Rey Mysterio def. MVP | WWE Monday Night Raw Results


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Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to continue the coverage of tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw! As the show rolls on, Rey Mysterio makes his way out. And we’re told that, atleast for now I guess, MVP is back on Monday Night Raw. We see a vignette reintroducing us to Montel Vontavious Porter. And now, indeed here is. He was in the Black Panther gear last night but he’s got more of a Punisher look right here tonight.

MVP vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey with a side headlock. MVP shoots him off, Rey with a shoulder block. Leapfrog, Rey with a roll, leg trip and quick cover, MVP does the same. Whips him to the corner, Rey with a floatover, but eats a mean big boot right to the face! Cover for a 2 count. Driving forearms. Drop toe hold takes him into the corner, enziguri kick and MVP has to roll outside. Mysterio off the apron with a flying rana that sends Montel into the barrier. Commercial break. We come back to see Rey sending him a few forearms. Reversed whip, but Rey gets the boot up on a charge.

MVP pulls him from the corner, only to get taken into the middle turnbuckle with a rana! Some chops, whip, another headscissor from Rey. WWE Headkick from the apron, West Coast Pop, Springboard Moonsault Press for a nearfall! Springboard Crossbody, but get gets caught! Didn’t know he was that strong. World’s Strongest Slam from MVP. Hits the ropes, Ballin’ Elbow! More people chanted along with that than I expected, cover but Rey’s too close to the ropes, able to use them to escape. Now Montel with some mocking kicks to the head.

Pulls him up for a Powerbomb, but Rey turns this into a rana, to the middle rope! 619, Montel escapes – but just a little late, as he instead gets it in the back! It’s just enough to knock him down, and Rey follows up with a Springboard Frog Splash to the back, cover for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Cute little nostalgia match. Slowly but surely, we are turning the clock back to 2008.

For real though, if this is meant to be any sort of real return for MVP, I feel for him. He could not have picked a worse night than last night, coming back the same day as Edge. Not to mention he got jobbed out hard in his comeback and then he loses again here on Raw. It’s just not what you’d pick if you had the choice.

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