Jordan Devlin Wins NXT Cruiserweight Championship | WWE Worlds Collide 2020

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We interview the Broserweights and the Grizzled Young Veterans at ringside about the oncoming Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals. The winners will get a shot at the NXT Tag Team titles at TakeOver: Portland next month. GYV make the case that while Dunne and Riddle are great individual competitors, they are no tag team. Crowd loves Broserweights, Riddle in particular, and absolutely hate Zack Gibson. Pete Dunne makes a great ‘blunt’ pun. This team is bizarrely great. Angel Garza defends the Cruiserweight title against Isaiah Scott, Jordan Devlin & Travis Banks up next!

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Angel Garza (c) vs. Isaiah Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks

Stardown from all four. Trying for lock-ups but Angel ends up getting big forearms in on both Banks and Devlin. Everyone ganging on him, he tries to stop them and strip off his pants but they all clip him! Jordan Devlin with a back suplex, then throws one man on another, Garza breaks up the pin but he back suplexes him as well! Swerve with a thrust kick, roll up on Banks, kicks out, roll through to a Flatliner on Devlin, Headscissor to Banks, wicked dropkick to the head of Garza!

Devlin throws him from the ring but he lands on his feet! Devlin with an Asai Moonsault but Scott catches him! DVD ON THE FLOOR! Banks with a PK kick, Angel with a tope takes Swerve out! And a brutal doublestomp to the chest of Garza! We’re like a minute into this thing, damn. NXT chant. Banks with some mean chest chops! Knife edge to Devlin! Scott tries to chop back but it’s no sold! Chops him back and throws him into the ring! Roundhouse kick to the chest! Angel enters the ring, Banks with roundhouse kicks to Garza and Scott! Swerve tries to return one, Banks ducks it and he nails Garza instead, Banks gets Scott with a German Suplex!

Running uppercuts to both men, kick forces Scott to cannonball Garza! Banks with a suicide dive right through Devlin! Banks with a cannonball to Scott and Garza! Devlin rushes in – Overhead Belly To Belly sends him crashing onto Garza and Scott! Banks cleaning house hard here! Banks whips Devlin but ends up on the apron. Scott tries to back body drop him, but Devlin Silly Strings off of Banks for a Tornado DDT to Scott! Garza with a running dropkick to break up the pin! Garza bounces off the top rope off a double arm drag attempt and reverses it! Pop-Up Knee lift to Banks!


Devlin tries a crossbody but gets caught! Banks with a Rana but it’s blocked – SCOTT OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A METEORA TO BANKS, ACCIDENTAL BEST TAG MOVE OF ALL TIME! Nearfall for Garza! Garza and Scott exchanging chops now! Pop-Up Knee Lift from Scott! Running Dropkick gets cut off by one from Devlin! Devlin tries for the Deadlift Suplex but in mid-air Banks changes this to a Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall!!! Banks goes up top but Garza knocks him to the floor! Goes up top as well but Scott stops him with a chop. Scott pursues up there, fighting on the top rope! Devlin stands, gets some shots in. Goes up too, three men up now! DOUBLE SPANISH FLY FROM THE TOP! Banks with a Slice Of Heaven! KIWI CRUSHER! Nearfall, Jesus Christ!

Banks pulls him up and lands a chop. Scott with a headbutt in response. Another chop but Scott answers with several of his own! Floatover caught, Banks flips him into an Alley Oop Bomb for a nearfall! Scott gets Banks on his shoulders, Garza with a Missile Dropkick to Banks which turns this into a Poison Rana to Scott! Garza dumps him, Wing Clipper on Scott! Devlin pulls him off the cover, but headbutt! Devlin with the Devlinside on Scott – AND GETS THE WIN!

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Wow, holy crap… I did not see that one coming at all! Deserved win though, Devlin is definitely incredible.

Gets on the mic afterward and asks everyone if they believe him now! Gets an ovation!

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