Rhea Ripley def. Toni Storm | WWE Worlds Collide 2020

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Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here as WWE Worlds Collide 2020 rolls on! I’m here to give you the live recap and results from the show as they come! Dakota Kai is in the front row for one of their usual little cameo spots when Tegan Nox comes out to jump here! They have to be pulled apart to big heat! Loudest chant of “Let Them Fight” ever! This of course parlays into our second of two title matches tonight, with Rhea Ripley defending the NXT Women’s title against Toni Storm!

NXT Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Toni Storm

Lock-up. Dueling chant already! Into the corner, clean break from Rhea. Toni with the wristlock but Rhea fights back, reverses. Toni bridges out, smacks to the face, spin kick to the gut! Basement Dropkick! Forearms to Rhea now. Rhea shoves her away, big chop to the chest! Toni ducks, back smack, Ripley just glares back. Short-Arm Clotheslines, Toni ducks a shot for a Go Behind but Ripley escapes, Thrust Kick! Shoulder thrusts in the corner. Toni with a back elbow off a charge, German Suplex takes her into the corner! Harsh landing!

Rhea rolls to the outside. Toni waits but eventually pursues, throws her back into the ring. Kicks to the face. Hooks her, beautiful snap suplex, floatover for a nearfall. Ripley trying to fight out but gets taken into an STF! Ripley grabs the ropes to escape but Toni keeps pummeling her. Driving chops, spikes her with a DDT, nearfall! Dueling chants commence once more as Toni keeps her down with a chinlock. Ripley fights her way up but gets elbows to the back of the head! Ripley fights back to her feet, exchange of shots now! Just a-clubberin’! Clothesline series from Ripley! Cravate, knee lifts! Hesitation Basement Dropkick! Jumping Pump Kick takes her to the corner! Inverted Back Suplex! Chant for Rhea now.

Ripley crosses the legs – hoists her into the air with the Standing Cloverleaf!

Toni holding herself up on her hands and crawling across the mat but Ripley pulls her back. Roll-through escape, Storm with a German attempt but Ripley knocks her away! Riptide, Storm turns this into a cover for a nearfall! Storm Zero attempt now, but Ripley with a back body drop, sunset flip counter tried but escaped, Ripley wants the PK but Toni catches the leg, turns this into a German Suplex! Bridge for a nearfall! Ripley with a kick to the face, running dropkick takes her down! Rhea stands, hits the ropes, Toni stops her with a headbutt!! Storm going up top now! Frog Splash attempt but Ripley rolls out of the way, she crashes and burns! Riptide nailed, and that is that!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Pretty good stuff. I do think Ripley got banged up a bit early on and was perhaps affected a little. But another solid match all the same.

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