Is NXT Mexico a Possibility Soon for WWE?

A Mexican wrestler name-dropped NXT Mexico.


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NXT wrestler and Mexican star, Raul Mendoza, gave fans a hint about NXT Mexico. In his New Year’s resolutions, Mendoza wrote the following tweet:

As you may see from the picture that Raul Mendoza posted, his goals are [participating in an NXT] Takeover, [win] NXT North American title, [have] the Match of the Year, [wrestle] Randy Orton and [participate] in NXT in Mexico.

The rumors about the possibility of NXT arriving in Mexico are still in the air. Andrade “Cien” Almas, the WWE United States Champion, had to say this about such rumors:

“I have also heard the rumors [about NXT Mexico].

It would be good for Latinos and Mexicans to have a Performance Center in Mexico to make the transition easier when they arrived in the United States. What I don’t know is if the Mexican fans would accept it, but every time we go to Mexico we have a great atmosphere in the arena, a lot of people go to our shows. We can form a stable with other Mexicans like Humberto, like Garza, like Hijo del Fantasma.”

Now, there are some key differences in want Andrade was referring to and what Raul Mendoza posted. For Andrade, he hears that NXT might have an off-brand, like NXT United Kingdom (UK), in Mexico. But, for Mendoza, he’s posting the possibility of NXT arriving in Mexico. It is unknown which one will be first. NXT has been receiving key Mexican wrestlers to the company, like the Garza cousins and Hijo del Fantasma. But, is still too poor of a roster to have NXT Mexico.

For NXT UK, WWE had signed the best British talent available at the moment, like British Strong Style. But in Mexico, the best wrestlers are still signed by CMLL, AAA or an American promotion, which is the case for Rush and Dragon Lee. Moreover, the market for Mexico in WWE-terms has been poor.

Lucha Blog, a great source for these things, had to say about the situation the following:

NXT’s Raul Mendoza included “NXT Mexico” as one of his goals for the year. Angel Garza mentioned the same idea, maybe in Monterrey or Mexico City in 2020. It seems like an inevitably there will be an NXT show in Mexico and perhaps this year. The NXT touring shows seem done with the idea of not losing a lot of money (not as much concerned with profits) while expanding their reach. It may be a question of handling the legal red tape of operating a US business in Mexico. Adding another country would be one more thing to boast about for that brand. If WWE can make it happen in 2020, it’ll happen.

WWE could take the risk. And yet, one must remember that, if they’re having trouble with their larger shows: What could happen with a minor show like NXT? WWE is not taking over the Mexican market any time soon. Not even with Jeff Jarrett on board. What can one infer is that they could do some shows in Mexico (at least three) with their spare Mexican talent and call it NXT “in” Mexico. But it won’t be another brand as NXT UK.

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