MJF, Butcher & The Blade def. DDP, Dustin & QT

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AEW Bash At The Beach is underway! All Elite Wrestling is bringing us a special episode of AEW Dynamite here tonight! This show featured DDP making his in-ring return along with Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall against MJF, The Butcher & The Blade! I’m Jordan Huie, you’re here at the Overtimer and tonight I’ll be giving you the live recap and results from the show as they come!  

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and his henchmen have managed to goad Diamond Dallas Page to come out of retirement for atleast one more match here tonight! This dates back to a confrontation during the Dynamite Diamond Ring presentation, when MJF won said ring months ago. Maxwell, The Butcher & The Blade have of course been making Cody Rhodes’ life very difficult of late, prompting his mentor DDP, brother Dustin and friend QT Marshall to step in against the trio. 

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below:

Tag to DDP!! MJF tagged in as well and now DDP ramming his head into the buckle over and over, almost gets ten but Butcher runs in, eats a discus lariat! Rams MJF into the buckle a tenth time! Blade gets a lariat too, DDP with the pose… Diamond Cutter on Butcher! Sets up one on MJF too, but he counters into a backslide position, back kick lowblow, ref could not see it! Dustin tags in, Canadian Destroyer! DDP with a great Diamong Cutter on MJF!!! Dustin covers, Blade breaks it up! Tag to QT, Dustin with a cannonball off the apron! QT with a handspring tope, the QT special taking out Butcher and Blade! Diamond Dallas Page up top?!?!? Frog Splash off the top takes out the heel team! Awesome!!! But during the replay, MJF rolls QT up for the victory!

Winner: MJF, The Butcher & The Blade

It was pretty awesome seeing DDP here, showing off what great shape he’s still in at 63. If this match doesn’t get you to buy into DDPY, nothing will!

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