Cody Responds To MJF’s Stipulations

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All Elite Wrestling is bringing us AEW Bash At The Beach as we speak! And just now, we heard from Cody Rhodes in his official response to MJF! Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here, I’ll be with you all night to give you the live recap and results from the show as they come! This was a major segment to be sure so we gotta cover it!

Cody has desperately wanted a shot at Maxwell Jacob Friedman since AEW Full Gear. But MJF wants nothing to do with the match unless Cody agrees to his lengthy list of conditions. This includes not touching him a single time before the match begins, subjecting himself to 10 lashes with a belt on live TV, and having to beat Wardlow in a Steel Cage match! Last week Cody and Arn Anderson were surprisingly coy about their response. But this week we got his true answer.

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this segment below:

Cody specifically notes the Steel Cage match with Wardlow and he says it surprises him. He thinks once Wardlow takes that suit off and people see what he can do, they might conclude that perhaps he shouldn’t be carrying MJF’s bags, MJF should be carrying his! Crowd reacts big to that, chant of “Bag Boy”.

Cody says if his skin breaks, if he bleeds courtesy of a leather belt, if he thinks that’s the worst thing that can come from their rivalry he is mistaken. Last stip, he can’t touch him until Revolution. He says he doesn’t need to touch MJF because he takes permanent residence in his brain, everyone knows what he is doing, he is stalling! Talks up how the veterans always put MJF on a pedestal, talk him up as an oldschool heel, less is more. He says less is more because MJF can’t do more! He accepts the stips!

Cody capped off the promo by not only accepting the stipulations but promising to give MJF a nasty scar of his own to match what he’s had since AEW Full Gear!

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