Tributes for La Parka After Passing Away on Saturday


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More tributes have come after La Parka’s death. On Saturday, the AAA icon received a wide array of publicity from mainstream media. In the United Kingdom, The Daily Mail said about La Parka: “Fans to a liking to La Parka because of his in-ring performance style and the skeleton-print jumpsuit.” The LA Times said: “Escoboza [La Parka] became a top star while wrestling as La Parka, who had a unique skeleton mask.”  Even CNN dedicated a piece about him.

Cibernetico, one of La Parka’s main rival in the glory days of AAA, was destroyed when he heard the news. He told ESPN Deported:

He [Parka] believed that he was going to recover because he had the strength, but it was complicated. The truth, many people criticized him and spoke badly without knowing him. He was always a fighter in all the extension and the word and it is an honor to have been his compadre… I don’t like twenty; I just hope it’s already fine and it’s just ahead of us. It was like my brother, I have no words. I can’t even think right now, I can’t cry, scream or anything. I can not believe it…

On Twitter, many wrestlers remembered Parka’s iconic career:

Even Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, a rival of La Parka and AAA (he never wrestled there), acknowledge his death:

The CMLL joins the pain that the wrestling family is seized by the sensitive death of the wrestler La Parka, who had an outstanding track record in the history of this sport.

AAA confirmed the news about the body of La Parka yesterday, telling fans the following:

The remains of the wrestler La Parka will be cremated in Hermosillo, Sonora this Sunday. Tomorrow Monday, it will be cremated in the same city.

We will always remember you!

Fans of Lucha Libre will always remember the skeleton icon. La Parka mixed comedy, entertainment with Lucha Libre. He was one of the most popular wrestlers of AAA. He filled big shoes when Adolfo Tapia, the original Parka, exited AAA and joined CMLL. His rivalries with Cibernetico and La Legión Extranjera gave AAA an amazing run in the 2000s. Huerta fought till the end, even when most didn’t give him a month to live. Ring of Honor star Rush is currently saddened by the loss. Is reminiscence of the death of El Perro Aguayo Jr., when Rey Mysterio was in the ring with him. They know that it’s not their fault, but it stills hurt to know how someone suffered a horrible fate in front of you. Ciberentico is arguably the most hurt of all, being a long-time companion of the AAA icon.  Long Live La Parka!

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