Men’s Royal Rumble Match (#21-25 Recap) (Edge, King Corbin, Matt Riddle, Luke Gallows, Randy Orton)


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Jordan Huie of the Overtimer, the time has come for the Men’s Royal Rumble match! I’ll be giving the coverage for this match, every five entrants will get their own article! This is to get the news out there as quickly as possible to you fans!

#21 IS EDGE!!!

The rumors were true!! He’s back! Spear to every damned body! Holy shit! Holy shit!!! He’s eye to eye with AJ Styles! They fight back and forth, AJ with a Pele! EDGE WITH A SPEAR THAT RUNS HIM RIGHT IN HALF!!! This is chill-inducing, holy hell! Buzzer sounds, #22 King Corbin! Corbin in with a chokeslam backbreaker to Karl Anderson, y’all Edge is back?! I can’t deal with this. That was moment of the century. Moment of all time. Edge tosses AJ Styles! AJ Styles has been eliminated! 

#23 is Matt Riddle!

He comes in, kicks off the flipflops and roundhouse kicks aplenty for everybody! Especially for McIntyre in the corner! Aaand he gets back body dropped. Matt Riddle has been eliminated! And now, #24 is Luke Gallows! Corbin hits Deep Six on Edge! McIntyre dumps Randy Orton! Randy Orton has been eliminated. Magic Killer to Edge!  Their double teaming continues as the buzzer sounds for…

#25… Randy Orton!

Orton rushes into the ring aaaand RKO city!! One for everybody, except Edge who stands face to face with! Rated RKO reunion!! Edge and Orton eliminates both members of the OC with simultaneous clotheslines!! Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have been eliminated! 

That was the best moment in Royal Rumble. Edge is back, he’s cleared and nothing else matters. This is AAWWESOME. Hahaha, the Men’s Royal Rumble match rages on y’all! This is truly wild!

Stay tuned for more…

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