’s challenging her and the Kabuki Warriors respond by attacking her! Double Vertical suplex!

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

We come back to find out this match is a thing! Lock-up, in the corner, clean break from Charlotte but then they locked right back up. Asuka with a side headlock. Charlotte shoves her away, chops aplenty. She ducks one, hits the ropes but gets taken out with a shoulder block. Throws her to the ropes, arm drag, running boot to the face. Chinlock, knee to the back. Springs in for an Oklahoma Roll for 2, arm wringer locked in. Asuka fights back with kicks to the chest. Running hip attack evaded, Charlotte with a backbreaker, running clothesline. Into the corner, going up for Corner Ten Punches but Asuka quickly clips her, wants a bulldog but gets tossed away, basement dropkick right to the face!

Charlotte wants the Figure Four, Asuka kicks her away, German Suplex toss! Asuka goes up top! Missile Dropkick, cover for 1. Asuka with an Octopus Stretch! Charlotte escapes, basement dropkick once more! Knife edge chops! Takes her up top. Kairi Sane distracts the ref for some reason as Asuka shoves Charlotte all the way to the floor! Commercial break. We come back to see Charlotte immediately start her comeback, catching a Hip Attack to hit a Back Suplex. Charge in the corner is avoided, back kick from Asuka turns into a Bulldog. Missile dropkick missed, low dropkick from Charlotte. Asuka rolls to the apron, gets a Hot Shot, back into the ring to eat a big boot for a nearfall.

Charlotte Flair up top for her moonsault, but Asuka rolls out of the way and she crashes and burns! Asuka with a brutal mat-bound Octopus Stretch! Charlotte flips it over, but it’s turned into a Triangle Choke! Charlotte powers her up, Deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb for a narrow nearfall! Asuka with a Codebreaker for a nearfall! Charlotte with a backslide for a nearfall, ducks a kick, big spear for a nearfall! Figure Four, Asuka trying to crawl back before she turns it into a Figure Eight. But Charlotte manages it anyway… Kairi up top, breaks it with an InSane Elbow!

Winner: Charlotte Flair (by DQ)

Kairi Sane attacking Charlotte now, clubbering her back. Whip to the corner reversed. Running Big Boot lays her out! Asuka has to help Kairi out of the ring.

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