Jon Moxley def. Sammy Guevara | AEW Dynamite

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All Elite Wrestling presents AEW Bash At The Beach! We just saw Jon Moxley take on Sammy Guevara! Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here, giving you the live recap and results from tonight’s show as always! This was a match with a lot at stake!

It was a big grudge match first of all, coming just a week after Mox pretended to join the Inner Circle, only to attack Le Champion and Sammy G! It’s no surprise that Guevara wanted a piece of him after that. But the winner of this match will also go on to face the winner of PAC/Darby next week for a shot at the AEW World Championship! So Sammy had a shot to not only avenge Chris Jericho but block his most fervent challenger from getting a crack at him! 

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below:

German, Guevara flips and lands on his feet, Standing Shooting Star for a nearfall! Superkick dodged, victory roll though for a nearfall. Mox ducks a spinning heel kick, Headlock Driver for a nearfall!

Mox takes Guevara up top, inverted style, wants the flying Paradigm Shift! Guevara escapes, springs to the top rope, Spanish Fly off the top! Jumping knee to the face, Fireman’s Carry GTS for a close nearfall! Sammy getting to show off a lot here. Sammy up top, goes for the Moonsault Driver but Mox counters this into a Rear Naked Choke!! Sammy has to tap!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Mox picked up the victory in the match, and will now face the winner of PAC/Darby Allin next week! But he didn’t really get to celebrate. Afterwards, the Inner Circle in full jumped him, a brutal beatdown that ended with Jericho taking a spike from his jacket and jabbing him in the eye with it! He had to be helped to the back after that.

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