CyberAgent Group Holds Press Conference Discussing Pro Wrestling Noah Acquisition

Plans For DDT And NOAH Come To Light


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An emergency press conference was held in the recent hours by CyberAgent Group discussing their acquisition of Pro Wrestling Noah (NOAH) and their impending relationship with other CyberAgent property Dramatic Dream Team (DDT). 

Twitter account DDT English Update posted live translations of the press conference, including the announcement of DDT President Sanshiro Takagi, also taking over the mantle as President of NOAH.

Further important notes concerned NOAH’s January 30th event being shown free and live on DDT Universe tomorrow. The DDT English Update account also provided details from the press conference concerning how DDT and NOAH will interact with one another, and LIDET Entertainment’s new role as corporate sponsor.

Further translated information includes the continuation of G+, DDT Universe airing 1-2 live NOAH shows per month, and increased VOD comment. CyberAgent President Susumu Fujita said he didn’t attend to interfere with the creative process of NOAH, and the purchase  of Pro Wrestling Noah was made due to his faith in Takagi’s managerial skills. While collaboration can take place between DDT and NOAH, the goal is for the two companies to remain separate due to their different styles and differing fan bases, however the groups will share office members who will focus on the business side of the operation.

In response to a question from a journalist regarding where fans could view NOAH in the future Fujita stated, G+, AmebaTV, DDT Universe, and Samurai TV. Takagi also detailed plans for a two-day Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo Hall) event on November 21st (DDT) and November 22nd (NOAH) later this year — in what is an ambitious move for both promotions. 

Last year New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) held events at Sumo Hall twice including the finals of the Best Of The Super Juniors (7,650 attendance) tournament and King Of Pro Wrestling (9,573 attendance). The press conference is available for free on DDT Universe.

The purchase of NOAH by CyberAgent does not come without risk, especially having lackluster financial reports over the last four quarters. Therefore, it seems CyberAgent’s goals to market NOAH will most rely on their AmebaTV service and DDT Universe. While they did not discuss how much direct capital CyberAgent would invest in NOAH, there was a discussion concerning NOAH improving their financials in 2019, but remaining in a large financial hole. 

The exposure on AmebaTV and DDT Universe may be enough to help NOAH creep closer to stability, but such an effort will take long-term planning, wise investments, and producing a unique product domestic fans will gravitate towards. 

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