Cody Responds To MJF | AEW Dynamite

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Tonight, it’s the AEW Bash At The Beach special! Tonight, we’ll be hearing from the one and only Cody Rhodes! The show itself is a tribute to a beloved WCW PPV. And it’s not just one show – the series of events begins with tonight’s episode of Dynamite! And it will also run through next week’s show, which will emanate live from the Jericho Cruise! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer, here to give you the preview of what’s to come here this fine Wednesday evening! As always there’s a lot to talk about so let’s get to it!

Cody Rhodes will respond to MJF, and accept or shoot down his stipulations!

Seriously! For real this time though! Of course, last week it was really more of a question whereas this go-round, it’s a statement! Cody of course wants a match with MJF more than anything else in his life right now. The two have been in a bitter feud since the protege betrayed his mentor at AEW Full Gear. But Maxwell Jacob Friedman is none too eager to let this match take place. Still, he’s agreed to it… on a number of conditions.

He demanded the match only take place at AEW Revolution. But if Cody lays a hand on him before then, the match is off! The American Nightmare will also be forced to subject himself to 10 lashes with a belt on live television. Finally, he will face off with MJF’s heavy Wardlow in a Steel Cage match! That is, of course, assuming he accepts.

And yes, of course he will. I was a bit disappointed to not hear his answer live last week if i’m being honest, but if that means another big time babyface promo here tonight, it’s more than worth it! Here’s hoping he delivers the goods once more on what is turning out to be a very historic day for the company.

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