Could Matt Hardy Leave WWE To Be Revealed As The Leader Of The Dark Order?


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The Dark Order have been pitched as a major storyline for 2020 in All Elite Wrestling. There is one major bit of mystery however, that being who is their leader. At first it seemed like Evil Uno was in charge, but there is something much bigger at play when it comes to this faction. There have been many names within AEW thrown around as possible leaders, including Kenny Omega, Jimmy Havoc and Hangman Page. But what if their leader has been pulling the strings from another company, waiting to emerge?

A Broken Man To Lead The Dark Order?

It has been reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Matt Hardy’s contract with WWE is set to expire soon. He has been releasing videos on social media as part of a series called “Free The Delete”. Many noticed the name was very similar to “Being The Elite”, the hit YouTube program which help build the structure of AEW. It has been used as a showcase for his insanely popular ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ gimmick, one which WWE handled incredibly poorly. It felt watered down compared to its time in Impact Wrestling, but Matt Hardy did his best with what he was able to do. If nothing else, we got the House Hardy Halloween Special.

Being A Leader Means Matt Hardy Doesn’t Have To Wrestle Often

After a long career of being a daredevil and taking insane risks, Matt Hardy’s body has taken more abuse than a human should take. While Jeff Hardy often stole the show with his risks, Matt gave an equal amount, but was often less flashy. Using a diving leg drop for the bulk of his career has seriously messed up his hips & back. He can still wrestle, but it will be soon time for retirement for Matt Hardy. If he is able to be a leader or manager type in All Elite Wrestling, while working backstage to help build characters for younger talent, he will be able to remain an onscreen presence while enriching the next generation with his incredible mind for character.

It will be interesting to see how his contract situation will play out. Money talks, and Vince could play defensive and offer Matt a well paying job in the WWE Performance Center or as a backstage agent, but Hardy and his passion for his character could win out.

Would you want to see Matt Hardy revealed as the leader of The Dark Order? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below, and stay tuned for more AEW news & speculation here on The Overtimer.

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