PAC def. Darby Allin | AEW Dynamite

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AEW Bash At The Beach is now in progress! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to give you the live recap and results from tonight’s special episode of AEW Dynamite! We just now witnessed the conclusion of PAC vs. Darby Allin

This was a pretty high stakes match to be sure. Darby was coming off a string of big match losses and looking to rebound by finally getting that major win. PAC is of course still looking for a rubber match with Kenny Omega and doesn’t want any snags. The Bastard is a perennial part of the Top 5 in the male singles division, ranked #4 as he went into this. And shortly before Bash At The Beach went on the air, a special stip was added where the winner of this match would face the winner of Guevara/Moxley next week for an AEW World Title shot! 

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below:

CRUCIFIX DRIVER OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE! PAC bails, Darby up top – COFFIN DROP RIGHT ONTO PAC ON THE FLOOR! He spat out his mouthguard on that one! PAC rolls back into the ring at 7, Darby slips behind him, gets his Flip Stunner, Code Red follow up for a nearfall! Awesome stuff! Darby with a baseball slide but PAC catches him in the ring apron, enziguri kick to the head! Throws him back into the ring.

PAC with a big lariato flips onto his face! Cover for a nearfall! PAC stands eye to the eye with him, Darby with a big shot, La Magistral for a nearfall, exchange of cradles here, Darby with a Cloverleaf Cradle for a nearfall!! Springboard Coffin Drop countered with a German Suplex out of the air! Sit-Out Powerbomb for a veeeeeery close nearfall! PAC going up top, Darby cutting him off… but PAC headbutts him until he falls to the mat! Black Arrow to the injured back, for the win!

Winner: PAC

That was absolutely awesome! It’s actually not super common for the main event to be the best match on an episode of AEW Dynamite but they certainly did it this week in my mind. Just rockin’ stuff there. So next week, he will face off with Jon Moxley in a match with a shot at the AEW World Championship on the line!

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