Is AEW’s MJF’s (Maxwell Jacob Friedman) Scarf Fake?


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Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing professional wrestlers show up in private planes, limousines the size of trailers, and wearing all kind of jewelry and designer clothing. It helps immerse us in their world of success and importance. It’s fun to think Ric Flair and others travel such an opulent lifestyle. Especially if they’re heels facing off against working men like Dusty Rhodes. But when it comes to wearing the best, how much of it is actually fake? Sure, some like Ric Flair could afford such things back in the day, but how many really could? Even promotions could only get so much for them. So, when looking at it as a fiscally responsible lens, it kinda makes us wonder if MJF’s scarf is fake.

What’s so special about his scarf?

Everyone has some item they’re remembered for. It can be anything from coming to the ring with an animal like Koko B Ware and Jake Roberts, to sparkling robes like Ric and Charlotte Flair. For MJF, it happens to be his scarf.

The thing is, it’s not a typical scarf we can buy in any store, but it appears to be a high quality one that well-to-dos regularly wear. It’s a subtle nod to his character’s background as a wealthy snob or a wannabe wealthy snob. The diamond ring he won also plays into it, as he’s really the only wrestler on the AEW roster that could wear one or both and really sell them as part of his arrogance.

It’s led to a few exchanges with wrestlers from other promotions like the WWE’s Revival (their tweets were deleted but the text can still be seen here and Moose from Impact Wrestling.

A cool side note to MJF’s exchange with the Revival is Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have yet to sign a hefty contract with the WWE, according to reports, and may be AEW bound when their current contract ends. It also opens the door for speculation on whether or not Moose will head to AEW at some point.

Inter-company rivalries like these add spice for fans, as we argue which is the better wrestler, promotion, and who would win head to head. It gives us hope to one day see one of our dream matches.

Another fun tidbit about MJF’s scarf is he and AEW have also turned into a merchandise opportunity, as replica scarfs can be purchased through MJF’s website.

Given his claims his scarf cost more than most houses, the merchandising kinda undermines that argument, adding to the argument that MJF’s scarf is fake.

He could be auditioning for the Doctor

Okay, this is more my fandom nerd side coming to the surface than not, but it’s a fun thought like dream matches. Tom Baker’s extra-long scarf is nearly a larger part of the show than the main character.

For those that have watched Doctor Who, MJF’s mouth runs as fast and sharp as the Doctor’s, so maybe he’s auditioning? All he needs is a British accent and he could be in line for a new role.

Okay, I admit the likelihood of this is slim to none, but it’s a fun poke at the legitimacy of MJF’s scarf. In the end, it’s fun to speculate and look at the legitimacy of a heel character. MJF’s so talented, he’s managed to put his scarf over on social media and with fans. Fake or not, we can’t really ask for more from him than that, can we? Kinda makes the scarf look legitimate.

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