Psycho Clown Soon to Exit AAA in 2020?

The former AAA Latin American Champion is their most valuable wrestler.


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AAA’s Psycho Clown might be exiting the company soon. The third-generation wrestler is being reported as being “unhappy” with AAA. Here’s how Cancha is reporting the situation:

The wrestler Psycho Clown had differences with the company AAA and has threatened to leave it, sources close to the fighter said.

The 34-year-old … is currently the company’s standard fighter, however, he just had differences with the company and could even leave it, although he will first see the legal terms.

Lucha Blog, one of the best sources for Lucha Libre, is uncertain about the situation with Clown and AAA. He said yesterday that:

The only detail is Psycho Clown would be talking to his lawyers about the situation before deciding how to move forward. I’ve heard nothing else about any problems between Psycho Clown and AAA, this seems out of the blue and is tough to believe. Both sides would look to lose in a split – Psycho Clown is AAA’s most valuable luchador, Psycho Clown is a better fit for AAA than any other promotion – but it’s hard to evaluate a move without knowing the issues involved. AAA having problems with one of their top stars is a familiar story, but it’s hard to believe it’d be Psycho Clown.

As of today, nothing has been updated. The possible absence of Psycho Clown is a big blow – as Lucha Blog noted – for both parties. Over the years, he has been groomed by AAA to be their top guys. This is the same wrestler that beat Mexican legend, Dr. Wagner Jr. in TripleMania XXV and won his mask. As for AAA, the Alvarado family-member is one of their most recognizable faces. He and La Parka (who is soon returning) represent that image to casual fans hold about the promotion. Clown has never held the AAA Mega Champion but it is clear that he’ll win it in the future. AAA is very strict about letting other companies use him. He doesn’t bring anything wild to the Lucha Libre scene, but they have invested too much in him.

The last update that Lucha Blog gave about the young star is the following:

Psycho hasn’t addressed the situation, but he did mention he’s had a hacking issue with his Instagram so maybe he’s got other things going on. Psycho Clown’s next scheduled match is tomorrow in Gomez Palacio, but that looks like a (rare) indie date. The next definite AAA date for him is January 15th in San Luis Potosi, but it’s likely he’s working AAA shows before then and the poster just hasn’t made it to the database yet. Psycho Clown works an incredible amount of dates; with Parka out (and likely done), there’s a lot of work that’s fallen to Psycho Clown.

We’ll have to wait if they can get to an agreement or if this is just smoke and mirrors.


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