Imperium def. The Undisputed Era | WWE Worlds Collide 2020

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WWE Worlds Collide 2020 rages on! We see a clip of something filmed during the Ripley/Storm match: Gargano is being interviewed when Finn Balor jumps him! Tyler Bate actually has to pull him off! Now, we have but the main event remaining – Imperium vs. the Undisputed Era!

The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) vs. Imperium (WALTER, Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)

Aichner and O’Reilly start us out! Aicher shoves him but Kyle right back up. Waistlock takedown from Aichner. Lock-up, Kyle turns it into a cross armbreaker, Aichner blocks the whole hold but Kyle turns it into a leglock, Aichner quick to get the ropes. Off the escape, gritty forearm, exchange of shots. Aichner with a mean chop in the corner! And another, O’Reilly firing back with shots! Whip to the opposite corner, Kyle gets the boot up on a charge but eats a Snap Powerslam! Barthel tags in, tag team Pop-Up Uppercut for a quick cover and kickout. Undisputed chant! Kyle with some leg kicks, roundhouse ducked, eats a shot, but gets Barthel with a running knee, tag to Roderick Strong! Gutbuster, flying knee from Kyle, cover for a 2 count!

Barthel with an uppercut, throat thrust. Tag to Wolfe, snapmare, Barthel with a driving uppercut! Wolfe takes him into the corner, pummeling, uppercut takes him down. Fish tags in, Double Reverse Suplex, stereo roundhouse kicks! Cover, but the ref stops the pin. It looks like Wolfe has been seriously hurt. Everything coming to a halt now. That shot to the chest seemed to really hurt him. Wolfe pulled from the ring as WALTER enters the match. Cole in as well, eats a hip toss. Big slap, WALTER throws him away, Cole with a kick off a back body drop, ducks a chop. Pummels him in the TUE corner, tag to Strong. WALTER with a leapfrog, mean big boot!

Applause as Wolfe is guided to the back.

Aichner tags in, sharp back suplex. Takes Strong into the Imperium corner, tag to Barthel who drives Strong into a neutral corner, stomps Strong down. Exchange of shots, Strong with a boot up, tag to Cole! Barthel wants a powerbomb, Cole targets the knee to force him to let him go, raining punches to the face! Fish and O’Reilly working Barthel over in the corner with quick tags now. Roddy involved as well, Barthel being lit up with roundhouse kicks and chops. Walter wants in the ring. Roddy mocking Imperium. Fish tags in, gets him with a snapmare, hilo! Tag to Cole as an Undisputed/Walter duel starts! Cole takes him down, cover for two, chinlock. Backstabber from Cole, nearfall.

Barthel being isolated hard here, O’Reilly with a driving knee to the abdomen. Elbows and knees to the small of the back. Kyle poking the bear mocking Walter. Barthel gets him with a german! Tag to Walter to a huge pop! Running through everybody now! Big boot takes Cole to the floor! Kyle is trapped in there with him! Exchange of strikes, Walter catches a kick, ENORMOUS German Suplex! Kyle with a flailing clothesline but eats a destructive chop! Walter wants a powerbomb but O’Reilly turns it into an Inverted Dragon Sleeper! Walter with a vertical suplex counter, Roddy in to pull Kyle away but WALTER SUPLEXES THEM BOTH AT ONCE! Tag to Barthel, Barthel and Aichner with a Wheelbarrow/Flying DDT combo for a nearfall!

Aichner tags in, gets Kyle with a Butterfly Suplex, nearfall. Headlock cinched in. Kyle fights up but gets nailed with a Kitchen Sink knee! Tag to Walter! Double team shot to Kyle. Bodyslam, Seated Senton just crushing O’Reilly. Into the Imperium corner, Kyle fires up! Smacking and kicked his way free, only to be dropped by a massive chop! Nearfall! Tag to Aichner! Kyle escapes off a back suplex, fights out of the corner with a legsweep taking Walter to the apron but tag to Barthel. O’Reilly is hugn upside down, stereo running dropkicks! Barthel with an ankle lock, O’Reilly rolls free and WALTER tags in!

Kyle slips through his legs to tag Strong!

Roddy running around, baseball slides to both Aichner and Barthel, no sells a damn WALTER chop, hooks him in the ropes for a series of running knees – BRUTAL LARIAT stops that!! But Strong fights back up, another running knee, Aichner tags in just to get a Tiger Bomb! Aichner kicks out but it’s turned into a Strong Hold! Exchange of hard shots! Simultaneous tags to Bobby and Barthel. Aichner spinebusters Fish, PK from Barthel, Air Raid Crash for a nearfall! They want the European Bomb but Fish escapes, tosses Aichner into Barthel! Tag to Adam Cole! Superkick tease, clips the legs of Barthel! Up top for the Panama Sunrise but Barthel evades it, Cole takes him to the corner but Barthel kicks him away – eats an enzifguri!

Ushigoroshi for a nearfall, Walter breaks it up! Cole’s boys come in and swarm in on WALTER! The three of them stomp him into the corner! Walter dumped to the floor. TUE strips an announce table! WALTER fighting back though! Wants to send Strong through the table but O’Reilly stops it! Walter still chopping his way out though, Fish gets posted! Big chant for Walter as he strips another table! Takes Kyle onto the table and pursues! But Strong stops this, Kyle with a combo of shots, Ax and Smash!


Deafening NXT chant!!! It’s 4-on-2 now for Imperium! Barthel fighting back his hardest in the ring… rocket launcher sends Kyle onto the shoulders of Aichner for a Brainbuster! Barthel with a Teardrop Suplex! But Cole gets him with a Superkick! Aichner off the top rope, right into another one! Brainbuster Neckbreaker for the nearfall! Big chant of WALTER but he’s still not up! Roddy with the Fireman’s Gutbuster, Cole with a running knee, Roddy covers for a nearfall! Aichner trying to help Barthel but Fish and O’Reilly double team up, pop-up stereo roundhouse kicks! Barthel fights back from the apron but eats a dragonscrew across the rope! O’Reilly with a flying knee drop to the back, into a Grapevine vice! Barthel fighting desperately!

He makes it to the bottom rope, Kyle still keeping the hold in… double jump moonsault from Aichner to Kyle!! NXT chant! Aichner has to hold Barthel up on the outside and pull him into the ring but he’s taken down with a double team – WALTER back up on the apron!!! Barthel fighting away from Kyle! Cole tags in to grab the ankle! Enziguri, Cole ducks but Kyle is nailed and WALTER tags right in! Mean chop to Cole! And one for O’Reilly! And one for Fish!!! Cole with a superkick! And a second one! Pulls down the knee pad, hits the ropes but gets waylayed with a chop! Pulls Strong in, brutal powerbomb! Huge frog splash from the top rope! But Cole with a Last Shot!!! Imperium buddies have to break up the pin!! NXT chant once more! And a This is Awesome for good measure!

Imperium and TUE struggling to their feet now. And they are a-clubbering! Walter gets a sleeper on Fish, O’Reilly with a sleeper on Walter! NO MAN’S LAND ON WALTER! Barthel with a flying elbow off the apron to Cole! Kyle slugging with Barthel, Tilt-A-Whirl Facebuster on the floor! Strong with a tope con hilo onto the group! Aicher to the top rope, most beautiful crossbody ever to the floor! Fish misses a moonsault in the ring, Walter with a shotgun dropkick!! Plants him with a Powerbomb, cover for the win!

Winners: Imperium

Great stuff. Hope Wolfe’s okay. Awesome main event to end an awesome night though.

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