Santana & Ortiz v Page & Omega v Young Bucks v Best Friends | AEW Dynamite | All Elite Wrestling |

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Tonight, it’s the AEW Bash At The Beach special! Santana & Ortiz, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, The Best Friends and the Young Bucks all squaring off at once! The show itself is a tribute to a beloved WCW PPV. And it’s not just one show – the series of events begins with tonight’s episode of Dynamite! And it will also run through next week’s show, which will emanate live from the Jericho Cruise! I’m Jordan Huie of the Overtimer, here to give you the preview of what’s to come here this fine Wednesday evening! As always there’s a lot to talk about so let’s get to it!

Proud-N-Powerful (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. The Best Friends vs. The Young Bucks (Winning team earns AEW World Tag Team title match)

Boy it’s a little hard to find something trickier to call than this, eh? Well, actually… maybe not. On paper it’s tough but I think I actually might be able to suss this one out! In this four way tag match, we have a lot of great teams to be sure. Though admittedly I still struggle to even consider Page and Omega a tag team, even after they’ve paired up so many times. It’s just been so obvious since before they even started this that Page will turn on him at some point.

That may mean that they’re doomed here… but it’s been made pretty clear to me that it’s not happening as quickly as I keep assuming it will. So I’m reluctant to pick the turn this time around. In fact, they may well get a shot at SCU before it happens! But that’s a bit of a volatile pick.

Young Bucks have of course already recently gotten a shot at SCU, with a main event that closed out AEW’s first year. Proud-N-Powerful are my picks for the next champs and have been for a bit, but I gotta think that happens at AEW Revolution. While the date for this title match hasn’t been confirmed, I don’t think it’s a month and a half away, just going by their usual convention. It could well occur next week on the Jericho Cruise, where Santana & Ortiz are already booked anyway.

All that in mind, I’m predicting the Best Friends to take this!

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