How long will AEW’s Kenny Omega and Adam Page Last as a Team?


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The Elite are the backbone of AEW. They came together and helped recruit and form it, so it’s only natural that it’ll come apart storyline wise at some point. It’s only natural, and is as old a way of creating a rivalry as any in history. It’s a sibling rivalry, a civil war among friends, and it’s entertaining to see it play out in the square circle. So, it only makes sense to ask how long will Kenny Omega and Adam Page last as a team?

Been brewing

This has been a feud that’s been in the making since Omega and Page teamed together, maybe even earlier than that. It’s been a slow cooker, but as entertaining as any done before.

It’s easy to point fingers, and that’s exactly what we’re about to do. Ready? All right.

Adam Page is an awesome talent that’s recently won the AEW tag team championship. Sure, Kenny Omega was there, but Page did most of the heavy lifting, and that’s been the story the last few weeks. It’s helped lift Page from a curious Indie to one of the more recognizable figures in AEW.

During this time, there’s been miscommunication between Page and Omega, as well as a few errant double teams that left one or both knocked senseless for their opponents to take advantage of. It’s happened enough that it’s a surprise that Omega and Page have survived this far.

If anything, it shows their brotherhood means a lot to them.

But it’s easy to see Page has kinda checked out. He still wants to win, but him pointing out to the Young Bucks that he was surprised they hadn’t won the tag titles before them was meant to be snide. It shows him as a frustrated member of the Elite that seems to want to put some separation between him and the group.

It makes sense, especially when the rest of the Elite are better known names. He’ll most likely feel that he hasn’t gotten the respect he deserves and will eventually lash out. The question is when.


We’re all going to have a theory when it’ll happen, and I’m calling it at three to four title defenses.

Why title defenses, you ask? I figure they’ll spend a couple of weeks increasing their miscommunication and other problems. During that time, their skill and tenaciousness, probably Page’s for the most part, will keep them winning.

Page and Omega will continue to mend the fence, but the damage will be done and they’ll limp into their fourth title defense after a no contest or something similar against Santana and Oritz of the Inner Circle or Private Party or Best Friends. One team will interfere and the Young Bucks will run down and try to help, but somehow one of them will hit Page.

The next match (fourth) will be a triple threat or fatal four way between Page and Omega, Ortiz and Santana, Best Friends or Private Party, and the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks will be involved because Page will lose his cool and challenge them in some way.

When they lose their titles, Omega and Page will separate and a feud between the two will start.

Or, we may even see Page join the Dark Order or be the mastermind behind it as he saw the benefit to having others subjugated rather than let their egos dominate.

Of course, Adam Page could simply be a loner that doesn’t play well with others. Time will tell.

Now I’m going to put the pressure square on your all. How do you see it playing out? Do you see it playing out this way? Let us know in the comments below.

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