Sammy Guevara vs. Jon Moxley | AEW Dynamite | All Elite Wrestling | Bash At The Beach

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Tonight, it’s the AEW Bash At The Beach special! And this week, Sammy Guevara will be in one of the biggest matches of his career against Jon Moxley! The show itself is a tribute to a beloved WCW PPV. And it’s not just one show – the series of events begins with tonight’s episode of Dynamite! And it will also run through next week’s show, which will emanate live from the Jericho Cruise! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer, here to give you the preview of what’s to come here this fine Wednesday evening! As always there’s a lot to talk about so let’s get to it!

Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara

While this isn’t always an easy thing to predict, this is my pick for the main event here tonight! Last week, the show closed with Jon Moxley pretending to join the Inner Circle. He celebrated with them, popped champagne, insulted the crowd… only to turn around and tell Jericho that he’d never join his group, it’s a stupid group – and shattered a little bit of the bubbly over his head!

It’s no surprise then that Chris Jericho’s apparent best friend in the world, and the man being quietly groomed as his eventual successor, Sammy Guevara wants a little payback on behalf of Le Champion. (And himself; both he and Jericho ate Paradigm Shifts after all!)

Sammy G has been on a bit of a roll of late, 2-0 since the year started. I think that momentum along with the star power of Mox and the heat behind the angle is what propels this to main event status. It’ll be a great match regardless, and I can only imagine a hot one. Jon Moxley is always beloved and Guevara always gets natural heat. He just has that incredible aura of punchability. And Mox will be happy to do a lot of punching en route to a victory.

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